Metaphysical Anatomy is available NOW !!


Metaphysical Anatomy is available !!

The journey of writing Metaphysical Anatomy has come to end …… and it’s also the start of something NEW and AMAZING!  It doesn’t matter whether you are an Alternative Practitioner or just curious to learn more about the language of your body – either way, you will LOVE this book!

With Metaphysical Anatomy you can connect the dots between the health of your body and the health of your environment. Our relationships and past experiences influence our body, not in a vague or “spiritual” way, but in a concrete and deterministic way. With the skills and information shared in 700 + pages you can read a body like a book.

In this book I wrote about diseases from A to Z, the emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life.  The information shared in this book is not just your average, ‘oh yeah I have seen this before’ research, this is something new and unique. It will take you on a deep journey that you never once thought was possible.

This book is written for the benefit of therapists seeking guidance to improve their clients’ quality of life. It is also easily accessible by the general public in search of answers for their own health, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Keep scrolling down …….. there is a lot more to know about this book !!

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For only $89.99 you will not just invest in a book, you will have access new cutting edge research, discoveries and information that will make you think twice!

…………..and then there is the the Metaphysical Anatomy Forum

There is also a Forum dedicated to the readers of Metaphysical Anatomy. This Forum will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the book, themselves and diseases. You can ask questions, share ideas and brain storm new research. You can be part of new discoveries that can support you, loved ones and your clients. You can sharpen your skills and techniques! There will also be meditations designed for different diseases available in forum. This forum is unique and will be overflowing with new information, amazing people and a lot of love! Want to know more? Click Here





  Table of Contents



  What’s INSIDE the book?



…….and there is more……


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Evette Rose


November 30, 2012 in Being a Practitioner, RPT theory and teachings

6 Responses

  1. Congratulations! Looks like you’ve gone all out for this one. I’ll definitely be getting a copy!


  2. Paul van der Walt

    Hi there Simon,

    I firmly believe that our own bodies have been build with the innate wisdom to heal themselfs, and the proof in that lies in the fact that if you cut your finger, the wound can and will heal by itself without medication. The scar that’s being left, has a purpose, and that would be to serve as a reminder to becareful not to make the same mistake twice.

    I have read most of your blogs, watched some of your videos and and appreciate what you have done so far in creating a new healing modality which will eventually take its rightful place in the effort to bring relief to the suffering masses. I am living in a small rural community, teaching and using EFT, and faster EFT to help people and trying to get them to help themselves. I would love to learn more about RPT and how to practise it, but attending a training course is just not logistically or financially viable.

    The question I have is related to the book, Metaphysical Anatomy. Would I be able to learn the latest methods in there to be able to practise the new RPT method. I am a fast learner, though I am retired. Back in the eighties I got my honours in psychology with honours.

    I can afford to buy the book, though it will cost me nearly three quarters of my monthly income if converted from USD to ZAR. I still think the sacrifice is minimal to what can be gained, if it will enable me learn the techniques.


    Paul van der Walt.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hi Paul
    It’s great if your small community is open to EFT. Doesn’t sound like you are charging enough for your time though.
    I believe Evette contacted you about the book. Just a clarification, it will not enable you to learn techniques, it is a book about metaphysics, not a book about technique. You can use the book with your own technique, or RPT.


    Paul van der Walt Reply:

    Hi Simon,
    Thank you for the clarification. Yes, you are right about not
    charging enough for my time. I would have loved to do so, and in some cases people are giving me more than what I would have charged, and i am grateful for that. The bigger part of our community is in the lower and marginal income group, and just tonight there were again violent riots in one part of the townships. I have been helping as a volunteer to counsel some of the traumatised children and some adults also and there are only 2 other people to help, which is not enough, and because of what I do, they are getting me involved. This is part of my service to the community also.

    From what I have learnt from the material available on the internet, RPT seems very powerful as it goes straight to the origin of the problem, is thus very effective. This is why I want to learn to master the technique.

    RPT can become a vital instrument in the total social uplifting of communities because of the old outdated belief systems and values that is on of the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to spiritual growth and awareness.

    Kind regards,



    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hi Paul, yes it would be great to get RPT going in South Africa. We have tried a few times (what with Evette being South African) but just didn’t get the numbers. We would run it for zero profit, just needed to cover travel costs. So if you are plugged into a healing community in (e.g.) Cape Town let us know and we can try to get it moving.
    Simon & Evette

    Paul van der Walt Reply:

    Dear Simon & Yvette,

    It will be truly an epic day for all of us if we can get RPT training and establish it’s roots firmly on South African soil. It would be a dream came true.

    I am an equal distance from Johannesburg and Pretoria (70 kilometers). From Eloff to Cape Town about 1600 kilometers. The Pta/Jhb region do have big potential and I know quite a few healers around here. I know of only a few in Cape town, I do have a great network which I can utilise to make people aware of the opportunity to get to learn RPT. If you can let me have an estimate of your travel cost and other sundries, then I can work out some preliminary figures to start off with and test the water amongst the healers. After that we can arrange for a suitable date and venue.

    I would also like to get more details on the duration and contents of the training, as this will be crucial to do a proper promotion. I have downloaded some of your videos from Youtube which I also can show to people. If there is any other material on the net that can be helpful in this regard, I would be grateful if you can point me to it, so i can organise it in a presentable form like a slide show.

    Kind regards


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