Finally: a simple, coherent explanation of enlightenment and mastery (with video)

Coherence – the new Reference Point Therapy (3.0)

Over recent weeks you’ve heard me talk about a new concept in healing and personal development: “coherence”.  Coherence is a term used in classical and quantum physics.  We have a special meaning for the word which draws on physics, psychology and spirituality.

Our development of this concept is largely inspired by the holographic model of the universe (see e.g. Talbot’s Holographic Universe) and by McFetridge’s Peak States mode of the triune brain and other minds.

In this video you can hear me, Simon Rose, explain concept of Coherence, where it comes from, how to use it, and how we have integrated it into our new Level 3 course structure. (And you get a sneak preview of our new logo!)

I know that some people prefer to read and some prefer to listen. So, here’s a written article about coherence.  This is a short extract from our new Level 3 manual.

Holographic model

Coherence draws together the enlightenment research of Grog and McFetridge, with Karl Pribram’s work on the Holographic Brain (see e.g. and the holographic model of the universe, well written about my Michael Talbot. For more information on the holographic universe you might enjoy these links: wikipedia and an interview with Talbot and an article by Talbot).

The holographic model of the universe suggests that the physical universe as we know it may be an illusion.  It may be a projection, merely appearing to be physical.  According to Talbot, the “real” universe is consciousness.  This may be pure thought or, in our language, Beingness. 

Talbot theorises that there is some “data projector” by which the image of consciousness is translated into the physical universe, much like a hologram is a laser projection of an image onto a holographic plate.

This raises the question of why do people get sick?  Why “imagine” or “project” the physical body deteriorating if we are pure consciousness?  There are many possible answers and Talbot suggests that it may be our thoughts or negative beliefs (which exist in our consciousness not the physical form) which cause the projected image to be distorted or sick.  Change the thought / consciousness and you change the projected image.  This is like changing something on a data projector so that the projected image changes.

This holographic concept is common in spiritual and alternative healing modalities (whether they know they are using it or not). The idea, as it is applied, is that something is “wrong” with a person’s consciousness and only the modality can fix it. For instant Reiki believes that sending “love energy” will fix it or Theta believes that changing negative beliefs or downloading energies will fix the underlying consciousness which is the source of the problem.

Reference Point Therapy offers a whole new perspective on healing. We believe that every single person is – at their core – perfect. Pristine, like the perfect potential diamond inside an uncut diamond. We think it’s incorrect – insulting even – to try to “fix” consciousness. Rather, we see disease or other problems as the result of how our consciousness is projected into this reality.

We offer a new approach to therapy (and Mastery): the “problem” is not with consciousness (which we believe is perfect) but with the projector itself. The projector is nothing but our mind(s). After all, “it’s all in your mind!”

Extending the triune brain model

In the new Level 1 Reference Point Therapy we teach you to create instant healings using the triune brain model.

The triune model says that there are 3 brains; our human neo-cortex or frontal brain, the mammal brain or limbic system, and the reptilian brain or R-complex.  The mammal brain controls feelings like love, so we associate it with the heart.  The R-complex governs basic fight or flight and survival response.  We call this the “body mind” and it is associated with the gut or gut feelings.  Most people will have different feelings and instincts in each of the 3 minds (“my heart says this but my head says that”). One of the first steps in this course is to work towards integrating these three minds.

In the Peak States research, McFetridge extends the triune model, suggesting that there are 9 minds.  In addition to the 3 triune minds he adds the sexual or perineum mind, the solar plexus, the placenta, spinal mind (associated with the throat), the third eye and the spiritual mind or Buddha mind.    Simon feels that there may be additional minds below these, such as a base chakra mind (base support), one at the knees (energy of motion and thoughts around moving forward) and one at the feet (roundedness, connection to the earth).   Of course, it is not the number of minds that matters; it’s the question of whether they are integrated.

In a perfectly “coherent” Being, there is really just one mind (all the minds are in alignment).  A coherent Being would always know what they feel. Whether they put a hand on their heart, their gut or their head, they would always feel the same feelings and have the same guidance.  Their clairaudience or spiritual guidance (from the Buddha mind) would always be in alignment with what their body mind already knows – or perhaps that should read the other way around, their body mind or sexual minds are already in alignment with their purpose and Buddha mind.

The other end of the spectrum is a person who is “splitting” into multiple personalities.  As a result of trauma the minds can become totally fractured and discontinuous or incoherent.  As this develops over time the minds not only think differently but can develop different personalities, even different names, diseases, stories, etc.  The person will look and act different depending on which mind is in control.

In reality this phenomenon – coherence – is a spectrum.  Mastery is at one end of the spectrum, multiple personality disorder is another.  99.9% of the human population exist in between these polar opposites, meaning they exhibit moments of coherence (Mastery) and times of dysfunction.  It is a spectrum and all of us are moving one way or the other along this spectrum.

On the new Level 3 course you will discover:

  • what drives us along this spectrum?
  • what causes mastery or coherence?
  • what causes personality disorders and incoherence? and
  • how do we achieve coherence?

Merging the Coherence model with the holographic universe

The holographic model of the universe implies a metaphysical projector that translates thought or consciousness into our physical reality.  A coherent projection might look something like the stylized image to the left.

A clear pattern exists through which the image can be projected and manifested into physical form.

These concentric circles represent the same tunnel, but in 2 dimensions instead of 3.

This is the mind of a true Master.

There are no “ripples in the pond.”

The image created in consciousness creates a coherent image in the outside world.

You can think of this as a calm pond, or you may think of it as the “tunnel” or “projector” through which the Master can source the miraculous.

Now let’s consider what happens when there is a lack of coherence.

The person’s minds (let’s just consider the basic 3: head, heart and body) are not united. They give different answers to the same question.  In quantum mechanics the analogy often given is to imagine dropping three small pebbles in a pond.

The ripples intercept and this is called an interference pattern.  In very simple physics terms, the ripple caused by these 3 pebbles will be incoherent.

The above incoherence diagram also implies that the “tunnel” through which consciousness is projected into physical reality (in the Holographic Universe model) is limited.  This model is not literal.  We can’t say that it’s only the shaded overlapping areas where consciousness passes through.  I think it’s more accurate to say that three separate images are being projected, we have 3 distinct realities.  That is why people have multiple minds.

We only have one physical body, at least in any one moment of space-time.  How do 3 (or 9 or 12) projected images create one physical body if they are incoherent?  The short and simple answer is that an incoherent physical body is created.  This has obvious implications for our health, and this is discussed in more detail in relation to cancer, on page 75.

The Triune brain and enlightenment

Consider now the implications of “incoherence.”  If the minds are not united, it is difficult for any single image to be “projected.”

The above diagram represents the ripple effect you might see if you drop 3 pebbles in a flat lake at the same time.  It’s called an interference pattern. The waves are not coherent.

McFetridge’s Peak States work uses the triune brain model to help explain enlightenment.  Among other things McFetridge says that higher states of consciousness are the result of the different brains or minds coming together.  For instance he regards the “inner peace” state as being the result of the heart and brain minds uniting. (You will achieve this by Day 1 of the Level 3 course.)  You could visualise this like 2 circles coming together; the more the overlap the higher the level of coherence between heart and brain minds.

Now imagine 9 or 12 circles coming together.  If, as the model suggests, we have 9 (or more) different minds, each expressing a different emotional tone, then we would exhibit severe incoherence.  The pattern (left) shows great deal of interference.

These are not simply diagrams.  They represent the fundamental nature of your reality, with huge implications for your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

If, like the above diagram, your minds are incoherent, then you will quite literally be in two, or indeed nine, minds about everything.  You will be unable to silence the mind, to appreciate the now, to live in Beingness.

If however, we can teach you to merge your minds into one coherent state; you will know yourself as one being.  You will know divinity as a part of yourself, not as one of many minds or states.

Day-by-day throughout the Level 3 course we will guide you through this journey towards coherence.  The tool used for this is acknowledgment. Merely acknowledging and giving voice to the minds is often enough to unite them.

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Over the coming week I will be posting some amazing demonstrations about instant healing with the coherence method – finding your coherence, then sourcing the miraculous for your client. It does replace making the client “feel” or “dig” through their stuff (mostly).

Some quick questions answered

Thanks to those who kindly proof-read this lenthy article. Thanks to you I can answer some of the most common questions right now: (And more to come over the week)

  • yes, coherence is changing how we teach the Level 1 and 2 courses, it’s not just a Level 3 technique. The difference is that the Level 1 course teachers head-heart-body coherence up to a point – it’s not guaranteed, but the method will get you there. Level 2 teaches body-soul coherence (ensoulment) among many others skills (the main focus is a different topic, re-conception). It’s the Level 3 course where we take a structured approach to uniting 12 minds;
  • yes, all Level 1 or RPT DVD graduates will be able to start applying coherence this week using the information on this blog and the free upgrade package we are sending to all graduates next week via the RPT Practitioner forum;
  • Level 3 RPT graduates will be upgraded to the next Level 3 technique as soon as possible;
  • If you haven’t taken our Level 3 course, by far the fastest approach to Mastery is to explore the new 12 day structure. I’ll be posting more details here shortly. We are teaching in LA from June 27th 2010 and in Europe in August-September.

Do leave your comments and questions here. What would you like to know / see / experience?




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  1. I’m excited to hear more about the 12 different minds.
    I’ve been working with coherence on clients a lot – usually digging or feeling into ‘stuff’, and releasing blockages, vibrations, associations etc… and THEN guiding them to head heart body coherence using various visualisations like the one above (two cirlces – head and heart merging). But to work in that way on all 12 different centers would be very powerful indeed, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the articles on it, and to watching the videos.
    Love, Ben


  2. Just had time to watch the video… bloody amazing. Is anyone else out there as excited as i am about the implications of this work?


  3. I’m not able to view/listen to audio on this computer, but just from reading the concepts in the above- nicely presented.

    A thought I had- perhaps it was implied but the above reference to “multiple personality disorder” makes me think how they are clinically referred to as “disassocitive personality disorder”- primarily emphasizing that different “persona-perspectives” (a story, seen through) is in denial of certain aspects of experience and may embrace/focus-upon to exclusion other aspects of experience (as in a compulsion-obsessive).

    If this just happens singley (ie not multiple minds)- still a problem in that certain aspects of exper are ignored (denied- not even seen), while the rest is distorted/altered by perceptional-filters… and thus resulting problems (ie running into parked cars while driving is an issue if you can “see them”, yet if in addition to “bad choices” one is also “hallucinating”.. not seeing parked cars- a whole-nuther reason for collisions/problem/trauma exper let alone trauma in how one is responding-internally to “errors”)….

    if on top of this “distortion” in one mind- there are multiple Minds out of synch… then “switching” between them- focus is lost and none has the “big picture” (each mind likely has different things they are “not seeing” and are distorting- thus stress-anger internally as different “minds” are thinking about the other “minds” why don’t they see that… why not see the way “I” do..)

    Above is sort of a lower level of the above “mastery” ~clarity, and cohesion of awareness (all on the same page so to speak- whole greater than the sum of the parts, versus sputtering and stopping when awareness breaks and jumps- each switch standing on its own… a sense of disconnection, as well as a sense of each “mind” knowing there are more resources they are could have… each feeling like their “eyes” are squinting shut so to speak and weaker/smaller… not just not having access to the resources of the whole- but likely feeling that potential in addition: available just out of reach).

    This relates to the perspective I saw last year in RPT that resonates with the technique of Huna as well as “old school-water method” Taoism: sensing what all your “parts” are feeling/seeing/wanting… letting each of those “parts” sense the other parts… as well as access to the “big picture” whole (all in an “allowing” from that space: as I see it, what you’ve termed acknowledging from the state of coherent-congruence… allows parts each “room to breathe and stretch and adjust themselves” (if I can use my own words to express a metaphor of that shift in that Beingness “space”)
    Ala Heiddegger’s Lichtung: the clearing, opening in a dense forest, allowing room to operate/move and space to “think”)

    In short- my attempt to summarize how I see the Venn-Diagram graphics in the above showing the “lining up on target” -neat stuff (has me thinking). (gee I see above became long- hopefully a credit to the impact of the ideas here)


    gary begue Reply:

    Thought as I sent this post- above about not “fixing/doing” seems to be not problem to be “solved” with the work, rather the issue of acknowledgement can allow us (the source(s) of the perceived problem) to stop creating that “distortion”

    Thus rather than do to fix, the “being” is rather so that the “doing” that is creating that distortion can stop. (taking away- simplify, rather than trying to add complexity on top of existing).


    simonrose Reply:

    thanks Gary for sharing your thoughts.
    I wasn’t sure if there was a question you wanted my input on?
    I can say that the Institute of Peak States research (which introduced me to the biological minds theory) clearly states that multiples, or DID, is an extreme form of disassociation of the biological minds. It’s too simple to say that each personality is a separate mind (because you can have way over 12 personalities), but it is true to say that coherence will bring these into unity.

    As a disclaimer, I haven’t worked with DID – I don’t really want to take RPT into that area of mental health as I feel it’s best left to qualified experts. I do refer those people to Peak States practitioners, at least until I have the training and experience to deal with it safely.



  4. Hi Simon,
    this is Oya from Berlin. I just attended the Level 1 and 2 courses (in Istanbul). I appreciate your work a lot and thank you for sharing your insights and research with us. I have to admit that I am a completely newcomer to this field of work. So I just dive into the RPT-waters to understand why and how it works, especially how to handle it correctly in an elegant way.
    In regard to coherence – the way you explain it seems very clear. Though I have many questions. (And sorry if they are too simple or annoying, they are just to clear my mind)

    One is: If I understood properly coherence would be the key to beingness / consciousness? With the metaphor you give coherence would be the calm pond / bringing the different minds into alignment. So when I already work with what I have learned – getting into the state of beingness (expanding light of diamond) – I feel quite good, but is this coherence?? I guess not. I’m afraid I’m not catching the point, neither on beingness nor coherence. Beingness and coherence, both should be a state, not just a tool?

    The other question: Could you please explain why it is necessary and effective to operate with so many different minds? And when you say that even our knees have a mind so I suppose that every organ, moreover every cell may have a mind, at least consciousness. Wouldn’t it be much easier to clear the vibration in all of the cells of the body? Like immerging the whole body in water / our whole being in divine light/ conciousness/ coherence??

    As a first step I suppose coherence would open the doors to be one with oneself, to be in true agreement with oneself. Only the next step would be to be one with all that is? (both is beingness, achieved step by step?)

    The importance of working on coherence also implies for me that I myself have to be first cleared and healed before I can give a proper treatment to a client. As you wrote before it is essential not only to have the right tools but to be a good (healed) healer – So I am curious to get to know how I shall manage this … experiencing coherence

    fondest regards,


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Oya
    I’m really grateful to you because you helped me to realise that I have confused the 2 topics of Beingness and coherence. They are not the same.

    Beingness is a state of being present, and being your own source of the miraculous. For instance we believe that we source the healings through our Being, not from “upstairs.”

    Coherence is a framework for how clearly your Beingness shines through.

    Imagine Beingness as a light bulb – it’s a 1000W bright light bulb. It’s so bright that you can’t bear to look at it. However on top of that light bulb is a cover. And on top of that is a cover. In fact there are 12 light covers. Even though the light is very bright, only a little bit of light can make it through 12 covers.

    So you see, your Beingness is ALWAYS amazing. Your Beingness cannot be anything other than fantastic, wonderful, Sourceful, “zingy” (as Soleria puts it) and just “freakin’ miraculous”. It can’t be anything else, because it’s You.

    On the other hand, walk down the street, look at “average people” (whatever that means) and ask: how much of their magnificence is shining through? Is it a naked flame or is it dimmed through 12 blurry layers?

    Coherence occurs when you take those 12 layers and bring them into alighment so that the light will point in whatever direction you want it to. You can shed the light of your Being on any area of the One (All That Is)

    So, Beingness is the source, the fountain of You. Coherence is merely the passage, the stream that this fountain flows into.

    Every human is a divine Being, so we are all the same on that level. I don’t believe that some people have higher, wiser or older souls than others. All Beings are divine. Where we differ is coherence – how much of that divinity flows through?

    > The other question: Could you please explain why it is necessary and effective to operate with so many different minds?

    No my dear, it is effective to operate with ONE mind. It is really not effective to operate (like most people) with many minds.

    Each mind is another voice, another layer, another obstacle blocking your light. My long reply to the first question should explain this now?

    let me know if I answered your question OK?



    Oya Reply:

    Simon, I really feel blessed ;) )
    I love your explanation. It’s such a magnificent experience to be on the path with RPT. The theory opens a gate, gives a notion, but it is very important to practice in order to understand what it is about and automatically more light comes into the words, I can sense their vibration.
    So for the beginning I just played with the coherence of the triune brain, of mind heart and gut (haven’t become acquainted with the other minds yet ;) ) and it was so great to see, to sense what is meant by coherence, what it could be when fully achieved. This is fantastic. I don’t know what will come up next, which layers will unfold, but I am truly comitted to this journey.


    simonrose Reply:

    awesome, and I acknowledge you for taking action and playing with the concepts

  5. Bravo!
    You are articulating everything that i have not been able to for… well since i started on this “healing” journey.i haven’t as yet read the above article(which i am going to print),but have watched the video.this is great stuff.You work very fast to keep everybody apprised.

    Brilliant work!


  6. This coherence work has lasting result? or should we apply it continously? and if we do the coherence, then most of the issues can dissapear? because it is very exhaustive to work my issues one by one and always there are many of them arise to the surface.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Bulent, I think that you are mixing different themes into the one question. Coherences is not a substitute for working on your stuff. In fact you can be coherent and still have “stuff” (a quick read of Autobiography of a Yogi confirms this). However what’s certain is that from a place of coherence, “stuff” clears millions of times more easily.

    That’s a very simplistic answer as I will be writing a lot more about this topic.



  7. Mariah Milligan

    Hi Simon

    I read your blog and watched the video and I am excited by what you are offering. I resonate with the theme of coherence. It feels like re-uniting all aspects of ourselves that have separated from Source. Intelluctually I understand the theory but to get a better grasp of it , I would like to see practical demonstrations of it. For instance how does one apply this technqiue to heal cancer? or any other serious illness?

    Of course, I am also keenly interested in all the latest updates in theory as well and anything else that you feel called to share. Thank You for your generosity.

    Many Blessings



    simonrose Reply:



  8. Hi Simon, you cracked my head with this articles! trying hard to understand all the terms you using and get myself to understand your articles. Which is great and insightful!

    One thing i would like to ask, says autistic and hyperactive children, whats your suggestion of the rpt work with such childrens? As well as people in coma? How would the coherence apply in such cases?


    simonrose Reply:

    hi, I agree that it must be a little hard to translate. Our mutual friend Cornelius gets it and he will help with translations to Malaysian and Mandarin.

    Re autism and hyperactive kids, yes I believe it will help but as always you have to work on the parents. No promises or guarantees because it’s outside the scope of my research. I know that the institute of peak states had some good results with autism using different methods but the same general philosophy of uniting the minds.



  9. Nancy Kilgore

    Hi, Thank you so much for sharing this research. After watching the video, I was so consumed that I forgot to read the article. I’m so glad you requested comment or I might not have gotten back to it for days. I believe that you have taken complicated theories and explained them in a way that is very easy to understand. Striving for coherence with the different brains certaintly resonates with my own personal development. It’s common for people with addictions to feel as if they are leading double lives. The challenge is in integrating the personalities. Please do not stop giving us more theory!!
    Love, Nancy


  10. I’m looking forward to seeing the process/technique so I can start applying this! I feel more together since doing the L1 and L2 courses in April and I’m excited about seeing what this coherence work can do.


  11. Wow, I love this stuff. The way it’s evolving all the time and the exciting potential of it all. Thank you Simon. Along with everyone else who reads these blogs, I am really grateful for your generosity in sharing this work so freely.

    Which brings me to my question – how much & how detailed is the information that you will be posting on this blog? I did my 1 & 2 with you in Liverpool last October – and now it’s all changed! Which is great but now I’m trying to get to grips with the new process, purely from this blog. It makes total sense on every level, I get the theory & science behind it – but how do I actually ‘Do’ it? In the sense of integrating the various minds into coherence? In other words, if I’m with a client and I want to use the process, how do I approach it? I’m already bringing it into my practice but would like to understand more.
    Unfortunately I am not currently in a position to attend the level 3 in Switzerland later this year as I’m sure is the case for many other people so, as an existing practitioner, what are my options for really learning & getting to grips with this stuff?

    Thanks Simon


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Dawn
    It’s GREAT to hear from you again. Thanks for your questions.

    One of my big projects right now is the free update to all our past graduates. This is important to me.

    I can’t think of any other modality (or anything really) where a one off investment gets you constant upgrades. We really value your investment with us, especially given how fast the technique is growing. We are placing a few hours of footage online, for free. We just haven’t worked out the hosting details for this yet.

    That material will explain the triune coherence – head-heart-gut. I’m thinking of hiring the video equipment again to add some more to that – I’m realising that we need to add the sexual mind even at the beginner level.

    The full coherence (12 minds) is a level 3 process. You are welcome to play with it, but it’s something that people get to after the level 3. And hey – there has to be some HUMONGOUS benefit to a 12 day investment right?

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.



  12. Hi Simon,
    great Article. Great Work!
    I have it not fully understood but I think I must read it a few times.
    I have a little question. Where should we place the ego in this theory?
    Thank you so much for sharing and I´m looking forward to see more.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Peter
    did you watch the video as well as read the article? I’m also going to post a simple animation about coherence next week that will make it even simpler.

    Regarding ego, I need to sleep on that! It doesn’t fit easily into this. Coherence is a great model, but may not explain everything.

    To me ego is the part of us that keeps us separate to others. So the question is, can you be in full coherence (Mastery) and yet have an ego?

    What do you think? It’s such a good question. I think Yogananda would say no, but Osho says yes.

    It’s 2am, time for me to sign off and sleep on this.



    PS everyone reading this page – this is a great moment for audience participation. Please leave your comments here. What do you think about ego and coherence/mastery?


    sue Reply:

    It seems to me that if we’re getting clearer and more coherent then our egos can be freer to do their thing (let us know who we are in THIS life) without having to engage in the psychotic activities that a high degree of attachment appears to bring.
    If we can feel safe at the most basic level, which is the same as becoming more coherent, then our egos get time off from the more troublesome stuff.
    Perhaps there’s a bit of chicken and egg as you consider whether clearing work reduces attachment, or reduced attachment allows clearing work. Whichever comes first, the more you clear that incoherence the less rampant your ego runs. A sweeping statement but it has a core of truth in it.
    I think that being completely free of ego would mean that we would no longer be able to function in a place of duality (ie, here)and we’d float off, aka ascend. We might even take our bodies with us. Whether we can ever be completely coherent while maintaining even the gentlest and least separatist of egos is a moot point.
    Sue x
    Disclaimer: my idea of ego might be different than others. I’m happy to be enlightened on the issue.


    Ben Ralston Reply:

    Coherence is NOW. When coherent, we are fully in the present moment. We are experiencing our BEINGNESS fully.
    Ego is time based (illusory).
    The brain and the ego are not the same – we need the brain as a computer: it runs the systems of the body, ‘guiding’ us through the world, preventing us from bumping into things; getting things done; etc… But the ego is a MENTAL CONSTRUCT formed out of all the memories, impressions, associations, learned behaviors, and so on, FROM THE PAST. Ego is basically what we THINK we are. That thinking is based on what we WERE (a second ago, a year ago, etc). And of course it also projects into the future (imagination) based on that past experience. Therefore, since the ego is based on past (memory) and future (imagination), IT IS NOT REAL.
    So, when we are fully coherent, we are fully PRESENT, and then the ego dissolves into the timeless awareness which we call BEINGNESS.
    This is my take.

    Peter Reply:

    Hi Simon,
    my english is not the best and so I must read english articles a few times to understand it fully and to get everything.
    Here are my thoughts.
    The state of enlightment is defined by absence of ego. Like sue said, when the ego dies the illusions of duality and all suffering dissapear and the true reality of Nonduality is revealed.
    I have no clear idea of the state of full coherence so It´s hard to say for my mind. I like the scale of consciousness so I do some calibrations. The state of full coherence calibrates on 591 here. First this is just amazing. This is the level of the saints. So I would say yes.


    simonrose Reply:


    You know from our past discussions on this blog that I am not a fan of the Hawkins scale of consciousness. I regard it as subjective. However, just for once, and once only, I will “play” with you.

    You say 591 is good, I say it is quite low. Saints? – meh!
    If I understand the Hawkins scale correctly then the actual concept of coherence (which is mastery in the BIOLOGY – not asenscion) should rate 990 on the scale. That’s the calibration of coherence.

    Why are you getting 591 and not 990? Easy – it’s because I have not cleared my ego issues. Not even close. I also have some injustice issues. Also I have an attachment to working/healing/transforming the world, which traps me in the duality of there being something to do. So basically, I think you are getting a low answer for the calibration of coherence because it’s being muddled with my own personal baggage.

    I don’t know how the calibration works but can you separate “coherence” from “Simon’s baggage”?


    Peter Reply:

    Hi Simon,
    I know and I hope its ok that I´m posting this stuff nevertheless.
    All statements made by the mind are subjective. “Reality is radically subjective, you cannot escape subjectivity”.
    The level in the upper 500 is “good” (For me amazing!). This is not about good and bad. The scale of consciousness is about the experience of reality and existence of God. For comparison: Paramahansa Yogananda (540), Dalai Lama (570), Padmasambhava (595)
    I just get the answer on my question. So the question is important. So maybe I ask the wrong questions?! I calibrated the state of full coherence. When I calibrate “Concept of Coherence as spiritual idea” I also get 989. So coherence is really!! powerful and can transform everything. (Tested true)
    Best wishes

    simonrose Reply:

    thanks Peter, yes that was exactly what I thought (in my gut, without trying to muscle test it like you did).

  13. Hi Simon,

    In answer to your question about theory and videos, I say, “More! More! More!”

    I have used your video’s in my classes and even read small parts of your blog to folks in the classes (both RPT and teleclasses) — and of course, recommended that they come here as well.

    As an aside note, I found Michael Talbot’s (Holographic Universe) section on multiple personalities interesting in that the research clearly demonstrates the ability of the body to change immediately (heal instantly) depending on what is being projected in the hologram. In it he notes that one personality may have diabetes and another not — at least with respect to known tests — that one can have severe allergies and another not. That allergic reactions begin to fade when the person shifts from one personality to another. It would also seem to me that the above 12 minds are all functioning in each personality and what changes is the degree of coherence — the Venn diagram. Like each personality has its own hologram projection lens and shifting personalities is like shifting from one lens to another.

    An interesting question to me is whether or not it is possible to have coherence in one personality and not in another. Certainly it is possible to have more coherence expressed through one than another. Then, the question of personality coherence just rises up a level. As I understand it, and I’m not a psychologist, the multiple became multiples to protect themselves from severe conditions — abuse, violence, etc. So this brings into play the r-complex behaviors of safety, security, sustenance, etc.

    Earlier you said you didn’t want to get into multiple personalities and I honor that — I’m just playing with the concept, because it so clearly demonstrates the body’s ability to change immediately — heal instantly — and change back instantly as well. Which makes getting to the bottom negative vibration/tone so important.


  14. Nancy Kilgore

    Hi, I have to agree with Sue regarding the ego being essential to live in duality. I believe Yogananda wrote about the need for a servant ego. The spirit rules the ego and not the other way around. I’m not sure how this fits with coherence.


  15. my thoughts about Ego: (I slept on it, which means I’ve been Being with it.)

    When you combine ego with the triune brain theory, I think most of you will agree that ego usually involves coming from the head. For instance if someone thinks they are better than everyone else (or that their healing technique is better than the rest!) they are usually in their head. They may be right of course, because the head is good at analysis and judgment.

    I think that people who are “in their heart” or “in their gut” etc have their own issues but are less likely to be labelled as egotistical.

    Do you agree with that view?

    If so, then yes, coherence does mean mastering the ego. Why? because in coherence the head, heart, gut (and some 9 other minds) are united. The head doesn’t speak out of place. The head can still think you are the greatest, but at least it’s balanced with the heart’s feelings and the body mind’s survival instincts and the throat’s knowingness of how and when not to say this….

    Perhaps Nancy expressed it well (I don’t recall the exact Yogananda passage). In coherence there is ego but the spirit rules it. Or in other words there’s balance.

    We are exploring new territory here guys…

    blessings & gratitude for your input


    Peter Reply:

    Hi Simon,
    Perfect explanation and make 100% sense to me.


    sue Reply:

    When we are operating from ego we are stuck in our story. Our story becomes us, who we are.
    I think our story does not only involve attachment to words, thoughts and ideas or any other head stuff. We can also be really, really attached to how we feel about our story. Heart stuff. Not sure about the gut. Those tones will have been in play before ego made its appearance, evolutionarily speaking, but I suspect that wouldn’t prevent the ego from claiming them as its own after the event. It’s a greedy blighter.

    My picture of the ego is not as something that sits atop but something that sticks and interferes but also tries to support in its own weird and skewed ways, all the way down. Maybe this is because our identity involves all (or most of) our minds and our ego is very much about our identity.
    Just an idea. I’m not very attched to it so fire away.
    I might be quite attached to not being attached, though.
    Sue x


  16. I’ll just add to what I put above…

    I don’t agree that the spirit ‘rules’ the ego: I believe that the ego truly disappears when the spirit shines fully (total coherence).
    Most of us experience total coherence often, but NOT PERMANENTLY.
    The difference between someone who is completely enlightened and the ordinary folk, is that they stay in that state of total coherence. Then, I am pretty sure, there is really no ego.

    Eureka, i’ve just realised something: ego is a SYMPTOM of incoherence!


  17. Hello Simon

    WOW is all I can say. We are on the same page as what I was doing in my last few months was working on joining soul and personality in a way that in in coherence with all there is.
    Great progress on the material. I loved it back in the beginning and I still do.
    With Divine Blessings


    simonrose Reply:

    We are all on the same path!


  18. Nancy Kilgore

    Simon, your explanation of how ego fits into the triune brain model and coherence does resonate with me. I plan to internalize it and monitor myself as I go through the day to get a feel for where I think my head, and ego, may be out of alignment. Thanks for sleeping on this one!!


  19. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for all the great material. And if the cost is joining the discussion, as much as I tend to just “lurk”, then I totally respect that. Your material, your rules. :-)

    I love the concept of coherence. It really resonates with me. Whether that’s because of my history with peak states work (and it’s concept of “wholeness”), I don’t know, but it feels right. I’ve experienced some glimpses along the way, occasionally coaxing 2 or more of the brains to merge, but nothing permanent yet. So I’m definitely looking forward to anything I can learn on this blog that might fill in the missing pieces. And needless to say, I’d love to attend your courses (I’m working on that).

    To answer your question about theory or videos or applications, yes to all of it! Also, you mention in a comment on your next post the possibility of covering one or more of the major developmental events in detail. That would be awesome.




    simonrose Reply:

    thanks for paying the very small price! :-)
    Yes I will do something about the KDEs. But if you look at the level 2 video on my website you will see something outside of the Peak States / Stan Grof KDE model, which is our work on Re-Conception (recreating the energy of your conception). I talk about this in some detail already. I will do more for the blog but I already have a backlog of 20 articles! So much to share.



  20. Hi guys

    My personal opinion is, that we do need our personality or ego here on earth, but until it is full of luggage and in its shadow side it will not join with the soul so you are very incoherent. As I see RPT it is a very valuable tool to help you clear all the stuff that you are dragging with you not only personal stuff from this life but also from other lifetimes and from your ancestral side. So by clearing that, you are coming into your light side of your personality and it can go hand in hand with your soul.
    In my practice soul’s stuff is not automatically cleared while you are staying in the reincarnation wheel going from one life to the other. In my observation curses, vows and similar things are taken on that level and can be very strong in this lifetime too. I am not impressed by regression, I tried some, but I think as we are not limited by time and space, soul is equally important to acknowledge as is the biology. But I think you need to follow your intuition which way to go.

    What I am experiencing regarding the clearing stuff on your personality is more clarity regarding my life, better judgment, not being pulled into other people’s stuff easily and in my view that is becoming more coherent (correct me if I misinterpret the coherence)

    So Simon yes we definitelly want more. And I am so grateful for your dedication on doing so much research on this stuff because with each bit that you share with us I get confirmation on the stuff that I am getting with my personal development, through working on myself and getting bits of information from my soul.

    Thanks to Evette for supporting you and for her dedication to this work, researching it and contributing hugely and to Val for bringing it to us. You are soo precious to us all!

    And to all of you guys here for sharing your view.

    With Divine Blessings


    simonrose Reply:

    thanks Taja
    Yes this is new and also it is something you have seen the seeds of. The new work with the tones in the R-complex evolved out of the courses you promoted in Slovenia in November. It’s been a natural development since then.

    See you again soon.


  21. Hi Simon and all of you!
    Since reading the above article and the Tao – article about the triune brain I experienced a little bit. My results are:
    Pretending (!) to be in the state of coherence shifts me immediately into a much higher coherence- level. It`s absolutely feel – and regard- able. How do I feel and regard that? I think it`s my ego. So I can be in my ego and be coherent at the same time. Why? Because my ego is a part of all the minds being (or becoming) coherent. The difference is: The ego is not dominating the other minds any more in the state of coherence.
    Since reading the Tao – article I try thinking with my gut. Ego seems to be more calm then. Being very much in ego leads to a loss of coherence because ego is always trying to take control over the minds (how much of them you ever expect). But ego is a very important part of the mind- complex because it`s function is control!! The quintessence would be: No coherence without ego because the mind-system would get out of control!
    Following this argumentation the solution would be clearing the reference point of ego`s over- or under- control. That would lead to making the ego do its job of bringing together all the minds in balance and coherence. So far my latest theory.
    Maybe our discussion lacks a definition of ego and anyone can add that.
    But now I`m really curious about Simons upcoming revelations and your comments on this theory …


    Peter Reply:

    Hi Gerhard,
    your right, the definition is important so that we all talk about the same.
    Here are my thoughts. There are different meanings of “ego”. In psychology the ego is a part of the mind which holds back the animal instincts.
    In spiritual work ego has a much wider definition. Here the ego is linked with the “I”-thought. “The ego is the “I”-thought. The real “I” is the self.” Ramana Maharshi
    The “lower ego” is connected with the animal instincts from a early part of the brain and his narcissistic core. For example it tries to fill the empty self by itself increased and other decreased.
    And there are the “higher ego” which keeps the illusion of separate existence and it is bound on individual karma.
    Playgrounds of the ego are thinking and intellect, emotions, knowledge, planning, … The ego is caught in and rely on the wrong mental models of offender vs. victims, causality and duality.
    Best wishes


  22. Question raised re ego. I love my learnings from Abraham and Seth. Ego is our current point of attraction. Nothing bad about it.  It’s the focusing point in the “physical reality” (your analogy the screen in the vid). (mind is aka camera lense, zoom in/out or redirect focus).  In your analogy my sense is the ego is the overlapping of 12 circles.

    Cheers S


  23. I want to keep this thread alive, because it feels kind of important:
    I believe that ego is one of the biggest stumbling blocks – for people investigating themselves… for us healing practitioners… and especially for people who think of themselves as ‘spiritual’.

    I wrote this above:
    Coherence is NOW. When coherent, we are fully in the present moment. We are experiencing our BEINGNESS fully.
    Ego is time based (illusory).
    The brain and the ego are not the same – we need the brain as a computer: it runs the systems of the body, ‘guiding’ us through the world, preventing us from bumping into things; getting things done; etc… But the ego is a MENTAL CONSTRUCT formed out of all the memories, impressions, associations, learned behaviors, and so on, FROM THE PAST. Ego is basically what we THINK we are. That thinking is based on what we WERE (a second ago, a year ago, etc). And of course it also projects into the future (imagination) based on that past experience. Therefore, since the ego is based on past (memory) and future (imagination), IT IS NOT REAL.
    So, when we are fully coherent, we are fully PRESENT, and then the ego dissolves into the timeless awareness which we call BEINGNESS.
    This is my take.

    And this whole discussion prompted me to write an article on my blog:

    I look forward to some interesting debate!


  24. Renee Hawkins

    Simon, could you just clarify how bringing our 12 minds into alignment fits in with working with a client on a day-to-day basis? For example-if someone comes to me to work on abundance issues or depression, are we working to align their 12 minds, or do we work within the Triune brain model of the head/heart/gut on the presenting issue at hand?

    Also, how do we integrate the 12 minds in with the Key Developments Model? In fact, I am totally lost now as to how to work with the KDM at all, with all the new advancements. Any insight into this would be fantastic.

    I see the miraculous benefit of aligning our minds for ourselves, both personally and professionally- so that we can offer the best of ourselves; for ourselves and for everyone and everything around us. I am excited to take the new journey in level 3, it feels very right for me.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Renee
    I will share some thoughts here, and will be sharing more soon. Also let me unashamedly say that the full coherence process is a 12 day process we do on our Level 3 course. I’m really happy to give you pointers but even if I wanted to give you the whole lot here, I couldn’t. It’s too interactive. I will get you started.

    The KDE process you referred to is our Level 2 method and, whilst useful, it’s not about coherence per se.

    Back to your question. If someone comes to you to work on an issue, the best things you could do are:
    1) find YOUR coherence and then 2) take them through their stuff using the KDE method.

    Since you are Source, your coherence clearly matters more. Find your coherence and seem them as their divinity, and they will shine.

    I hope that clears up the confusion between the 2 methods?

    More coming soon. I hired a professional animator to make an animation on coherence. I hope to publish it later this week.



    Renee Hawkins Reply:



  25. Hi Simon

    Two questions
    1   Am I understanding your perspective on reference point therapy revised & coherence correctly:
    You are saying there is a correlation between “contradictory thought(s)” and when it happens, so it’s in our biology.  For example abundance issues vibrational root is typically during ‘birthing process’, rather than any ‘reference core belief’

    2   I am wondering as to what is your view on what is root cause of “non-coherence” (said another way, cause of an individual moving out of alignment with who you really are).  
    - Do you believe its contadictory thoughts, or something else that “pinches us off /pinches our pipe”? 

    My understanding from Abraham content is when you no longer SPLIT your flow of energy with contradictory thoughts, we will know our power.   

    Cheers s


  26. Hi Simon.
    I attended level 2 With Azaris and Jørgen in Norway this weekend and I see a huge change in my life. All the participants from this course agree that this teaching is miraculous and we would love to expand even more NOW. We also agree that charing our experience in norwegian is very helpful and hope that it will be possible to dive into level 3 in Norway asap. Is this possible?

    Love Kristian


  27. What I would like to experience is a level three course here in Norway. I have by now passed the two first levels, I would certainly like to go further, and this is the case with all of us who have been to these courses. I feel that I really need it, so if there was any chance to make it here in Ultima Thule it would be ground breaking for all of us who are very touched by the simplicity and the effect of this method.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Soile
    thanks for your enthusiasm and support
    at this time the only level 3 in Europe this year is the one Evette and I will teach in September. We wont know about training Norwegian teachers till after then. You are welcome to join us in Switzerland of course.



  28. i disagree on one point: they have the means to work toeehtgr, they jsut seem either unwilling to organise themselves in such a manner, or just cant be bothered


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