Simon & Evette farewell a successful 2010

Dear friends and blog readers

Thanks for your energy and support during this wonderful year, 2010. This has been an amazing year for Evette and I personally (including moving to a new country) and for Reference Point Therapy.

I know it’s been a couple of months since I did a proper blog article and student update. Things have been very busy.  This is my chance to update you with recent events and discoveries, and to give you a taste of what’s in store for you in 2011.

Evette and I just took a brief vacation in Thailand and Laos (hence the photo), which was a great chance to catch our breath and recharge our batteries.

We will remain in Asia for a few more weeks as it’s a perfect base for us to work (beautiful scenery, amazing food and great internet connection, something we don’t get at home!).

What’s kept us so busy? Well, we spent over a month preparing the first chapter of our student update program (launched in September-October free for all RPT graduates at, we wrote many blog articles, including publishing our epigenetics research here. In the last month we were privileged to teach a wonderful Level 3 course in Spain in November-December; and to launch RPT in Dubai with Level 1 and 2 courses there.

There were a number of improvements and advances on those courses which I’ll be sharing with you guys soon as we prepare the launch of RPT 2011.

What’s next for RPT?

2010 was a year of total renewal for us (abandoning our core techniques (ancestral clearing) and starting from scratch with the triune method). This meant that all of our 2009 and early 2010 students had to be re-taught (for free of course, via the RPT forum).

RPT continues to develop and mature very rapidly – thanks to the amazing consciousness of people like you who have been participating. We will continue to provide free updates to all our past graduates.  Fortunately, we have buried the energy of upheaval and drama, so we expect a much smoother transition to RPT 2011!

The main change in recent courses has been a much more intuitive focus for RPT, with a lot less steps and procedure. The manuals we wrote back in August 2010 are looking really “clunky” – lots of steps and far too long.  I once said that I wanted the RPT manual to fit on the back of a postage stamp.  Well that may be an exaggeration but the current manual is far too complicated.  RPT should be like breathing, simple, natural and instinctive.

What would I write on that postage stamp?  Stay tuned to this blog in the next few weeks and I’ll share my “RPT like breathing” summary here.

Major announcements for 2011:

Here are some big changes and announcements coming soon:

  • completely new RPT website!  Yes, after about 12 month’s work we are nearly ready to launch an entirely new RPT website.  This is very exciting as the website will form the backbone of a new marketing and PR work that will take RPT to a mainstream audience;
  • new applications of RPT to marketing, communication and manifesting, which we’ll be discussing on this blog over the coming months. These applications are designed to make your life and your work simpler, more abundant and more effective. They will be easy for any Level 1 RPT graduate to pick up and apply instantly;
  • new student update, especially for Level 2 and Level 3 graduates;
  • new RPT Level 1 theory DVD so that people can learn and practice at home;
  • new practical demonstration DVD featuring our best recorded demos from our courses, which will be available to all past students at a reasonable price so that you can see how RPT can be used in a variety of contexts and situations;
  • launch of a new RPT education program “Communicating from Coherence,” teaching RPT graduates how to use the Triune brain method to source powerful communication from within, and to reach an audience on many levels. This alone may be the most important breakthrough in RPT yet;
  • Launch of Evette’s powerful new book, New Stepping Stones, which shares her story about growing up in an abusive family, and how she learned to heal from it. Using her life as an example she shares valuable insights for recognizing abusive relationships and how to transform them.  This book is a must-read for anyone coping with abuse or wishing to help others overcome their trauma;
  • the launch of our international base and teaching center in Vanuatu (near Fiji in the Pacific). This will complement our local clinic and provide a permanent base for RPT;
  • launch of RPT in Japan (March) with several more new countries and languages planned soon.

Thanks again for your involvement in, and support of RPT.  Stay part of the team, we promise a truly amazing 2010!

Happy New Year!


Simon & Evette Rose

Your comments and feedback

Don’t forget to leave a comment here.  Comments are your “Currency” of exchange on this blog. If you get value from our material, leave a note. If you don’t get value, leave a note about that too of course!

How was 2010 for you?  Did RPT change the way your year unfolded?  What interests you most about our plans for 2011? What did we leave out – suggest what direction we should be heading in.

And of course, don’t forget to join our mailing list. We only send out 3-4 emails a year with major announcements.

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8 Responses

  1. Hello Simon !

    Cornelius just done the first chinese rpt at my place in Malaysia ! I not sure about others, but for me….its a totally rewarding experienced ! I have since know very clearly on the issues that hinder my progress and thus make some changes in life via rpt….as you said, its as easy as breathing !

    Looking forward to all of your updates and hopefully will see u in one of the lvl 3 :-D

    Victor Lu


  2. Sounds like you (and we) have an exciting 2011 ahead! Looking forward to the continual evolution and expansion.


  3. Great to hear from you here again… RPT is accelerating the evolution of human consciousness, and having just had a baby, that’s closer to my heart than ever.

    Love, Ben


    Renee Hawkins Reply:

    Congratulations Ben. Having a baby changes EVERYTHING- You finally get to really feel and know what unconditional love is all about. Love and Light to you, your partner and precious angel.


  4. I’m so excited by the updates in this article, thankyou!

    2010 was great for me. I had done RPT Levels 1 and 2 in RPTs early stages, I then got a bit lost with the changes until RPT 3.0. Thanks for these upates to the technique for past graduates; I have really thrived on the heart head gut method: simple and powerful. Thanks. =) I have done amazing healings on myself (I love it when you just feel the whole issue untangle sometimes when you’re acknowledging the core tone.) Some things are taking a bit longer to heal. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know things like “shoulders represent burdens ” etc. I don’t know what the body parts represent. But the forum helped me gain more access points into my shoulder healing, kind people indicating what they knew. Thanks for the forum. Thank you kind people keen to share and grow in RPT.

    I’m really ecstatic about the fact that I’ve been able to update my RPT while at home on my computer – thanks for the updates in this manner.

    In 2011 I want to keep developing my RPT in an easy way (blog, forum, videos on forum) and to keep it very affordable as I am blessed enough to have become a full time student (still with grown up financial commitments from before ).

    In your blog entry above I was excited by the upcoming applications to marketing communication and manifesting that will be easy for even a level 1 grad to do instantly! Yay.
    Also exciting for me are the new updates impending for level 2 and 3 grads: thankyou!

    In closing I just want to say, thanks for making the technique simple, as the simplicity I found to be very empowering for me. I feel confident in doing RPT now and can perform it anywhere. Thanks for following your calling (both you and Mrs Rose) as there is clearly a large swathe of people willing and ready to evolve rapidly and learn from your work.

    If I wished you both anything for 2010 it would be joy and being encouraged. I’m pretty sure you’ve got it all covered though =)

    Thanks again for all your contributions =)


    Shell Reply:

    I meant to say in 2011 I’m wishing you joy and encouragement, as 2010 is already complete. =) Cheers!


  5. Hi Simon

    Hong Kong RPT Launch went better than I expected. I even surprised myself on how fast and easy it is to do demos – 7 demos in one day all with amazing outcome!
    Waiting to see ( I expect it to be) how much simpler, faster RPT will be in coming weeks, months.

    Hope to catch up with you and Evette sometime in the near future.

    Warmest regards and A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and all reading this.

    Lian Thompson
    RPT Practitioner/Teacher ( Melbourne)


  6. It was only just yesterday that I had my own voice telling me that life- ALL of life, should be as easy as breathing in and out. And now I read your blog today. Brilliant.
    I am holding on tight for the exhilarating ride that RPT 2011 will be. One of my (many) goals this year is to improve my communication skills, so I am especially excited to learn what you have in stall. And marketing and manifesting are my passions, so bring it on!


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