Metaphysical Anatomy


In Metaphysical Anatomy I wrote about diseases from A to Z, the emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life. Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the origin of the disease process, whether it be in your ancestry, conception, womb, birth or childhood. The information shared in this book is not just your average, ‘oh I have seen this before’ research, this is something new and unique. It will take you on a deep journey that you never once thought was possible!

Metaphysical Anatomy represents the connection between mind and body. Based on the principle of “as above so below, as within so without,” you can connect the dots between the health of your body and the health of your environment. Our relationships and past experiences influence our body, not in a vague or “spiritual” way, but in a concrete and deterministic way. With the skills shared in this book, you can read a body like a book.

Although many books have tried to do this, Metaphysical Anatomy is very different. Evette not only explains the significance and cause of a condition, but also instructions and guidelines for how to improve your quality of life by pointing out what blocks to work on. After cross-referencing many excellent texts and adding her own experience as a therapist, Evette has created a definitive guide.

This book is written for the benefit of therapists seeking guidance to improve their clients’ quality of life. It is also easily accessible by the general public in search of answers for their own health, emotional and mental wellbeing.

This book is an invaluable reference that will support, guide and help those that have the willingness to change their lives and understand the language of their body.

So you think you understand the language of your body? Think again!


Metaphysical Anatomy provided me with answers to questions about my health that I had been asking for years. It's almost as if Evette had me personally in mind when she wrote about my condition. I have read Louise Hay and every other book of this genre, so far only Metaphysical Anatomy provided me with the practical advise necessary to move on. I can already see changes taking place in my life as a result of working with the guidance and instructions provided in this book! THANK YOU!

Mark S, WA Australia

What a fantastic resource! I am an alternative counseling practitioner as well as hypo-therapist and this book has truly improved my practitioner skills. Not only do I understand why certain illness start, I was even able to improve my own quality of life. I was also amazed by the volume of the book and how much valuable new information is being shared. I have bought many books about emotions and illnesses, but Metaphysical Anatomy took my understanding and abilities to a whole new level! This is truly a wonderful book for therapists and anyone who would like to understand the language of their body. Thank you Evette!!

Kathryn W, London

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Finding Your Own Voice: Second Edition

Finding Your Own Voice

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This book tells the personal story of one woman’s journey from childhood abuse to a successful career and happy marriage. Through sharing her own childhood experiences, she explains how she healed, and how you too can overcome the trauma of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. This book will help people to understand the actions of abusive people and how to become aware that they themselves might be stuck in a never ending abusive cycle. Evette shares her highs and lows in life as well as her story how she healed from it. This book will help readers to recognise whether they had an abusive childhood or have been or are in an abusive relationship. Evette Rose offers her own experience, advice and hope

As many readers can attest, simply reading this book is a profound healing journey. If you have suffered abuse, you will find hope, healing and new perspectives from this personal tale. If a friend or loved one is struggling to shake the memories of their past, this book will help them to find their own voice. This book will help people to understand the actions of abusive people and how to become aware that they themselves might be stuck in a never-ending abusive cycle.

Evette says: Never feel alone again, thinking that your past is a deep dark secret. There are many people that have experienced abuse. The reason why we think these things only happen to us is because no one talks about it. I have decided to speak out and speak up. I use my childhood abuse as the foundation of my book. I explain how abuse can control your life and identity, and how it can suppress your gifts, qualities and personal power.

This book will open the pathway for you to find your own voice again.

6 FREE BONUS Guided Meditations - once you have purchased the book.

Guided Meditation 1: Release Physical Discomfort, duration is 18 minutes

Guided Meditation 2: Release Emotional Discomfort, duration is 24 minutes

Guided Meditation 3: Reclaiming Your Innocence, duration is 25 minutes

Guided Meditation 4: Taking Your Power Back, duration 18 minutes

Guided Meditation 5: Easing the symptoms of depression, duration 20 minutes

Guided Meditation 6: Loving Yourself, duration 10 minutes

To receive these meditation tracks, merely visit my website and go the Finding Your Own Voice page.

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Thank you so much for the meditations Evette. I will definitely be listening to them again. Your book and meditations appear to have entered my life at precisely the right moment. I feel the massive boulder that has always prevented me moving forward in whatever I do. I feel blown away. I feel so different already. I was listening to the first meditation, emotional healing. It stirred up emotional feelings and images but it was very releasing at the same time. I just allowed myself to feel the emotions. I felt the trigger mainly in the heart, all of what I would expect. I have a lot of family/friend members who abused me in different ways. I felt much calmer afterwards and safe. The 2nd meditation was also very effective. I felt a shift in my physical body and pain that has been held since childhood release. I had images and said your words which were really comforting. The 3rd meditation, reclaiming your innocence was my favourite. I had such a change from this. I feel happier than I have in a long time. I have listened to the meditations several times and I have become more peaceful. I have tears even writing this. I would never have admitted this is writing either so thank you so much Evette for sharing. After the emotional meditation I deleted all connections to someone who I have allowed to abuse me for many years because I thought he was all I deserved. He is now gone from my life and I feel amazing. His vision and thoughts came up immediately with the emotional healing meditation. I acknowledged and allowed the process to flow and he is now gone (so have many of the other abusers from my childhood too. I am still having subtle changes, I have a CHOICE. This was something I knew but now I really KNOW!!! It is really empowering my life. Thank you so much for sharing, I am really grateful.

A from Melbourne, Australia.


Hi, I just finished your book “Finding your own voice”. To read it was a healing experience in itself! I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in healing. Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts!