Join us and discover this amazing instant healing technique

Evette and I would very much like it if you could join us in “class” (so to speak) to learn RPT. We’re bringing the class to you today, for free, so that you can see what everyone’s been talking about.

The following video was filmed in our final Level 3 class for 2009, in Slovenia. Over the 12 days of the Level 3 course we guide the students through clearing their blocks – *REALLY* clearing, not just superficial changes like pulling beliefs. At the same time the students are guided to discover for themselves how simple and gentle healing work is meant to be. (Read on to learn more)

This is not a professional video like those on the DVDs – we had no lighting or sound system. It is what it is – my little camera in class trying to give you a snapshot of RPT.

The essence of RPT is to do as little as possible. If you saw a Master like Jesus or Buddha (etc) perform a healing, you wouldn’t see them trying to muscle test or body scan or dig through beliefs, or project energy / Chi or even pray (for who is there for a Master to pray to? Herself?) What you would see is a Master doing nothing at all.

Mastery actually comes from doing nothing. The “trick” is that you need to be quite clear within yourself in order to do nothing. That’s why learning to really heal and achieving mastery are really the same thing. (If you are in any doubt about this please read any of McFetridge’s Peak States work.)

In this video, I do my humble best to demonstrate healing through acknowledgment, which is healing do as little as possible. (It’s not doing “nothing” but then I’m not a Master. I’m just trying to help people get close to these goals.)

So enjoy the video and watch how little I try to do. More to the point, how much more effective is doing NOTHING than all the other techniques that give you a long list of techniques / commands / energies / etc? That’s the secret I wish to share in this video.

Please leave comments below with your thoughts and questions.


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February 19, 2010 in RPT theory and teachings
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  1. Hi Simon,
    This is great. Got to watch a couple more times to get my head, heart, gut around it. As you say, Corinne has done a lifetime of healing work. Maybe you have direct experience of this, but would you expect to achieve the same sweeping result with a person who had not worked on herself to that degree? I suppose I’m asking if the way needs to have been prepared and that this works as a final stage or if you could go straight to it.
    Sue x


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Sue
    what a wonderful question. The most truthful answer is “I don’t know for sure”. That’s because I do work differently with new clients than with a student at the end of level 3. A new client usually has a pretty clear objective like “I want to heal myself from cancer” or “I want to change my abundance / relationship / worthiness etc”. In that case I would be more specific.

    But if a new client came to me and said “I’ve done lots of great work but I just want to clear this remaining gunk. No one issue stands out, it’s just all this drama.” Then – yes – in that case, I would work exactly as in that demo. But that hasn’t happened.

    Perhaps you and a few hundred other RPT graduates could do a little test? Do a session on a friend who hasn’t done much healing work, and work really generally like this instead of specifically as we normally would. I think it will go just the same.

    To new visitors to this blog who have not taken an RPT course – it might be helpful to know that the power is in the acknowledgment by the practitioner, not in the actions of the client. It’s unfortunate that we only got to record one demo in Slovenia because there were many miraculous moments. My personal favorite was when I was doing a demo with a student who didn’t speak much English. Our promoter Taja was translating. The client explained the problem, Taja translated it for me. Then I asked Taja to STOP translating, and I expressed my acknowledgment in English. Then Taja asked the client about the situation (physical and emotional) and it was totally gone. This is not unique to RPT – many modalities have a distant healing type aspect. The point is that it’s the intention (and I guess experience) of the practitioner that matters more than the intention or experience of the client.

    thanks for your excellent question and all the awesome teaching you have done in the UK



  2. Dear Simon,

    Thank you for sharing this fascinating video. I have never taken an RPT class before, and a lot of the work seems to require intuition and a clear awareness of emotion. I have a general question about working on myself. Do you have any advice on how to get out of the head and in touch with deeper feelings? I think you mentioned elsewhere that you would sometimes spend a whole hour with a client getting them out of their head if need be. I was curious as to what sort of techniques you use to achieve this.

    Many thanks



  3. A fair enough suggestion. We do all need to be involved in developing and testing these things. It’s so great to have the chance early on at the beginning of things. I’ll be trying this tomorrow with a client who is not new but who can find getting in touch with her stuff quite difficult then I’ll line up a comparison or two with others. We have a share on Wednesday night so maybe we’ll try it there, too.


  4. As you know,I haven’t taken any RPT class before,so it would be interesting to check this technique out on a client.. will do so on Wednesday and tell you all about it.


  5. Hi!

    I’ve tried to work as you described in the video – it works wonders when I do it on myself (I’ve done something similar the last months, but made me aware of an easier way to do it) – I’ve also worked on some friends of mine, and it worked very well! In one case it worked so fast that I didn’t have time to say the sentence “Let’s be with/aknowledge X” – the whole list cleared in a milli-second, without any drama at all. Instant Healing FTW! (It actually felt as if it happened too fast ;-) )

    But the people I’ve been trying this on is fairly intuitve people, so I guess I’ll try it out on – well, “less intuitive” people. People that aren’t in contact with their feelings etc., and see how it works out.

    I do believe we did something similar in Anaheim? It was on one of the last days of the seminar. We wrote down a list of issues and then aknowledged the whole list or something like that. It didn’t work as fast as the technique you show in the video though…

    Thanks for the video Simon :-)


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Jørgen

    You are right, in Anaheim we did the same exercise of fill the whole board with your issues. What was different was that we didn’t have the triune technique. RPT as a technique has gotten a lot faster (as you would expect for something new evolving rapidly).

    Have fun playing with it – and remember there is no such thing as healing TOO fast!



  6. I think this is very interesting and exciting! I have tried a couple of times to find the underlying tone on some of my own issues (either separately or bundled up), however I just never seem to be able to. Do you have any recommendations for people who have trouble finding the core tone? And could you give a few more examples of core tones vs “non-core” tones?


    simonrose Reply:

    Hi Anne

    Thanks so much for your intelligent question.

    A non-core tone is simply one that’s in the head or the heart. A core tone is in the R-complex, it must be so simple a fish could feel it.

    Example – revenge seems a very human emotion (frontal cortex). We don’t really see it in animals. Ambition though – e.g. pack leadership – is I think mammallian (lymbic system / heart). The R-complex doesn’t hold emotions so it focuses on issues like core survival, safety, threats, reproduction, etc. These tones are all very existential – to Be or not to Be (so the ultimate duality is in the R-complex).

    You asked about how to find them. This is more art than science at this time. I do it quite intuitively and I haven’t perfected how I teach it (I have actually only taught it once, on my last workshop). I’ve spent the last few months refining it and slowly bringing our RPT teachers up to date (we have regular conference calls and a teacher discussion forum).

    Have you taken an RPT course? If so, the best place for this question is on our forum, We have a general public forum and one for graduates which is a good place for us to share graduate techniques. The triune technique isn’t really tested and refined enough for me to go into more detail on the blog. You might be fine with it but this is a public forum and I have a certain responsibility (moral, not legal) to make sure that people don’t get themselves into a bind trying techniques I’ve suggested. When it’s more mature I’ll publish more here.

    Thanks for your contribution.



  7. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for this video. Its so exciting how fast the healing is getting. In the example all of the issues raised and cleared were emotional. How do we use this method for healing physical concerns? Can we lump together a list of physical complaints e.g. propensity to seasickness, dodgy knee, sore throat, tinnitus, wheat intolerance, arthritis, etc (or even schizophrenia, depression, dementia), feel into the core tone and then clear them?


    simonrose Reply:

    Hi Miriam, I’m glad you like it.
    It’s funny, you think it’s fast, I think it’s S.L.O.W…. :-)
    That’s because we just recorded demos of the new RPT technique version 2 (April 2010). I can’t wait to upload them – over the next month. Including physical healings.

    The shower answer to your question is YES, and NO. YES, you can just feel the core tone and clear it, but NO in that each of those things you mentioned will have different tones. So whilst it’s pretty easy, it’s not a 1 minute job. You still need to honor the teachings of each condition. We teach the tools on Levels 1&2, but the fully metaphysics of each disease process is covered in our Level 3.

    As promised, more on this blog shortly.



  8. Thanks Simon,
    I’m struggling to get to the core tone of physical things. I’ll be doing Mastering the Miraculous in May so it sounds like I will learn how to clear these types of things then. Really looking forward to it.


  9. Posted on I’d must test with you here, which isn’t something I ualsuly do! I get pleasure from reading a post that will make folks think. Thanks for permitting me to remark!


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