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Hi everyone, Evette here, hijacking Simon’s blog. Wow, where do I begin? So much has been happening and there is a lot of excitement in the air because of new ideas, changes and transformations. This includes everyone and not just me. There seem to be big changes and transformations taking place everywhere. People’s success, creativity and motivation are rubbing off on one another. One idea sparks off another idea and before you know it you have too much to do! This seems to have been the case for me in the past 2 months.

Simon and I are now in Astana (Kazakhstan) teaching the Level 3 seminar to an amazing group of people who are eager to change and transform their lives. I would describe Astana as a little mini Dubai, hot, dry and dusty with a lot of people and honking car horns. It is build in the middle of nowhere, with great food and where you have to pay $3 for 2 squirts of Tabasco sauce on Mexican food that should have been spicy in the first place. Silly or just a plain smart money making scam? You decide. Either way, I love it here!

I am finally translating my first book ‘Finding Your Own Voice’ to Russian which will be a big job. The meditations that accompany the book will also be translated to Russian – even more fun as I will be editing the audio :-) I have learned in life that if there is a will there is way. Teaching in foreign countries where the English language is very little understood has been fun and challenging. It taught me what patience really meant, especially if you have a conference call, the internet dies and you are trying to explain that the internet needs to be fixed now. I have to say that I am amazed at how well people can understand each other without understanding what the other person is saying. You instantly transform into an Italian and you talk with your hands. What you say in your language is irrelevant, because the hand signals and the passion (I call anger suppressed passion :-) seem to get you by wherever you are. Smiling politely and not being scared to look like an idiot when communicating can get you quite far.

I am also working on three new meditations that will be finished mid June. So there will be six meditations in total. Will that be it? Probably not. The new meditations are:

  • Taking your power back
  • Letting go of shame and guilt
  • Resolving physical side effects of abuse

I am also working on new blog articles with very interesting subjects so stay tuned for those, you just might love it!

In June we will be heading to Moscow to join our Russian friends there and to host yet another Level 3 seminar. We have been there a few times and we already have our favorite shops, cafes and restaurants – yes we love our food. We experience a country by sampling its food, sight seeing takes second place. Russia is also known for making exceptionally great vodka, but we are teaching so no naughty business for us in that department.

After Moscow we will be heading back home. It’s nice to go home to the South Pacific after a 2 month trip. The only down side after such a long trip is that our dogs bark instead of greet us at the gate when we arrive home from the airport.

I will be announcing the release date of the new meditations soon.

With love,

Evette Rose

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May 25, 2012 in Personal update

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