Where is God?

In our most recent blog I made the claim that we’ve taken the “magical thinking” out of healing.

What I meant by that was that there’s no longer any need to believe in anything outside of yourself.  For example, there’s no need to believe in an all powerful imaginary “source” from whence healings come.

If you are new to the world of complementary and alternative healings, this shouldn’t be a big deal.  Why should you need a source of healing outside of yourself?  There’s no obvious reason for it.

In practice, every technique that comes under the banner of “spiritual healing” or “energy healing” will teach you that healing comes from some higher place.  Common out-dated phrases include “God is the healer, not you,” and “we are just the channel”.

Today we explain what’s so wrong about this old-fashioned attitude.

Most of you reading this blog will be familiar with this old “God as healer” mentality.  Many of you may be wondering what’s so bad about it?   There are many answers to this question.

Before we begin let me say that we don’t want to create drama or duality. There’s nothing inherently “good” or “bad” about anything.  We are just going to make observations.

Our first observation is that concepts like “God is the healer, not you” are inherently Judeo-Christian.  People whose ancestors went to church will make these statements because they (or their ancestors) have been taught to find God / divinity outside of themselves.  By contrast people whose ancestors grew up in Buddhist or Taoist cultures would  be unlikely to ever accept the notion of healing coming from a source outside of themselves.  Ironically it is mostly people in the “new age” movement who have moved away from their parents’ religion who insist on the “source of healing separate from themselves”.

The second comment about the “God as source of healing” argument is that it keeps people small – much as religion can. Religion tends to aggregate power around the people who can speak for “God” (e.g. the pope). Similarly, new age healing tends to aggregate power around a guru (by name or nature) who likewise is seen to be closer to the Source. The guru probably says things like “God wants…” or “Creator says…”. The effect of this is to amaze their students. I remember clearly what it was like to take my first Theta class and hear the teachers say “God says to tell you…”. The long-term (unintended) effect of this is to stop people from fully achieving their own power. Every time you tell someone “God says” you take away a little bit more of their power.

The third objection we raise here is that referring to the healing coming from a deity will totally ostracise atheists or agnostics. In fact it is magical thinking like this that causes the medical establishment to reject most complementary and alternative healings without even serious discussion. That is why God/Creator modalities are rejected outright by 99% of doctors and scientists. This is a real pity as the God/Creator part isn’t all that relevant to the healing process anyway.

So how can you have divinity without a god?

There really is another way. You can be a spiritual atheist! There is no need to believe in any “imaginary friend”. There is only an opportunity to believe in the most amazing Being in the universe – YOU.

Instead of teaching you to believe in some all powerful, invisible friend, we teach our students to see the amazing, miraculous being that they already are. This is both “atheist–friendly” and incredibly spiritual at the same time. It’s spiritual in a way that a Taoist would recognise, even if it’s foreign to Judeo-Christian ears.

This is a special brand of spirituality – both totally agnostic and amazingly divine at the same time. We must, at this point, acknowledge one of our teachers, the wonderful “spiritual” (or almost anti-spiritual) life coach, Soleira Green. It was Soleira who took a big stick to Simon when she heard him say “yes my client healed instantly but it was Source that did the healing not me”. It was thanks to Soleira’s firm coaching that Simon was able to transition from being a “spiritual healer” in the classical sense to being almost the exact opposite – a scientific healing sceptic who teaches people to look within instead of living without.

In concluding today’s blog there’s one more thing to add. If there was any real significance to the “god upstairs” argument of spiritual healing, you would legitimately expect that as we “removed the god” from spiritual healing, the technique would become less effective. Instead it became significantly more effective.

As soon as you can see you own divinity and perfection – to recognise yourself as the source of the light – you will see miracles happening all around you. One of these miracles will be that people around feel powerfully healed. There’s nothing invisible or mystical about this, it works because when you validate yourself you validate others. In fact this power of just “Being” with yourself and with others is the most powerful healing force we have seen.

So here’s the recipe for Reference Point Therapy in a nutshell: stop looking for magic; stop looking for love or spirit outside of yourself; learn to love yourself, so simply Be with yourself. Then you will see the magic you were missing all along because you were looking up instead of within.

The first morning of the RPT Level 1 course teaches this process. In the next blog article I will take a chapter from the RPT Level 1 manual so you can start practicing Being your divine Beingness.

A note for our religious friends and students

To avoid misunderstandings, I wish to be clear that I am not suggesting that God as you believe in him or her does not exist. I have no pulpit to lecture on any topic other than what makes healing work, and what doesn’t. All I am saying is that the most powerful healing force that WE can hope to tap into comes from within us.

Many Christians are taught not to practice spiritual healing because it may be occult or the devil’s work. In the past I mocked this, now (as a recovered ex-Theta teacher) I’m somewhat sympathetic to this. What I can say is that RPT offers no such challenge – we don’t believe in anything except being present with ourselves. This offers no challenge to any religion.

A note for our atheist friends and students

Just as RPT is religion-friendly, it is atheist friendly. Let me start by saying that one of my very favourite authors is the saint of atheism, Richard Dawkins, author of the God Delusion. His work on biology and evolution has inspired RPT in many ways. I have often thought to contact Dawkins to let him know that his work has launched a new branch of spirituality! I think he would be delighted to know that people can find spiritual peace without needing imaginary friends.

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October 6, 2009 in Thoughts For the Day

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  1. Just a comment to anyone who read this article between 6 October 2009 and 9 February 2010. You only read 1/4 of the article… for some reason my IT people only posted the first page, and I only noticed now (4 months later). My apologies. Here’s the full article.


  2. Hello simon it is a pleasure to see your writing. I truly believe acknowldgement is indeed the most powerful form of ‘healing’ I’ve experienced. I have noticed on several occasions that when some of my so called monsters have reared up they have indeed persisted by myself or others trying to change them. Whether that was through energy healing, belief change (thinking, emotions) or indeed any other ‘change process’ i significantly recall a part of myself rearing up and letting me know that no one, or nothing else can essentially make the changes, my most powerful experiences with therapists or friends have been one the other has simply acknowledge the space I’ve been in by sitting with me as I moved through it, this has been done by simply being held (though this is not essential it was perfect at the time) whilst on a lomi lomi table or by a friend sharing eye contact and nodding, or indeed myself ‘seeing’ the pain in a moment of true experience therefore evaporating the concern.

    I believe on the former intuitive anatomy course you held much of this aspect there with you, indeed perhaps some of the digging questions allow this to take place in the client. As I laid and cried on the floor it was the very act of being, and being witnessed, that was doing whatever needed to be done. It could perhaps have been thoroughly released then in terms of acknowledgment if it hadn’t been for some mystical goal to get it fixed. I believe then you were very close to seeing this, I remember as we sat before the window, with the Melbourne sun shining into that sailing club that you would have done anything to reach out to whatever you could to allow me to find a space of ease, yet you couldn’t (perhaps then you knew it but I suspect it’s quite likely it was experienced with an internal understanding different then than you might see now.

    It is funny how difficult it’s been for people to acknowledge there very process of being as….indeed I find it is yet something in which I can describe…and therefore I choose to leave the sentence open.
    to me at this time it still begs the question. what will we be
    it is my understanding or my way of seeing things human beings need to live differently to function as physical beings on this planet our mode and way of interacting and communication between ourselves and each other
    a metamoprhosis needs to take place
    it is this which intrigues me
    in the process or acknowledging, enlightening (which I believe is an eastern concept) being which is it that will be discovered……what is it that we’ll discover….by being we will still do…. when you sit with someeone in rpt, you are still dong, even the very process of being is doing, we can not escape that whilst we exist…

    feel free to reply I’d be interested to see where future thoughts might lead.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Sam
    it’s really great to hear from you again! I hope you are well. Where are you now – still in Australia or back home. I hope things have gone great for your since I saw you on IA a few years back.

    To answer your question about the being and doing, yes I agree. I think it’s probably impossoble for us as humans at this level of development to just Be without any Do. But, there’s a distinction I want to make for you and others.

    What we are “doing” in RPT is “Being”. IE, we are doing Being.

    In almost all healing modalities, I would say it’s the other way around, what they are doing is a process, in other words what they are Being “doing”.

    Being doing, or doing Being, you choose! :-)

    if you are in Melbourne it would be great to see you when we get back there!

    all the best


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