The “Beingness” of Chocolate (by Donna Townley)

We continue our series on Beingness with the first in a new set of articles written by our Level 3 graduates.  Today’s is a serious yet lighthearted contribution from Donna Townley in the WA, USA.

I happen to like the way my jeans fit and I find that the more healing classes I attend, the more challenging this becomes.

I am quite sure that a state of Beingness does not *require* chocolate, but somehow it is massively consumed at all trainings by everyone. Hmmm.  The science of chocolate? Do we humans *need* chocolate at a DNA level now to survive and evolve? I think so.

But what’s the deal with those who are attracted to the white chocolate versus the milk chocolate versus the dark chocolate anyway? And how about those who have to have nuts when the rest of it is smooth and creamy? Or fruit? Is there a certain gene or belief or trauma that predisposes us at the DNA level to our chocolate preferences?

What about those who actually need the nuts and fruit? And what about the cultures who dip their large insects in chocolate and call it good? Is this some Shamanistic rendition of this newly apparent evolutionary need for chocolate while in Beingness states of consciousness? I ponder these questions and more…

My latest theorem is that because so much of the Level 2 RPT class is about sex (conception), that for some of us, it is more desirable to have chocolate rather than a smoke afterwards!

I see a business plan model here… a traveling gourmet chocolate factory for all RPT classes worldwide. And in the Oneness of chocolate, we acknowledge those who prefer theirs with fruit and nuts, that it’s “Ok” and we still love them. It’s all just a chocolate experience anyway, right?

Maybe it’s part of the sweetness of evolving. Hmmm. But then what’s the profile for those bitter-sweet chocolate lovers? Or the newly discovered chocolate with jalapeños? Duality at it’s best perhaps…

Where did this original reference point begin? Could it be that cave man knew of chocolate? Adam and Eve? Was it a blessing from Source that at the original parting to go forth and experience and expand the “I AM” that our little sparks had some chocolate buried in there somewhere? Was that our deal or incentive to go forth? Is that truly why it is referred to as “The Nectar of the Gods?” Sheesh, what a cover-up ready to explode.

Compadres, please spread far and wide that the only true “Secret” to our spontaneous evolution is to eat chocolate. Thank you.

Donna Townley
Chocolate Lover
author of upcoming book “Spontaneous Evolution Though Chocolate

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March 8, 2010 in Beingness

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