Why are we giving this information away? Why would you do the course?

If you’ve read any of this blog or my website, you’d know that we give away an incredible amount of information and techniques. These are techniques that cost us years of research and hundreds of thousands spent on seminars and books. So you are hopefully wondering “why are they giving this away?”.

In short, we’ve decided to give away about 10-20% of our material for free on this blog. There are a number of reasons why:

  • 10% is a traditional tithe to give back to the community for all your support. We wouldn’t be here without you (especially our past students) and we get to give a lot back by sharing the latest research;
  • we want you to start practicing now to know that it works. Don’t wait till you do a seminar before you start your growth to Beingness;
  • we get to show you that we really do have the world’s simplest and most effective healing techniques. We’re not asking you to believe us, we want you to see for yourself.

Some of you are no doubt wondering what’s the benefit from our RPT workshops if you can get cutting edge information on this blog. Good question! Here’s a number of things that you can only get through an RPT workshop with a certified teacher:

  • complete access to the materials (the 80% that’s not on the blog);
  • step by step instructions to guide you through clearing your blocks so you can be all you can be, and do the same for others;
  • personalized instruction and your questions answered;
  • live demonstrations in class;
  • certification to practice RPT as a registered and insured practitioner;
  • eligibility for teacher training;
  • access to the Graduate only website and Graduate discussion forum; and
  • direct access to help and support from Simon, Evette and the RPT team.

The way we see it, sharing information for free benefits hundreds of thousands of people in countries we will never get to visit or teach in. Charging a fair amount for workshops adds an incredible amount of value for people who are ready to take that step.

Any comments or questions on this? Do you feel we share too much or too little on the blog? Comments welcome below.

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March 4, 2010 in Thoughts For the Day
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2 Responses

  1. Having first experienced RPT through an earlier blog of Simon’s in spring last year, I was truly taken by the information available on hand for free, for me to try out for myself. I got amazing results and I hadn’t even been on a level 1 class nor seen a DVD!

    I am sure had this not been put out there freely, I may well have not pursued RPT further, never have become a practitioner nor would I be teaching it. This is the new business paradigm – give something useful away for free (i.e. not just an advert masquerading as a gift) like RPT’s basic concept and class video excerpt. This in turn fosters motivation into investing time and money to learn more.

    Simon – I think the sharing is at the right level of detail.

    If any of you are new to RPT, check out the info on postings – you will want to know more!


  2. Success is definitely a value exchange. The more value you give away, the more value you will experience. It’s the new economy and I am overjoyed to see RPT taking part!

    It feels like a natural extension of RPT to offer so much information for free, AND offer paid training and support for those who are called to go further with it. There’s value for everyone in that model. Thank you both so much.


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