Level 3 in the USA – just one month away

My wonderful general manager Valeria reminds me that the early bird deadline for our Level 3 in Los Angeles is just 3 days away – 27 May 2010.

Far be it from me to use my own blog to promote my own courses for a change (I usually forget!)….  Let me tell you about Mastering the Miraculous.  This is our big one – the most profound and transformational of our courses.

Our Level 1 and 2 courses are designed as a package to teach you the tools you need to be an instant healing practitioner.  It’s the Level 3 course where we guide you through applying this to every area of your life.  More than that, our new (2010) Level 3 course integrates every brain and mind in your Being, so that you can be fully present and powerful. We call this state coherence. It’s how you can Be a “Master of the Miraculous.”

This is the only Level 3 course in North America scheduled for 2010, and is a pre-requisite for teaching Reference Point Therapy.  (I know there was some talk of training other North American teachers to run this course, this wont happen this year due to the recent changes to the Level 3 syllabus.)

At this time our only Level 3 plans for 2010 are June 27-July 10 in Los Angeles (100% confirmed) and September in Switzerland (subject to numbers).  So if you feel called to take this profound shift in your health and Beingness, please join us in Los Angeles.

For more information about the Level 3 course please watch this video and visit our Level 3 course page.  On that page you will find a PDF brochure with the detailed day-by-day course schedule and content.

Let me take you through a high level overview of the course:

This video doesn’t include the latest coherence research.  Coherence, the science of Mastery, is our new Level 3 technique.  All the healings and methods on the course have been developed and applied to guide you through the process of bringing every part of your Being into alignment.  Healings and manifestations from coherence are instant.

I know that I am behind schedule with bringing you demonstrations, applications and testimonials from the new level 3 course.  (There’s just so much going on and I tend to forget all about marketing!)  I will be uploading several videos this week.

Given the early bird deadline is just days away (thanks Val for the reminder), my suggestion is this – if you are contemplating this course and want to know more, let us know using this form.  We will extend the early bird price by a week to anyone who expresses an interest.

Lots more info coming soon – I’m just waiting for our new video animation team to finish our new animated feature on Coherence (coming Thursday!)

For more information or to book, visit our Level 3 course page.

Hope to see you there.


PS one of the big reasons I’ve been so busy this month has been the complete overhaul of our plans for training RPT teachers.  Stand by for huge announcements on this front later this month, especially if you have been thinking about a dream career change.  We have put together an amazing package – I personally train you as an amazing teacher, I give you a website, marketing plan, brochures, business cards, everything you need to have a rewarding and exciting business teaching RPT around the world.  What do you need to do to achieve this? Well basically you need to know and love the material. The only pre-requisites are: the Level 3 training; a willingness to learn and a love of instant results!

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  1. Hello Simon, thanks for the great info/thoughts- I have a question that might relate to your recent “coherence” references, as well as the above.. as the Level 3 seems to be focused (at least as a foundational step) upon “secondary gain” and as I understand that (from level 1 and 2) couldn’t secondary-gain be seen as a “faulty reference point” ? (one may sense, at a deep level of “knowing/perception,” that one can get the best results doing X, but is that really the best way? and what other ways are not being seen ex doing Y and doing Z… thus two reference points seeing/based upon “denial” ie seeing only part of experience and not seeing the parts that don’t meet/match that, and/or not seeing what is “available”)…. does that, along with the “coherence” seem correct? (although it might be a good conceptual clarifier separating it, could secondary-gain, based upon my above, be seen as another “underlying” type of ref-pt clearing, or is it really something different?

    2nd thought- your recent msgs were about the new “coherence” and then there was a post about pricing, and thoughts about marketing/saying how much one’s services are worth etc. It could be seen those are different issues, but I definitely see that if I know what I am doing is valid and worthwhile… that would/could thus radiate out… (at all levels of “me” not just diff. aspects of “anatomy” but my conceptually “belief” and my experiential results- all align and say that what I am presenting/how I present it/and results I and my “client” receive are worthwhile: ie coherence in that- which is both “me” as a person, and my doing…)

    So then I see if coherence is not achieved as a clearing of the underlying Trauma (it seems that coherence is lacking to the extent there is a ‘trauma’ although it seems realinging to greater coherence isn’t clearing the trauma… else it is a bit circular? I’ve tried to apply lvl1&2 to incohering… but that doesn’t quite seem to be what you are writing about?

    anyway- I wonder if I’ll be able to see funds coming in somehow to make the lvl3- I’d really like to- sounds like great things are flowing in a wave. best wishes to you and yours



    simonrose Reply:

    hi Gary
    it would be great if you can help you to come to the course!

    You asked abotu secondary gain.

    I think that words like “faulty reference point” are confusing, albeit that I used to use that expression myself. In the new RPT (3.0) we speak mainly of associations.

    In a sense you are really on to something – what I’ve really been realising is that secondary gain is a form of R-complex association with survival. In other words “I need this condition in order to survive.” I realised this because the process for clearing secondary gain “what’s the benefit to you of this condition” and the process for clearing tones in the R-complex (“how does this feeling help you survive”) seemed to merge into one.

    The question about coherence and trauma is a little trickier. According to the Institute for Peak States, the process for Inner Peace reached by “fusion” of head and heart minds allows a person to reach a state where they are not “triggered” by trauma in the usual way. However it does not mean that they are free from trauma. McFetridge is quite specific that you only have to clear *specific* trauma to reach this space. It just means that you aren’t so easily triggered. However very severe trauma can pull you out of inner peace and activate older trauma.

    Though our method is totally unrelated to Peak States, I think that their basic research still applies. You can achieve what I call “coherence” of 2 or more minds by clearing the trauma that blocks that coherence. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing left to clear.

    Also please note that RPT 3.0 is not about clearing trauma. The above paragraphs referring to clearing trauma were just general comments to answer your question.

    We are clear that trauma is just another layer of symptom. It’s tones and associations in the depeest minds (usually R-complex/body mind) that holds trauma in place. It’s held on to if it’s associated with survival.



    gary begue Reply:

    Hello, thanks for your comments (this one, along with the recent “Boundaries” post, as well s the one on “how much is a healing worth” … seem to all hit a big issue- I’ve been “chewing on it” for a while)- as my “story” goes- I feel the (metaphorical) author of my-life-plot has been leading me to a point where this level3, and the teacher training would click so many things together for me (although at the present moment, I’m still stuck: where I was, as deep as I dug during the Level1&2 and since then regoing over the techniques, along with attempting to “upgrade” them from what I’ve seen here, and also from how my understanding- and Being- has changed from doing that work), and yet over that 6 months or so (since Oct 2009) I still have not shifted so money is coming my way (actually I was able to stretch/borrow beyond what I thought I could- now at the point of no-return).. even thinking about can I get a job to try and get some income coming-in (and see if the ventures I worked on ever show any results) although now, starting some place and asking for two weeks off in that first month…..

    Anyway- to any all reading that- too much info… I know, I only mention it as a context to bring up the question I see of “story” (a bit different from our “stuff”- more a sense of how things seem to be in flow, like the “arc” of a character, Joseph Campbell “journey” etc)… and this sense I’ve had that I have been led to seeing this work develop as it has, and yet the details don’t seem to be in place (when I’ve dug to a depth that I don’t feel immersed/stressed in it- I can see the “big picture” and wonder at that “flow”… though when I’m in the midst of it, it doesn’t appear that way, then its more a collection of random details.

    I don’t know if that will reveal a thread… I’ll be pondering the above, as well as looking to see upcoming info, and if I can possibly figure a way to get down to the Los Angeles event (lvl3) I really look forward to it. best wishes- gb


  2. Hi Simon.
    I attended level 2 With Azaris and Jørgen in Norway this weekend and I see a huge change in my life. All the participants from this course agree that this teaching is miraculous and we would love to expand even more NOW. We also agree that charing our experience in norwegian is very helpful and hope that it will be possible to dive into level 3 in Norway asap. Is this possible?

    Love Kristian


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Kristian! Thanks for writing and welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you loved the courses. I believe Azaris is a great teacher.

    Evette and I will be teaching Level 3 in Switzerland in September this year.

    We will not be certifying other teachers to run our Level 3 course till next year. We made this decision for two reasons. Firstly the material is still changing so quickly, we need to “settle” it before giving it over to others. Secondly we are training the best Level 3 graduates as teachers, which still requires us to supervise them on Level 3. This will change next year, the work will be more settled and the teacher training more formal.

    Hope to meet you some day.



    Kristian Reply:

    Hi Simon.
    Thanks for answering so fast. I understand that this teaching is changing and I guess it will continue to stay in motion as long as you welcome all inputs and views the way you do. I love it! I also aknowledge the fact that we have to be patient and wait until our norwegian teachers are supervised on level 3. We have a powerful toolbox to play with in this period anyway;)

    Maybe we will meet some day. That would be cool!



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