This is “coherence” week: The most important update in the history of healing and transformation!

Finally the wait is over!   After 6 months’ of intense research, we are ready to announce the most important development in Reference Point Therapy: coherence.

(And yes, “The most important update in the history of healing and transformation” is a BIG claim! But wait, here me out…)

This week we will be sharing something completely new – quite possibly the most groundbreaking research into pure consciousness ever shared with the public for free.

Put simply, we are going to take the mystery and “magic” out of the topics of instant healing, ascension, Mastery, and enlightenment.  These are not the vague New Age terms that most of you know them to be. These terms have clear and precise scientific meanings. This science was know to Vedic scholars thousands (perhaps 4,000) years ago, and was recently rediscovered by the likes of Grof and McFetridge.

As you know, Reference Point Therapy is the simplest, and fastest way to heal.  This isn’t just about healing physical and emotional problems, it’s also about reaching higher states of consciousness.  Whereas our friends like Grof and McFetridge can get you there through many hours (months) of re-birthing (aka “breathwork”) and regression techniques, we can get you there without “doing” anything at all.

You might say: enlightenment is a journey, but you don’t have to DO that journeyWhy don’t you come and Be that journey with us, this week?

For the very first time I’ll be inviting the camera into our new Level 3 Mastering The Miraculous course so that you can experience coherence with us.  I’ll be teaching you the basics and I’ll be demonstrating how to heal like an Ascended Master (Being not Doing).

As a great Master once said “these things and more you shall do too.”


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PPS keep the wonderful comments coming – as a rule I don’t post new information until there’s sufficient comments, i.e. “consciousness” on the last post. So comment here today: what do you think coherence is all about.  Are you ready to accept that you can simply “Be” the energy of Mastery without having to go through the lifetimes of meditation and service?

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May 11, 2010 in Coherence, RPT theory and teachings
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  1. This sounds very good, if coherence causes to BE what you are totally and doesn’t need doing something, then this is not the important update, this is a solution for very deep transformation at all level. Because we are always thinking and feeling something, we can’t stop this cycle and we know the enlightened masters have stillness and peace in his mind and body. When I tried Vipassana liked meditation many hours, I always find myself in my imaginations, thoughts, memories and I can taste that emptiness and oneness only a few minutes and I couldn’t find a way to stop my minds chatter. I hope the coherence is the solution, I am very excited an impatient to learn it. Thank you Simon.


    simonrose Reply:

    Coherence is a wonderful state to Be, but you know it might take some doing to get there. I spent the first week of our 12 day Level 3 course helping everyone get there. Now (start of week 2) it’s hard to get them to go home at the end of the day, everyone is blissing out.. :-)

    but the first week was toughter as you have to clear what’s blocking your coherence. So there’s still the doingness in becoming Beingness…


  2. Hi Simon,
    Where will you be posting this? On your blog or website? I am so very keen to see and experience it.


    simonrose Reply:

    here – on the blog. ASAP. I’ve written the words. I have stacks of video, just deciding which bit to edit. I’ve also commissioned a designer to do a graphical represntation of it.. it’s so important that it’s worth that investment. all coming soon!


  3. * As a great Master once said “these things and more you shall do too.” *

    Beautiful. You gave me full-body goosebumps :)


  4. I truely believe as human’s (learning space) we need to experience the doing aspect of any healing modality. (The personal story)
    Being is definately a state that we all experience. We experience small exposure to it on a daily basis (but we just don’t realise it). Thank you for taking the time to break down into small chunks this whole new and evolving aspect of RPT. Thank you Simon and Evette for bringing this to us all. As every RPT Graduate embraces the Being of themselves how the world around us will change also.



  5. Can we with this silence being block the doors to the infinite joyfullness love and abundance? Just before I see your website I been involved in Robert Scheinfeld work journey to the infinites. This work get us access to the infinite in all aspects of life. The downside of it is that it take months and years to get there. So can we get the same result with ease and much faster i would love it.



  6. As English language is not my native one, I have to admit I had some difficulties in understanding the expression ‘coherence’. I looked in the dictionary, however the translations there are ‘technical’. So, my understanding of coherence has come to the ‘unity within’, Being in harmony, co-existance. Still, I am the beginner in RPT and intend to engage myself fully in the future Being process. This energy of ‘Being’, as you said, without having to go through the lifetimes of meditation and service is wonderful! Simplicity always makes sense!

    Thank you!


  7. I AM absolutely “ready to accept that I can simply “Be” the energy of Mastery without having to go through the lifetimes of meditation and service.”
    Thank you for cutting through the smoke & mirrors and complexities that have served as veils keeping us from these states of Mastery.
    I eagerly anticipate witnessing that which will dissolve the discrepancies “within” us and allow us to be fully in alignment with the truth of our Being-ness.
    Deepest gratitude to all!


  8. Hi Simon,

    Love this!!! I’ve bene working with body/mind conflict or body/emotion conflict (or all three) with RPT for several months now and have found it a valuable key in healing somethings that otherwise would not respond. My shoulder is one. Once I acknowledged the body/mind conflict — mind charging forward, body holding back to keep me safe and secure I felt the pain just dissolve. The coolest part was that I was working with the issue in a group class I call a synergy class with several people and all of a sudden I noticed my pain had gone away, and so did some major problems a couple of others were having.

    I love the way you state this and will be using it in my level 2 this coming weekend.

    With love and blessings,


  9. ” Are you ready to accept that you can simply “Be” the energy of Mastery without having to go through the lifetimes of meditation and service?”

    Simon, in a word, YES!! A part of me has always believed that. I’m sure that deeply held belief is what guided me vibrationally to your site. I can hardly contain my eagerness to see your videos and a demonstration of being within that still point from which all of creation flows so effortlessly. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


  10. “Coherence” sounds like the “Quantum Entrainment” state?: (Two free audio downloads and one healing demo video there to explain it.)

    Ok, Simon, what insight might you or anyone have for people having ADD, Asperger’s Syndrome to get/ have coherence in the first place? :) That seems to be a cornerstone of those things–the lack of coherence (though it might be a result of something else).

    Also, I was just listening to Mr. Twenty Twenty, and I was reminded of “wanting” vs. “willing”. A possible problem for at least some people looking for healing, is:
    they want to get healed, because/ but they don’t want to be themselves.
    A probable helpful shift would be:
    willing to be healed, and willing to be themselves to get there.


  11. Yes how does this relate to aspergers


    Simon Rose Reply:

    There is a connection, but I have not personally researched it. My focus lies in working with “average” people and turning them into extraordinary people. That doesn’t mean that you cannot use the technique to clear any brain disorder. You could, I believe. But it’s not my focus and I cannot make any representations about it. I believe that there are practitioners with more experience in that regard.
    Thanks for your interest


  12. I have normal biorhythms of peace and heart tranquility without the feeling. If you are familure with biofeedback my markers for normal state of compassion is witnessed on the screen… Calm mental emotional physiologic state but no feeling of improvement. It’s as if my ability to know the sensation of compassion within myself is void. Yet I am very empathetic emotionally. It’s as if I’m in trauma and calm at the same time and neither one at the same time. Very unusual for the neuropsychologist I am working with. He seems to think my heart connection to my brain is not interconnecting. How can I be totally silent emotionally mentally and physically and still feel like screaming at the same time… It’s very odd. I practice a technique very similar to yours going deep into the emotion/ thought release it and for others it is life changing but for me it’s not clear what is being left behind. I have worked with hundreds of people in my practice and they love what I teach but for me I am somehow not the average physiology according to my neiropsycholohist. He was baffled. As am i


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Sorry I’m not familiar with biofeedback, so I can’t make any meaninful interpretation of what you described. However I could make some general observations from a RPT or “Flow States” perspective.

    > How can I be totally silent emotionally mentally and physically and still feel like screaming at the same time… It’s very odd.

    Actually it’s not odd at all. To me they are quite separate things. Obviously you should work on the source of the screaming.

    > I practice a technique very similar to yours going deep into the emotion/ thought release it and for others it is life changing
    > but for me it’s not clear what is being left behind.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, you aren’t working on the source of the problem. In fact going deep into emotion/thought release is not at all what I do. I mainly work with insticts (and not emotions or thoughts ever), and it does sound like there is a stuck instict here.

    there’s another important aspect of our work which is way beyond what I write about on the blog but it has to do with “primary cell parasites.” These are micro-organisms that live inside the nucleus of your cells. They can influence your thoughts and behaviors in limited but quite specific and powerful ways. When I read your message my immediate thought “parasites.” It could totally explain your symptoms. Clearing these parasites is the foundation work or pre-requisite for achieving the emotional /spiritual states sometimes called “inner peace” and “silent mind.” If you have primary cell parasites you can never silence the mind. Incidentally primary cell parasites are inhereted, you cannot “catch” them. They are the physical aspect or anchor of ancestral issue and/or what is known in Hellinger’s work as “systemic burdens.”

    Working with these parasites properly and efficiently requires a very high level of training and only a very small number of people in the world are doing that work at the moment. I am not one of them (I’m focussing on other areas in my research). I can refer you to an expert if what I have written resonates for you.

    Kind regards


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