Passion and Beingness (by Valeria Moore)

Today’s article is by Valeria Moore, author of Healer Wisdom and global managing director of Reference Point Therapy.

Over the last few weeks I have felt a ripple in the collective.  I could not put words to the feeling until I did today’s morning writing.  I received an email from a person describing a lack of passion toward an endeavor.   I thought about the words.   I, also, did not feel the passion the person described as missing.  I did feel an inner calm, peace, bliss and a knowing.

How does passion relate to beingness?  What is the role of passion in beingness? Passion is not beingness.  Passion is desire.  Passion or the lack of passion is the fear of not having a purpose.  Passion gives the illusion of having a purpose.  Passion creates an energy of “I must do”.   A person complains that they feel as if they have “lost” their passion or they feel no passion, they feel miserable and they abandon their work, a relationship, etc.  They have created a cycle of suffering for themselves.  Passion is discordant.  It devours until there is nothing left.  When passion has waned, there is nothing left but anger.  We stay angry until we have found the next passion, we are only changing how anger is defined, or broken the cycle of desire and suffering.

Passion is not a quality of beingness.   Beingness  is a place where we awaken each day and do that which we know.  It does not feel “passionate”.  It is.  There is no strategy.  There is no plan.  There is only allowing.  When a river of water flows you do not say to the river “I expect you to flow in that direction because it is my plan”.   The river allows itself to flow where its nature takes it.  Beingness is about allowing the river of awareness to flow as is the nature of consciousness.  Our nature without fearful interference is allowing.

There is a belief that a person must be passionate to create or move thought to a greater wisdom.  Passion is the motivational force that our ego searches for to assuage its need for purpose.  Passionate creativity is not allowing it is doing.

Beingness empowers creativity beyond passion.  Creativity that transcends passion is a knowing that there is a connection to our collective universal wisdom.  This is the beingness of play.  It is the natural joyous state of discovery.  Each day is lived in a flow of knowing.  There is a sustained connection to a vibration of creativity and wisdom that does not require desire to be present.  Last night I was watching a singer being interviewed on television.  She said she had known since she was 10 years old that singing was to be her life.  The interviewer asked her what her game plan was.  At first she seemed confused by the question.  She then responded honestly by saying “there’s no game plan”.  She said “I am allowing whatever happens next to happen.”

When we ‘do’ from passion we create drama.  We create diversions to beingness.  As we travel the path of our consciousness evolution we may encounter the endless entertainment of creating and playing with drama.   These creations of diversion do not evolve consciousness; they stop the move to higher awareness by deluding the ego into the cycle of suffering.  By allowing beingness the dramas dissolve and there is the inner state of calm and joy.

When a woman is consciously giving birth there is a stage in the birthing process called transition.  This stage is usually brief.  There is a shift in the work of birthing.   For the mother this is the place where she allows what is to happen next happen.  There is an overwhelming change in the personality.  Symbolically the baby is at the point of no returning to the womb.    Transitioning to beingness is in essence birthing a transmutation of ego.  Ego is no longer the playground for drama, pain and passion.

When we follow our bliss we are not following a passion.  This is a peak state of beingness.  This is an allowing.    When we are fully present in now we are present to the song of our being, the song of our heart.  This is the sweet melody of bliss.

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July 30, 2010 in Thoughts For the Day

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  1. Mariah Milligan

    Hello Valeria

    Loved what you said. As a result of being indoctrinated into a restless doingness soceity we often are confused about what Beingness is. Passion is a emotion that creates more doingness and draws us away from beingness. Truth and intuition that arises out of beingness may create just the right action in the world at the right time and place. I suppose in the end it is all a matter of fully trusting and fully resting into the space of beingness.




  2. Hi Valerie,

    Really liked what you said about passion vs. beingness. Passion is a very seductive word. I think people can get confused in thinking they are searching for passion when they are really searching for bliss through beingness. Bliss and passion seem to be opposite ends of the same coin that in balance allow for the ebb and flow off life. Great article!


  3. Thank you Valerie. This is a breakthrough idea for me that has come at a very poignant time. Much appreciation and love to you for sharing this.


  4. Hi Valeria
    I have read and re read your posting. I understand what you mean, thank you for putting into words, what I beleive lots of people in all walks of life are experiencing at this moment. Beingness, but not understanding it, for there is no understanding to it. At almost every turn in our existance we are lead to believe that passion needs to be followed regardless of where it brings us. I loved your words “When we ‘do’ from passion we create drama. We create diversions to beingness.”

    Thank you again Valeria for putting into words what I have thought/think.

    Monica x


  5. Gloria Elphinstone

    Hi Valerie,

    Very simply explained but very profound. It is true of course, let it be, just do and all you want to accomplish will happen. Leave ego (passion) out of it and enjoy the journey (beingness).

    Blessings to you


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