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Dear friends

One of the key principles of Reference Point Therapy is Beingness.  As you know, RPT is a profound tool for personal transformation. It works by doing as little as possible.  The core themes are “Beingness” and “acknowledgment”.

I’m happy to report that after years of talking about, I can now present to you our explanation of Beingness.

Beingness is a concept taught to me by wonderful “spiritual coach” Soleira Green.

Acknowledgment is my own choice of word for the fundamental energy of all successful healings. I’ve introduced both these concepts before (for example here). However I haven’t really defined Beingness in writing before, and nor had Soleria.  We all knew what it meant, but it’s another thing to be happy to put it in words.

Soleira’s teachings

Soleira first introduced me to Beingness when she heard me say something like “well it was Creator / God that did the healing, not me.”  That’s an old fashioned view which really sells ourselves short, it damages our sense of Being.  I’m ever grateful to Soleria for restoring my sense of Being and for showing me how to state “I created a miraculous instant healing” without ego.  More about this distinction here.

Soleria has published this definition of Beingness on her website.

We define Being as the totality of you, on all the levels of yourself, the deep eternal inner and the expansive, greater you.  Every Being is unique, different and wondrous in their own ways and we believe that everyone has brilliance, genius and greatness within them.  The power of Being is unleashed when we become the power of the cosmoses at work through us, delighting in the creation of all things amazing and new. This is where our true power lies, where creative action springs from and where passion and vision meet reality.

Short and powerful!

Here’s my (longer) explanation:

Beingness for (those pretending to Be) Beginners

When I ask you to Be your Beingness, I’m asking you to honor and acknowledge your own divinity, your own spark of Godliness.   It’s You I’m talking about, nothing more (you don’t need to look “upstairs”) and nothing less (so stop selling yourself short).

We have been trained for thousands of years to seek God above and outside of ourselves.  Beingness is (in a sense) the God inside. Except – and this is important – it’s not inside you at all.  It’s not inside except in the sense that it’s certainly not outside.  Rather, it IS you. No, not the little you that most of you see when you look into the mirror. The other you, you know You, with a capital Y.

Your Being is not in your heart. It IS your heart.  It’s not in your soul, though it IS your soul.  It’s not in your aura, not your mind, not your DNA, your higher self, your biology, nor your ideology or spirituality. Rather your Being is ALL those things, the sum total of all of that and everything else that makes you You.

You cannot say what your Beingness is NOT, because Beingness just IS. Beingness Is.  (Yes, that’s a complete sentence.)

That automatically tells you 2 of the most important things about Beingness. There’s nothing that Beingness is not.  And there’s nowhere (no one place) that Beingness is, hence there is no place it is not.

Put simply, your Beingness is your expression of I AM.  When you state I AM Powerful, you bring your Beingness into feeling (pretending to be) powerful.  When you state I AM weak, you allow your Beingness to pretend to be weak.  In truth you are neither weak nor powerful, since both these terms are locked in duality. You aren’t strong, or good or bad, pretty or ugly. But if you want it badly enough you can pretend and your whole Beingness will grant you that experience.

Do you get it yet? Everything you have ever been, that was your Beingness pretending, squeezing into the shape that you choose.  The reason you haven’t seen your full Beingness yet is that you’ve only been chasing its shadow. The shadow is what you see while you are still pretending to be what you are Not.

What happens when you stop pretending to be what you are not? What happens when you pretend to just be the infinite, electric, expansive source-full Being that you are?  When you do that, when you move into Beingness, you bring all of yourself into play.  This is called coherence.  Coherence means that you are sending a clear message out to the “universe” (which is really your Self).  Instead of focusing on all the things you are not, you allow your minds to cohere.  When your heart, your brain, your body, your soul, when all your selves become one, you can truly state “I AM”. (And yes that’s also a complete 2 word sentence).   That’s truly Being.

When you create (or heal) from a place of Beingness you aren’t creating with your brain, or your heart, rather you create with every molecule of your self.  It’s as if every atom in the universe is working with you.  Your coherent Being is literally all powerful since it – strictly speaking – is the Creator of all that is. That’s right -YOU.

So stop feeling small sorry for yourself and start playing BIG.

There, I hope that helps.  So go one, stop playing small and just Be.

You’ll notice I dropped another key RPT word in that definition, “coherence”.  That’s another key word that explains a lot about how we create instant healings.  I’ll be teaching you how to achieve that next week, so stay tuned to this blog.

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Thanks to Soleria for reading and commenting positively on my definition of Beingness. You’re a great friend and source of inspiration to many.

A big thanks to Austrian RPT teacher Sasha Tscherni.  His questions about Beingness versus Oneness encouraged me to email Soleria and workshop my definition with her.  Sasha is doing some wonderful work promoting RPT in Austria and Germany.  Please contact Sasha if you are wishing to learn RPT in German.

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March 2, 2010 in Beingness
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7 Responses

  1. Simon
    I loved the simplicity of this explanation, it feels wonderful. This will help me explain it to students and clients, thank you. I AM Beingness.


  2. Valeria Moore

    I recently reread some morning writing I had done in a Journal dated January 6, 2008.

    Journal Entry:
    “Prepare yourself for the light by being present with all who enter your space–you must practice the mastery of your beingness. You are here to prove this process can be done by one and all. Remember your name I AM. Hold the name and say it out loud in your mind, see the vibration you felt when you did.”


  3. This is what comes to my mind when reading this.

    The bodys eyes sees another body separated from it. In the state of beingness you describe that body is part of the beingness that are you. If the personal (ego) mind decides what should be done (action taken) it cannot be the beingness working silently.

    We can ask and try to have things done and the beingness will do what we ask. In “A course in miracles” it says something like: “Prayer is always answered” .I belive the answers are in line with how coherent our mind is I.e hidded belifes/thoughts (prayers) moves your life without us knowing. A clean mind (see hooponopono) at zero lets the inspiration of GOD/LIGHT/LOVE flow perfectly and in this state we are problably not an individual person anymore.

    So if I want to heal myself and have hidden thoughts blocking this can I still ask my beingness for healing even though I have blocks that hinders me from getting in contact with that beingness because of strong incoherence?

    If yes then all we have to do is ask GOD inside and things will be healed. This has been explored a lot; who haven’t asked GOD for help and got no answer? Probably because of hidden beliefs that GOD is a punisher etc. Well, you could say that GOD will answer but not right now because you are not ready in your mind to accept such a miraculous healing that you are asking for. This would make a 100% instant healing method impossible. (I am not sure that is necessarily something to strive for). Really, if the diamond is there and you really know it, that perfection is just hidden by false shadows and nothing needs to be healed. I guess this is why the wisdom of “healer heal thyself” is a good practice. At that stage as a perfect healer fully healed, can we see something incoherent? Yes perhaps our eyes will still see sickness but is there any? No not really. At this stage we might want to help people from the (imagined but very real in this duality world) suffering.

    If no we need help from another part of ourselves that are more coherent to get that healing. The best help here is of course to help the so called client, that is really us in the perspective of beingness, to learn how to heal him/herself.

    I recognise that the healer journey has only one purpose: To heal myself because I will see the sickness I have in “my own” mind outside of “myself” witnessing of what needs to be adjusted and brought into coherence in “my mind”.

    This is perfect fine and we shall enjoy the journey to full coherence and total disremembering of the ego.




    simonrose Reply:

    thankyou Thomas, I appreciate your words of wisdom.

    I honestly don’t think that there is a “right” answer to your question, or if there is, I don’t know it. I can only offer opinions.

    > So if I want to heal myself and have hidden thoughts blocking this can I still ask my beingness
    > for healing even though I have blocks that hinders me from getting in contact with that
    > beingness because of strong incoherence?

    In “theory” the answer should be yes – anyone can heal themselves. In practice, the answer is no. I don’t really know many people who have done this. those who did heal themselves spent a lot of time clearing themselves to reach that level of coherence or Beingness.

    There are many stories of Masters healing themselves (every modality has one), but not many stories of beginners healing themselves. There are plenty of stories of beginners healing others (in every modality I think) but healing themselves? I can’t even think of any.

    The reason why is a simple, fundamental spiritual truth. I have written about this before here, specifically “it’s the healer who heals, not the modality.”

    In that article I called it the healing world’s dirty secret because the people who make money from selling healing courses want you to believe that if you do the course you can heal yourself. Unless the course also teaches you how to clear yourself (or “reach coherence”) then this just isn’t going to happen. I mean it just doesn’t happen. I have been a student of healing for about 10 years and a teacher of workshops for nearly 6 years. And quite honestly until we decided to teach coherence right down to the Level 1 course I just did not see beginners healing themselves – not in any modality (I have done some 20+ modalities with the world’s best teachers of each).

    The only reason I can answer you honestly is because I have no abundance blocks. I don’t make money from teaching healing – I donated RPT to charity as you would know from the About Us page. I made my money elsewhere and just heal for fun. Reference Point Therapy is my hobby not my job. That gives me the unique priveledge of telling you the truth and not caring if you do my course or not. That’s why I can tell you the things that you wont read elsewhere (not without paying thousands of dollars.)

    These are just my own random late night opinions. Feel free to disagree anyone, and tell me why.



  4. Simon, No words of how to say “thank you” for sharing your understanding of Beingness.
    Like Valeria Moore I would like to share with you my “morning writings.”
    12/91 “What you are is so unique and special that no man can reflect who you are – back to you -You -as your essence cannot see yourself in any man – for who you are reflects the highest part of your Beingness – therefore you need to reflect no man or woman – which only causes a distorted image of who you really are. This is the reflection you seek for You know who you are.” I am encouraged through my writing to seek the Stillness –I’m finding it difficult –can you help me? I will practice what you have shared.
    On 11-19-07 I received regarding Stillness: “It will take time but daily you must seek this place within you -being not content until you find it. It is your “goal” as it were – a goal from within your own Beingness -for it desires to express -to come forth with power and beauty -this is your mission – your calling as it were.” (It took great courage to share this with you.) Any thoughts you have will be greatly appreciated. With Love, Ann Bohan


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Ann thanks for writing. I’m not 100% sure that I understand what you are actually asking. But I’ll have a go at answering.
    I think by stillness you are describing something like inner peace. People find inner peace when their “minds” become one. For instance the head and the heart give one unique voice, instead of “thoughts” and “feelings” as 2 distinct voices, creating conflict.

    In our courses we achieve this by resolving the trauma that is the source of conflict between these different voices. Sometimes it’s as simple as allowing the mind to speak (“what does my heart really need to express?”). Other people seek to achieve this through meditation, which is a beautiful but indirect method to find stillness. (Indirect because you don’t go straight to the relevant trauma, it’s layer by layer.)

    Thanks for sharing your guidance. Hope I’ve helped in some small way.



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