We get many hundreds of testimonials every year from clients and students. From time to time we post interesting ones here. Recently (April 2009) we have started collecting video testimonials at our courses and some of them are presented here too.

We have created a separate page for testimonials from our Intuitive Anatomy / Mastering the Miraculous course. Use the links below.

Testimonials - Levels 1 & 2 Courses
Testimonials - Private consultations

Testimonials - Intuitive Anatomy / Mastering the Miraculous

Testimonials - Courses

I would just like to thank you both for the work you have shared with us & brought to this world. It's a massive breakthrough and I'm thankful to be part of it. The Level 2 Reference Point Therapy course was excellent I must say. I had a few breakthroughs that I thought I would share. Firstly coming into the course my hand was experiencing pain from an injury that occurred 2 weeks ago. The first time I was introduced to your visualization of Being the Creator and holding the universe in the palm of my hand, I tried it to heal my hand. Five seconds later there was a huge shift, no more pain! I was quite amazed. I also loved your work with healing inanimate objects. I healed my laptop at home which has been unable to connect to the internet for a month or so. It fixed that right up & it now connects a lot more efficiently. Awesome! Thanks!

Tim Glico, therapist

Simon & Evette, thank you so much for the course last weekend, I just love your new Reference Point Therapy work. I had been carrying with me for as long as I can remember a really deep seated sadness. Never being able to understand its origin, I had never been able to shift it, even though I had tried with many different healing modalities. After learning to use your technique on the weekend I was able to pinpoint the exact cause and clear it completely, all within about 20 minutes! The technique is so fast and simple, it's amazing! I can't thank you both enough, I feel wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to learning more when I attend your Intuitive Anatomy course.

Linda Morati, healing practitioner

Being a master practitioner of NLP, I am excited by the new tools now at my disposal that greatly simplify, enhance and speed up several NLP interventions.

Chris Gibson, NLP Master Practitioner

First of all I would love to thank you and Simon for running such an inspiring and for me life changing workshop [Level 1 Reference Point Therapy]. The energy in the group was purely beautiful. I took the time to look around at everyone in the class and saw beauty and felt love for everyone there. Which I can assure you I don't usually do. I am very fussy when it comes to where I choose to do a workshop and I certainly don't waste time walking out of a workshop or seminar if the energy or the place doesn't feel right for me.

I came in on Friday night in immense pain and sat out the 2 hours in a mix of discomfort but also a knowing that something was shifting inside me. I always act on my gut insight and one of the things I believe in is synchronicity as a way of telling me I am on the right track. So many times when Simon was guiding us through something, I was already doing it or experiencing it just before he mentioned it, that made me so sure that yes we are all one and that when we are fully present we can experience the next experience before it happens because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TIME, ONLY NOW. I felt my awareness grow immensely and was so surprised at how simple but extraordinarily valuable the teachings are. I left on the Sunday without any real pain which is the first time in a long time. I feel excitement about my next steps. I would like to book in to the next workshop ( if that is what they are called). And also the 12 day one. I am not worried about how the money will come, I will trust and set the intention that I am going to do the course and I am sure the universe will provide.

I would also like to mention that as individuals and as a couple you are truly beautiful people and souls. Evette you are so very intuitive and confident and I also love the hidden shyness in you that is so endearing. And to you Simon, you teach and handle a class so well, I have a silent giggle to myself when you need to be a little abrupt, don't take that wrong, it is a strength, because some people can tend to rattle on and I think you handle those situations perfectly. Simon I see in you a vulnerability that I feel is a great strength. I think it is a trait that makes people feel safe with you but I am sure most people wouldn't pick up why they feel that way.

Kim also recorded this video:

Kim Peters, 4th year kinesiology student

I studied Theta Healing (basic and advanced) with Simon two years ago. I heard Simon was teaching “something new” so I decided to check it out. . I was amazed by how different this new work is from my initial introduction to Theta. It was beautiful to see how Simon has changed and evolved. This has obviously been an asset to his work. What I witnessed yesterday was a patient compassionate man. He accepted that each person he worked on was different and therefore he tried different avenues to connect with them. What struck me was that I was watching a very real and yet powerful human exchange. By the end of it the glowing faces, of people who received a healing, said it all. It was so quick!

Cathy also recorded this video:

Cathy Wambolt, teacher

Hi Simon & Evette, I thought you might like to receive some feedback on your first Reference Point Therapy course. First of all I would like to thank you both for bringing this course to us. It brings together and expands on many of the concepts I have recently learned. I know (on a conscious level) instant healings and self healings are possible and believe it is our belief systems which prevent them from happening. Eckart Tolle's teachings are also very relevant and I am trying to teach myself to detach from ego and not be controlled by my mind, live in the now. Esther Hicks brought to us the concept of allowing and Wayne Dyer's interpretation of the Tao follows on from that. It is an amazing, simple thing. Some might say too good to be true (but that would be because of their belief systems). I am sharing all of this with you because you have brought all these concepts together and more in the RPT course and I am most grateful to you both for that.

One thing I was still searching for, was how to connect with Source energy and how to feel that oneness & connectedness with all that is. I had learned that this is inside of us but still couldn't really understand how to connect. Thank  you so much for teaching this to me and so simply and easily. It was probably the most powerful and enlightening thing I learned on the course and it was also the quickest and easiest thing to learn. I feel like I have found my way home. You also taught me how to connect with people on a heart to heart level. I felt a sense of knowingness with many of the other attendees as if I knew them from somewhere before. It showed me how to view people without any judgment, something I knew was important to learn but before I found this difficult to do.

The course showed me how anybody can be clairvoyant and I surprised myself with the results I achieved. (So please don't take out the angel or jewelry readings exercises!) I look forward to seeing you both again.

Joanna Walsh, chartered accountant (retired) ad Independent Arbonne Consultant

I've been searching for and studying various self-help and spiritual practices for over 20 years and Reference Point Therapy is like taking everything I’ve learned, adding it all together and then putting it on steroids!  Since then, I’ve been using Reference Point Therapy on various health issues, as well as uncovering and changing subconscious self-sabotage programs, and have noticed some amazingly quick changes for the better. Reference Point Therapy is, by far and away, the most powerful set of techniques I've ever come across and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Shane Marsh, technical manager

I'd like to pass on an exciting piece of news to you and to Simon and Evette. Subsequent to the Manifesting and Abundance weekend, I have become engaged to a delightful man named Malcolm. This was one of my processes during the weekend: I set about four parameters, handed over the rest, made it clear that I was ready - and things progressed very quickly!

Judy Boyd, yoga teacher and natural vision improvement teacher

After a fall in the playground, our dentist confirmed that my 3 year old son's front, discolored, grey tooth was 'dead' and would appear that way until replaced by an adult tooth much later on. I am thus amazed to now see a perfect set of front teeth with no visible difference following a healing on my son. I used the techniques you taught us in the course. How can something so easy be so effective? Reference Point Therapy has given me a glimpse of the tip of the proverbial iceberg, of something truly magnificent that lies in front of us all.

Miranda Brett, mother

I would just like say that doing the Reference Point Therapy with Simon was truly amazing. I found Simon to be professional, yet he came across with warmth and taught the course with enthusiasm and passion. I could really feel the love that Simon has for people and that he cared for all of us in the class. All questions we had were answered with great depth. All the subjects in the course were covered in great detail and depth, yet in a way that it was clearly understood. Right up to the very end of the course Simon was just as enthusiastic at teaching as at the start. Also the food served at the morning and afternoon teas was really great as well !

Alex Milessis, Engineering Manager

I have studied and practiced meditation, counseling, manifestation and energy work for about 10 years, but I am amazed to realise that I have made more personal progress in the last 3 weeks since doing Simon's courses than I did in the past 10 years!

Sarah McLean, therapist, Melbourne

It's great. Everyone should do it. The teachers were fantastic. This is fun, powerful, simple and very useful.

Ian Nesbitt, engineer, Melbourne

Real magic in your own hands! Abracadabra!

John McKinnon, kinesiologist and Reiki master

The most comprehensive, articulate and focused presentation of course material. One can't fail to learn with Simon's course. It's been amazing - a privilege. The warmth, welcome and love in the whole group was a unique experience.   Thank you and Bless You immensely!

D. Alexander, healing practitioner, Melbourne

The Advanced Course went far beyond my expectations.  The weekend came in a unique package wonderfully embellished with your amazing intellect, insight and intuition as guided by Grace.   It was such a relief that it was effortless to absorb the teaching because you were so concise, clear, articulate and focused. We covered all and more of the expected material in such an easy to learn environment......Like a dance in Grace.!!   It's the best course I've done to date.  

Jane Chapman, business woman

Just do it!

Baxter Welsh, electrician

Marvelous course - outdid my expectations, full of epiphanies, fantastic teacher, wonderful group.

Ian Alexander Thomson, writer

Simon conducted himself professionally but with heart. I found him to be very warm and genuine with a sincere desire to help people and pass on what he has gained from his own personal experience. I felt he was coming from a good heart space and it was nice to see that he is intelligent and harmonious as well.

Ruth Horinack, marketing co-ordinator:

An ultimate healing tool that gives the life you want to live!

Katina Mangan, accountant and Reiki master

Before the healing course I was an expert at creating negative programs by thinking over and dwelling on the past. But after learning how to live without negative thinking and how to live in the present, friends have commented on how positive I am and that I look great.   I haven't felt as enthusiastic, alive and energised since I was a child.

Jacqui Lardner, flight attendant and massage therapist

You will benefit amazingly from this course and come out with lots of positivity, and a new zing for your spiritual path!

Stephie Moody, therapist

After doing Simon's course I noticed an immediate change emotionally and physically. The non stop chatter in my head suddenly subsided. Now I can truly listen to people and absorb every single word they say. I feel content, focused, totally happy, confident, and like I belong, for the first time in my life.  

Solaris, healer and psychic

My shoulders and neck have caused me excruciating pain and discomfort for over six years. A standard day would often include six pain killers, and several drinks nightly to numb the pain enough to get to sleep. After many forms of physical and spiritual therapy, I used Simon's techniques to heal my spine.   The next day it hit me mid afternoon that I hadn't popped a pain killer and I didn't need one either. So far I have been naturally pain free for 2 months, for the first time in 6 years!

Tjoni Johansen, designer

It's important that the power of this tool be communicated clearly and effectively. Simon's inspirational and professional approach supported my learning in a grounded and ground-breaking way. Blocks I formally had were quickly removed and other psychic and healing 'spaces' were easily accessed with his faith and guidance. Simon's sharp observations met with his huge heart and made for an amazing journey which is still supported by him in follow up groups and with individual guidance. Truly amazing. So what are you meditating on? Go for it and have fun and meet your spiritual family.

Genevieve Messenger, marriage celebrant

For the first time in my life the soul and the body were totally connected and I can start feel my feelings after years of spiritual paths spending in my head. thank you RPT, thanks Simon and Evette.

Hans Breuer, German teacher

Testimonials - Private consultations

I have had problems with my physical heart for several years. I had learned to live with daily pain in my heart for years. I have tried many alternative therapies without success. During my Reference Point Therapy session with Simon I felt physical shifts and there was a sweetness to the energy.

Imagine my delight when the pain that had been my constant companion over the last several years was gone. The next morning I could feel the air going deeply and clearly into my lungs. I climbed Tacoma Dome District Hill two days in a row (this is a long steep hill). I feel energized. Actually, this is the most energy I have had in years. One month after the healing I made a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu in Peru - I hiked at high altitude for 4 days and I did fine. This would never have been possible before Reference Point Therapy.

Now here's the best part: One of the ways that I had dealt with emotional heart pain in the past was to numb it out. This was discovered during the Reference Point Therapy process. I was finding security in creating numbness! The morning after my session with Simon I felt an expansive state of love and oneness for all those parts of my life where I experienced pain. Imagine being able to fill your heart with love for all those people and experiences that have hurt your heart.

Val Moore, experienced healing practitioner / teacher and author of Healer Wisdom.

Note: The new FTC laws require us to disclose the following: (a) We are not suggesting that this represents the usual outcome of a single RPT session.  RPT is a advertised as an emotional trauma healing technique - the generally expected performance is an improvement in emotional wellbeing. There is no way to predict or expect physical healing outcomes such as these.  (b) at the time that this testimonial was written there was a financial relationship between the parties. Specifically Simon Rose was the Australian distributor for Valeria Moore's book, Healer Wisdom.  Also, 2 months after writing the testimonial, Valeria applied for, and was offered, the role of global manager of RPT.

I did a session with Simon to experience his Reference Point Therapy techniques. I would describe the result as feeling (continually) an incredible high vibration energy. It's an 'aliveness', yet amazing peace and calmness 'within', that is continuous. It took a little while for myself (my body) to adjusted to the vibration of the higher energy actually. The alertness yet stillness is amazingly powerful!!!! Brings a whole new meaning to 'present moment'. It feels like 'heaven', ......on earth!

Kate Maher, documentary filmmaker

I have been working with Simon Rose for a month and a half and in that time have had two big sessions along with a couple of smaller follow up sessions. Simon has used this new technique on me and I have found it to be quite amazing. Having grown up in a highly abusive family environment I have been doing healing work in all its forms for many years. Everything has worked to some degree and my life has certainly improved, however since the sessions with Simon I have had major shifts with long term painful issues & patterns that just would not budge with any of the other healing modalities I have tried. My anxiety levels have decreased dramatically, to the point where I don't seem to worry about much at all anymore and just get on with things instead of being frozen in constant anxiety. I am reconnecting with friends again and just enjoying people and life in a way I don't think I ever have before. I have also had many physical issues which comes from carrying trauma for many years, and most recently adrenal fatigue which left me exhausted and my immune system not functioning properly so I was constantly sick with the flu etc. Simon did a healing specifically on this and within a couple of days the exhausted almost jet lagged feeling id been living with for 6 months or so was just gone, and I haven't been sick !

It goes without saying that I am very grateful for Simons work not to mention the commitment and care he has shown towards me and my healing.

Anne-Marie, marketing executive

When I first read your brochure I thought to myself -   how can he use   the word "magic"? That's a bit much! But now I wonder how people can be so oblivious to magic?   I wish for every person to wake up to it - because now everything makes sense and nothing is impossible

Alina Dorfman, lawyer

I met Simon three months after my father passed away. I know that it's natural to grieve, but I felt a twisted weight that I couldn't shift.   I was attached to some unresolved emotional issues that were blocking the natural flow of grief. Since the session with Simon I have felt light and free from the twisted angst I was carrying inside. It's now 11 months since my father died and while I miss him, I am grateful for our connection and the love I have for him. I am now able to rejoice in this connection without attachment to the issues we had between us during his life. I'm tremendously grateful for the clarity that Simon's healing session granted me.   It has made my healing process so much easier. Thank you Simon, you have a great and precious gift and I am so happy you are sharing it with the world.

Christina Simmons, photographer

My healing with Simon was amazing. I felt immediate shifts in energy and clarity. It was great to get to the bottom of some big emotional blockages, and to realise that they were not my own doing, but that I was carrying ancestral programs.   Perhaps you can't choose your parents, but at least healing lets you choose which of their traits you will keep!

Elli, photographer

In my journey, I have met many healers and tried many healing modalities. What distinguishes Simon and really sets him apart as a truly gifted healer is his ability to integrate the intellect of his left brain with the intuition of his right brain - a rare feat. The effect is to give him an extra battery pack to super-charge his healing abilities!

Nancy, psychologist

What distinguishes Simon from so many healers is that he found his calling because he was ill and suffering. This gave him so much drive to master his abilities, and so much compassion and understanding for wherever people are at on the emotional spectrum.   When Simon says he understands where you are at, there's no bull. He really does understand.

Karen Small, designer

This work is amazing.  I made an appointment with Simon after my daughter raved about her healing course with him.   Each session was an amazing emotional release. For instance in the first session we cleared a deeply held fear of dying.   I appreciated that healing lets you discover the true cause of your feelings, and clear it at a deep level.   After three sessions I felt, and continue to feel, amazing.   It's like I have had the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.  

Diane Last, receptionist

My dog, Didge, had a block in his lymphatic on his rear right leg. The result of all this group and individual healing is that his leg is back to normal, he has no pain and no longer needs any pain medication. He is happy and back to his adorable self. He is able to jump up on the coach to receive cuddles which he hadn't been able to do for 2 weeks. We are overjoyed and are so appreciative to everyone who helped.

M Eldridge

My beautiful, furry, nine-year old dog went into a downward spiral about two years ago which no vet has been able to treat successfully. Her skin turned dry itchy and black and her golden fur started to fall out on her hind legs and tail. She was switched to a special anti-allergy diet, shampoos and shots but continued to deteriorate becoming lethargic and aneamic. Other healing practitioners worked with her using other modalities but nothing seemed to help her get better. Suzanne Peters graciously offered to have her introductory Reference Point Therapy Level 1 Class practice pet healing long distance on the dog. Over a distance of some 5,000 miles, the class was able to detect liver problems ad stuck trauma which they immediately cleared. Two weeks after receiving only one session, my dog has now regrown her hair, she has her energy back and is a much happier and lively dog. I am so thankful to everyone who worked on her. Some small issues remain but I am confident that a further session will be able to resolve this as well. with thanks

Arabella Cameron, Scotland

I was very curious to learn if RPT could shift some stubborn issues. I am happy to say that the results after a short 30 minute intro session on the phone have been phenomenal. Suzanne helped me clear issues regarding feeling unhappy and stuck at work. Two weeks later I can say that there has been a terrific difference in my relationships at work and my overall sense of well-being. People have started to treat me me with far more caring and consideration. The shift was instant and noticeable during the session. I have been able to continue practicing on myself and have achieved results that been far better than all the many other technique I have tried so far.

Arabella Cameron, Scotland