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This is Your page on the blog – I hope it will be continuously updated.

I get lots of testimonials from my students and clients, many of which I publish here - http://www.referencepointtherapy.com/Testimonials.asp.

This page is about your stories. You see the whole point of RPT (for me) is that it’s about You, not about me. I don’t need to convince you that I have seen miracles. I want to convince you how easy it is for You to do them every day.

In our RPT teacher conference call on the weekend, Sue Healy from England shared a really fantastic story. It has all the key ingredients of a best-seller: suspense, self-doubt, deadlines and the inevitable triumph. I asked Sue if she would share it with everyone and kick start this new blog page.

Tooth healing – 13 March 2010

Yesterday morning I woke to fairly intense pressure and a very focused ache centred around a lump in my gum and radiating into the whole of the left side of my face. The pressure under my skull felt intense and unpleasant. I’ve had an abcess before and recognised it. As the day passed I felt the beginnings of a raised temperature, headache and vague sickness. Much to my own distaste I began to think of visiting the out of hours medical centre to get antibiotics.

Part-way through this irritating experience I stopped and, with little patience, felt into the area and found the tone of “hopelessness” that immediately felt overwhelming. I had no idea where it came from, neither did I care. I acknowledged it, felt something, then carried on with getting ready to go to the clinic. The whole thing took maybe 20 seconds.

As I drove to the clinic I prodded my face and found that the gum lump was gone. The swelling under my cheekbone had almost gone, the pressure in my head was easing and I felt much lighter. As I waited to see the doctor the remaining discomfort almost vanished. By the time I was in the consultation room there wasn’t any apparent swelling, just residual tenderness when he pressed my face.

I was taken aback by my own little miracle as I tend not to be involved with the direct healing of physical ailments in my practice other than the aches and pains associated with stress, responsibility, etc, and which feel like incidental side effects to me. Rarely do I set about a visible problem like this. I think I doubt myself in that area and I tend not to attract such clients. I’m also not always too great at getting round to treating myself; a common issue and one that I lecture my students about at length. The nerve!

I’m not sure why I waited so long as I really felt quite ill but certainly didn’t want to go the antibiotic route. Maybe I needed to be disgruntled and uncomfortable enough to stop thinking and just do, or rather Be.

Thankyou Sue!

I’ve received quite a lot of emails over the last year from people who’ve done RPT courses and even people who had an instant healing just by watching my demo videos (especially the shoulder one).

If you would like to share your story here please leave a comment below, or you could send it to us in an email.


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March 18, 2010 in Thoughts For the Day
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  1. My wife (who translates for me when my clients don’t speak good enough English – we’re in Slovenia) said to me the other day, after a session: “little miracles are happening here all the time!”. And it’s really true…

    - A thirteen year old girl who’d been suffering sexual abuse trauma, after one session, called us to say thank you, that she hadn’t even thought about it since the session a few days earlier, and she felt so much better.
    - A woman diagnosed with thyroid, stomach, kidney, AND gynecological problems, who was being advised by doctors that she needed an operation urgently, after 2 sessions went back to the doctor, and they couldn’t find anything in the scans. Operation avoided. All of the above mentioned problems sorted, and she feels 100% better emotionally too.
    - An older man who felt an emptiness inside him, also suffering from urinary problems (had to pee every hour or so!) now feels inner peace, and can sleep the whole night without getting up to pee. After one session.

    Honestly, sometimes I have to pinch myself because it just seems way too easy. But in the state of beingness, everything is possible. Everything. And the more I practice it, the more I believe. Oh, and a really beautiful one that I just remembered

    - a woman who had a lifelong and terrible fear of spiders: when I asked her just to visualize a spider, she said the fear was 10/10. After a 10 minute session (this was a public demonstration), I found a spider and put it on her arm – no problem whatsoever!!


  2. Hi,
    some of you know the story already, but I want to share this RPT experience with all of you:
    When I went home late at night from the last day of our level 3 course in November 2009 I was fed up with healing swaps and decided not to do any healing or even think of RPT for the next two days. At home my wife told me that the husband (I`ll call him Nick) of her slovenian cousin (I`ll call her Susan) had fallen into coma because of a serious lung disease. I said well, I feel some pain in the kidney- area but I won`t do anything until someone asks me for doing something.
    The next morning Susan called under tears, the doctor said he couldn`t do anything for Nick, who would die. Nick is about 38 years old and has two children. Well, I said, I`ll pretend to have a look on Nick. I had some fear of trying to help a person who was going to die anyway.
    So I pretended to talk to Nick who was lying in coma in the hospital in Maribor and found out that he was totally desperate and hopeless and had given up already. I did some RPT on him via distance healing and I found that he got much better and wanted to fight for his life now and come back to his family. Then I said to my wife, even if we can`t help Nick any more, we should help Susan and her children because she was completely desperate and helpless. We went to Maribor to talk to Susan. She was in a very bad condition so I could not do a RPT – session with her. We were just sitting in the kitchen with some more relatives and talking something. I tried to do RPT in Ho`oponopono style while talking to her. Within twenty minutes and one secondary gain she calmed down and could visit Nick in the hospital but was not sure not to break down again when seeing him lying in the hospital.
    In the evening Susan called us and said she could really stay calm and talk to her husband lying in coma. She felt he could hear her. The doctors said now his condition had become better and that he had a better chance to stay alive because his body would fight for his live.
    The next day I pretended to connect to Nicks lungs. One side was completely dead and one side was in a better condition but didn`t want to work any more without the other side. (That was the same as my 6 – year old son found out when I told him to pretend to look at and talk to the lungs of Nick) Now I pretended to do RPT on the lungs and the better side became much better within a few days. Whilst the hospital was searching for a donor- lung, the condition of both sides of Nick`s lungs increased within some weeks. After six weeks they brought Nick to a hospital in Ljubliana and woke him up to see if the lungs would start working again. Then Susan called and was verty happy because the lung`s both sides worked again and Nick was becoming better and better. I have already met him some times and for a dead man he is in real good condition…
    So guys, seems that it really works! Gerhard


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