Would you forgive me if… ?

Dear friends,

Thankyou for your patience with me.  I acknowledge I must test you at times.

Would you forgive me if I told you: “Stop the presses, we’ve re-invented RPT all over again!

To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed.  You see it’s barely over a year since I emailed all my past students and said “Stop everything! Don’t pull another negative belief, I was wrong….”  And then in February this year I announced the launch of a “new RPT,” and in April I posted a demo of what I called RPT 2.0.  Well darn’ it we’ve gone and reinvented ourselves again. We’ll just have to call it RPT 3.0!!  (because RPT 2.1 sounds silly)

So, now that I have acknowledged my own embarrassment, I’m excited to tell you that we have managed to simplify the teaching of the technique AGAIN.  This is important to you because it allows us to bring the concept of “Coherence” (our main theme for this week) into the Level 1 course, not just the Level 3 course.

What’s the new technique?

Some of you have heard me say that my goal is to create a healing technique that is so effective and so simple that you could publish the manual on the back of a postage stamp. Here it is

OK so I cheated a little, it’s a big postage stamp! This is the technique:

1) head; heart; gut;

2) gut; heart; head.

Got it? IT’s that easy.   Need more info – don’t worry we have oodles of postage stamp left!

1) Acknowledge the symptom or presenting issue (which is basically a set of beliefs in the head);

2) Acknowledge the feelings associated with the issue (put a hand on your heart);

3) Acknowledge the tones and associations for survival (put a hand on your gut);

4) Acknowledge that it has cleared in the gut; heart and head, bringing coherence to all 3.

OK guys, it really is that simple. Instant healings on the back of a postage stamp.

We are busy editing demo videos and will have it to you soon, together with a lot more coherence info (including the never-before-revealed Level 3 coherence work).

It’s going to be exciting week! Stay tuned, and of course join the mailing list to be the first to know. (I might just send some special videos only the mailing list subscribers, you never know!).

To our past students who have just trained with us, not to mention my DVD editors, teachers and especially translators: I’m sorry.  I promise not to greatly empower and simplify the work again; for at least a month… :-)



PS yes this is going to delay the DVD launch a little whilst I work out what we have to re-shoot.  When the DVD is ready (July) it will be the most cutting edge material in the world.

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May 9, 2010 in Thoughts For the Day
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  1. Good thing you you don’t have the attitude that you have to have it all worked out before teaching it. Otherwise you’d never teach again :) I suspect that you wouldn’t be satisfied until you could come up with a way of curing all the problems in the world by just blinking once or twice (actually, twice would be to much effort!)

    It doesn’t worry me that I’ve done the RPT 1.0 and 2.0 courses and it’s now been superseded by 3.0. There was tremendous value in learning the “old methods” as it gives greater context and insight when learning the new method. Plus, it gives me something to do every April :)

    When you start running out of numbers, you’re going to have to come up with some new designation, like Reference Point Therapy XP or Snow Leopard!


    simonrose Reply:

    Ah Shane, you are a star! (good work commenting on an article within about a minute of me posting it! How? We don’t do auto notifications yet! You must live here…)

    Don’t worry, what you did in last month’s course is all valid, just that I’ve simplified it down a little more. Can you make it to the free healing clinic this week?



    Shane Marsh Reply:

    All I do all day is watch the blog and click refresh every few seconds (most people wouldn’t understand but it makes me happy :-d )

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the free healing clinic due to work commitments :(


  2. Yes, this concept of coherence is similar to the methods taught by a Taoist teacher called Mantak Chia, albeit that he teaches it in the context of managing and developing personal energy. He also indicates that your intention becomes very powerful when the three minds are in coherence with one another. (http://www.universal-tao.com/article/three_minds.html).

    For me personally, when I have an issue I feel different and often conflicting thoughts and sensations. So how can such an issue be remedied merely by changing a set of unconscious beliefs? I think approaches such as RPT make more sense as they acknowledge different and deeper aspects of mind, and place emphasis on the importance of reconciling those aspects of mind with each other.

    Best wishes

    Paul Carson


  3. Healing has become easier and easier….
    and I wish one day, we – not only specific “healer”, but ALL human – can do profound and deep healing to each other by a simple Smile : )


  4. I just want to publicly acknowledge my immense feeling of gratitude – that I was able to learn this amazing combination of scientific knowledge and metaphysical wisdom. How lucky am I / we to live at this time, and be able to be part of something so … wonderful!
    I’m looking forward a lot to the teacher training course :)


  5. My head is spinning, the question is: How can I acknowledge the three mind at the same time? I think I am still waiting to DO something :)

    and some good news: I have found the biggest issue in my life and all these years I couldn’t aware of it but after did some RPT to my presenting issues, my awareness is increased and I reached an Aha! moment :) I worked this issue yesterday and today and I feel big difference in my emotions, feelings, behaviour and my character. Thanks a lot.


    simonrose Reply:



  6. Hi Simon and Evette!… I’m so excited for the new RPT DVD to come out… I was very disappointed that you and Evette was not able to teach over here in Malaysia… Next time I guess.. Hopefully (fingers crossed!).

    I absolutely love your work and have been following your blog since the the beginning. This modality does definitely feel right to me. And I was wondering whether you and Evette would be producing a DVD for Levels 2 and 3 as well? Or maybe teach RPT through some sort of teleclass for people who are unable to travel to where the both of you teach? Because I would definitely pay a premium for those DVDs if that were to happen :-)

    I did see somewhere on your blog that Cornelius is in the midst of the teacher training under you and EVette … Any chance that he’d be teaching Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Malaysia? … I had tried to spread the word with everyone I knew who would have been interested in this course.. and there were a few however there was the time and financial constraints. But the good news is, if you and Evette were to come over to Malaysia again, this time they may just be free and able to attend your courses because there was definitely interest there. I guess its all about the timing.

    This is my first time writing anything on this blog (And to be honest was always shy and didn’t think I would contribute anything to this blog)… I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found this blog and to read about your work. Its absolutely amazing!! Thank you very much for all your time and effort with us on this blog. I check it everyday to check out new posts or comments (which are very interesting indeed).

    I remember reading one comment someone had made and who requested for a physical healing i.e. skin condition to be recorded on video … Would really love to see that as I myself have suffered from eczema almost all my life. I’ve done some work on it here and there with RPT and ThetaHealing however have not had much success however RPT did help with my other issues, thats for sure. :-)

    I look very much forward to reading/watching all your up and coming articles/videos. You’ve done an amazing job Simon and Evette! :-)

    Warmest regards to you both. Take care.


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Purdita
    thanks for your message, and welcome to the blog. I’m so sorry we couldn’t teach in Malaysia. The promoters did a lot of work but the numbers weren’t there to justify us staying there. That was a pity, but it just means it wasn’t te right time. Next time! Yes, Cornelius is with us in Melbourne and if all goes well there’s a good chance he will teach in Malaysia later this year.

    Yes we will be releasing a LEvel 1 DVD soon. It will be 100% up to date. The technique is now complete as I just got that last piece. We are still thinking about the Level 2 DVD. We wont do a Level 3 DVD as the course is 80% “hands-on,” so it doesn’t really work as a DVD set.

    Good suggestion for a demo on skin conditions. Let’s see what comes up this week in class. I have had some success but as you acknowledge, it can be a tough one. RPT can help to the extent that it’s emotional. However if the problem is nutritional you may have to look elsewhere too. For instance vitamins / cleanses etc. I’ve heard a liver cleanse is excellent for the skin for instance, but I am not a naturopath so cannot prescribe anything like that. I am just saying that you should look at a multi-faceted approach for skin.

    So far we have instant healings on camera for: back/ shoulders, knees, eyesight, hormonal issues, and lots of emotional stuff like abuse issues. What I still want to record is instant healings of cancer and OK, let’s do skin conditions.

    Thanks for participating,



  7. Good on you mites! Yes, it REALLY is that simple. I have been using a similar approach for a while now, and was able to let go of a very long-standing issue. I feel different. At rest. It is much easier than we think to integrate the Triune Brain.

    Such a relief! Thank you for the confirmation.



  8. I follow your blog closely because I believe you to be one of the most “tuned in” teachers, although there are a couple of others that I hold in high regard :-) , and you exemplify the principle of paying it forward. I believe that the more generously you share with others, the more generously the universe shares with you. As you, Simon, demonstrate your willingness to share RPT, you are gifted with even deeper understandings of how to simplify the process. Thank you for your generous spirit!


  9. Simon,
    funny i just finished cutting/pasting & retyping on another blog,& as stated,if anything,some other modalities(generalisation) seem to stagnate because they will not update nor augment ,seemly, at all.
    Someone once told me that if i bought a computer i’d be wasting my time & money because next weeks computer is already being produced rendering this weeks obsolete;i don’t know how true that is,but ,you get where i’m coming from.

    Keep the new spin on things coming i say.

    Take care.


    simonrose Reply:

    the great thing is, thanks to the internet I think we can reinvent ourselves regularly and you can all forgive me. It’s made a mess of our planned DVD launch, but that’s OK. we’re having too much fun to mind.

    I don’t see another major update this year though, RPT 3.0 is what I’ve been dreaming about for years – a manual on the back of a postage stamp. This is it… (till the next one!)


  10. Cool technique! Was just experimenting with it while reading the blog post. I somewhat lately did the acknowledging mentally and emotionally but never thought about including the gut. So by doing it now I felt like an energy sensation, like a radiating through the body. Guess that is a good sign. Maybe something is shifting/moving/clearing.
    I wonder if one could map the head/heart/gut to the chakra system – like gut being mapped to the 1st to 3rd chakra, heart to the heart chakra, head to the 5th to 7th?


    simonrose Reply:

    hi, you could work through the chakra system yes. but the minds we are working with are biological minds, not energetic. the difference is that researchers like McFetridge have traced at least 9 minds through the DNA to pinpoint where each is inherited from. I work in class with 12 minds and I would accept that 3 are probably energetic, the rest strictly biology.



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