An introduction to Beingness

In the previous blog article (“Where is God?”) we introduced the concept of finding the divinity within, instead of looking upstairs or outside for your source of inspiration.

Many people do not know how to see their divinity.  When they look in the mirror they see their flaws, not their perfection.

In our view this tragedy is due to what we call duality.  The duality in question is separation – the fact that for several thousand years we have been taught to see ourselves as smaller than, or somehow separate to, the Source of all that is.

Even healing techniques that claim to heal this duality make the unfortunate error of teaching their disciples how to “go up” and to “connect”.  Our brain works on language – you cannot be One with something that you have to “go up” and “connect to”.

Restoring the divinity within

The full process for restoring the divinity within involves an ancestral healing –acknowledging the first reference point for the duality and separation we have described.  This is easy to do -  a few minutes work for an RPT practitioner.  We will, in today’s blog and over the coming weeks, teach the basic steps.  Today we will look at the concept of Beingness.  In later articles we will look at the actual process for finding and clearing trauma or duality back to it’s origin.

Being not Doing

The key to RPT is Beingness.  Understand your own awesome divinity. In that space, if you are Being – there is no Doing.  You cannot truly Be and Do at the same time.

As Neale Donald Walsch has written – you are a human Being not a human Doing!

Healing techniques that teach you to “connect” to a higher source all involve some form of doing – commanding, channelling, witnessing, toning, etc.  However when we are really Being, the job is compete.  There is simply nothing left to do.

Another way to express Beingness is to be emotionally, physically and spiritually present, and to acknowledge yourself and the client just as you both are.

Yes, it really is that simple!  Two components: (a) be present; and (b) acknowledge.

The most important thing to understand is this: there is nothing that you need to do.

We are allowing ourselves to BE All That Is.  We are being our grandest Being.   The practical difference between connecting and Being is profound.  For instance, next time you want to change something (whether heal yourself or ask for a parking space), don’t look “up” to god, rather expand to Be your self. Acknowledge the truth of who you really are (“thou art god”).  It is extra-ordinarily empowering to BE THE CHANGE, instead of asking “upstairs” for the change!

Here is a great visualisation to help people connect with their Beingness. This is a “ladder” and not a crutch – use it once or twice to get “up there” and then drop it as a metaphor, rather than relying on always doing it this way.

Exercise: “Hold the Universe in the palm of your hand”

Imagine expanding your Beingness out so far that you held the entire universe, all the planes of existence, the Creator and all of Creation, in the palm of your hand.  At that point, you ARE All That Is. You are the Creator of your reality.   (After doing that a few times you can just Be your Beingness and drop the metaphor.)

From this place you can allow powerful healings by embracing your “Beingness.” Embrace the fact that you are the Divine Being, you are doing amazing things.  You do this not from the ego place of your “small self” but from the huge, divine and infinite space of your “big self.”  Don’t say “oh Creator did it” as if it was some separate being, but rather “I did it from my grandest space.”  Allow yourself to BE THE CHANGE.

From the space of your Beingness you can take credit for the healing without ego.  It would be ego to walk around saying “I healed this or that, I’m amazing,” coming from a place of separateness or aloofness.  It is not ego to acknowledge your magnificence as a divine light.  “Through my divine Beingness, my Source energy, I have created amazing miracles of instant healing.”  That isn’t ego, that’s self-respect!

In the next blog we will look at how this energy of Beingness can bring about profound and instant transformations.

October 7, 2009 in Beingness

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  1. Healing is Consciousness of the minute space and time event
    and Consciousness of Our Self.
    The Ultimate Being in which space and time appear and disappear.
    Its a very old breath of understanding which breaks through the noise
    of the often confused and agitated mind.
    Thanks for making it easy for everyone to experience it!
    The world-is then-an easier place
    To Be
    I love to be in this RPT world


  2. 17 november 2009, Hi Simon, by now your in Australia again. My friends Rosita, Emmy and Marcia did your training. I didn’t manifest de money so aply for your training I, II and III. It’s ok though, I already told them that I need to follow my own path. I have to say, that I do use the RFT, from what I know, on my self. And by reading your blog it helps me a lot.
    I would love to come to Australia to do your training, but I’m probleby going to do it in the UK.
    greetingz Kerima Maduro


  3. It really is amazing, that’s all I can say from what I’ve experienced… It blows me away..


  4. <>
    As a beginner, could one use the word, “yourself”, in place of the word Beingness in the aforementioned exercise? Its a problem with imagery for me.<> If I’m imagining my “beingness” then I’m doing something, am i not?? Its all a little confusing.
    If beingness is doing nothing, then is my beingness a nothingness??
    I’d love to take the class(es) but I could never afford it.

    On another note, how do you feel about a challenge? What is your experience with folks with Hepatitis C? Athena tells me you can clear Cancer. Can you clear Hep C as well?? If you could/can, it would totally put you in the medical books.
    do any of your clients have relapse/rebound of their issues?


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Merry
    that’s a good question but tricky to answer on a blog because it really depends on your definition of “yourself”.

    I suggest you have a look at some of Soleria Green’s work (google her). She taught me the Beingness concept. (I couldn’t find an exact definition on her website so I’ll post on this topic tomorrow).

    The thing as I understand it is that it must be your grandest self. It is you, but in a way it isn’t. It reminds me of the late guru Osho who said “the centre of man is the centre of the universe”. That’s it exactly, it’s the whole universe, and yet it’s you.

    My problem with your proposal is this: someone with worthiness issues or a scarred definition of “ego” is going to have trouble with the idea that “yourself” = the Unmanifest “All That Is”. No disrespect intended, but someone with a virus like Hep C is probably working through worthiness issues, which makes that definition of “yourself” difficult. Better to go for a different word and grander definition.

    On to your physical healing question: I am very careful what I claim about physical healings because of all the laws involved. Yes I have witnessed instant healings of cancer (** see footnote), but not Hep C. I just haven’t worked with it. I’ve only be asked about it once ever and it was on a workshop and we didn’t do a full session (and I never heard back from him about it). Yes I would be up for the challenge! Where do you live?


    ** Footnote and side comment about the law:

    I don’t claim that healing cancer or Hep C or anything else is the expected result of RPT because that would be illegal. Officially RPT is an emotional healing technique, the fastest way in the world to hear trauma, emotional pain and other blocks.

    For those interested, it’s also illegal to claim that you founded your own healing modality because you healed yourself of cancer. I know for a fact that some famous healers who claim this are lying. The US Government has kindly stepped in to clarify this issue. Even with medical records – which none seem to have – you still can’t make the claim unless you can show that healing cancer is a normal expected outcome of your technique. You can’t claim that without double-blind medical studies. If you (our readers) are concerned about whether you own website is legal, you can see the following PDF from the FTC:

    If you look at the testimonials page on our RPT website ( you’ll see that we have removed most of the cancer / physical healing testimonials and have been very careful with our wording about whether something is the normal outcome of RPT (see the disclaimer on Val Moore’s healing testimonial for instance).

    Big thanks to our general manager, Val Moore, for many phone calls to the FTC to figure this out and make sure our website is legal – probably the only high profile healing website that is.

    Crazy world we live in huh!!


  5. Dear Merry,

    I thought I would mention that there is a supplement called “Miracle Mineral Supplement” which is supposed to be good for treating conditions such as Hep. C. There is a lot of information about it on the internet, and I have read testimonials from people who say they have been cured by it. I feel there is a lot of credibility to the claims made about MMS as it is a natural and inexpensive supplement; the various people who promote it have no real commercial interest in it.

    Best wishes



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