A bit more about me, Simon

Well I promised this was going to be a personal blog. It’s time to share some more about my story.

You may not have guessed this but I’m actually a very private person. I have my public face of course, which you see in class and on videos. But that doesn’t mean I share myself.

However, as a blogger and a public face for RPT, the new personal development technique, I am ready to share some more about myself.

My story really starts at age 27. But before I go there some thoughts on the early years. My parents are extremely religious, but in the hollow empty way of people who say their prayers and drag you to church, but have zero spirituality. They don’t actually believe in anything.  Going to church was the punishment given to me when I misbehaved. The net effect of this was to scar me spiritually – I became an atheist at about age 12 and didn’t question my non-spirituality until age 27.

This isn’t my autobiography so we can fast forward through all the juicy bits. The key turning point in my life was finding out that I had a type of brain tumor called an acoustic neuroma.  That was undoubtedly the scariest thing, and the best thing, that ever happened to me.

Prior to hitting rock bottom at age 27 (classic “Saturn returns”), I had been through a few pretty tough years with relationship and family problems. In fact I thought I had just started getting my shit together through personal development courses and counseling. That’s when I found out I had that tumor.

I had a hard time dealing with it at first because I was always the healthy one.  At the law firm where I was a banking and finance attorney, I was laughed at for eat carrots when they had their weekly donut meetings. I did yoga, was vegetarian, bla bla.

The tumor was operable but the surgeons warned me it would lead to  facial paralysis. Being vain (and single) I was obviously depressed about this. Cutting the story very short, I managed to come through the surgery without side effects, only to smash my face up in a bike accident 9 months later (and end up in the same neuro ward again).  There was a life learning about vanity there somewhere…

I think the main thing to deal with when shit like that happens is the “Why is this happening to me?”  I know how f*king cliche it is to say “I never thought this would happen to me” but the fact is at 27 you are still bulletproof, or meant to be.

If I have found wisdom from my journey it is this: shit happens. Not for any particular reason, life just is.  In fact that should be the motto for Beingness: LIFE IS.

People – especially in the “new age” movement, spent lifetimes of navel gazing trying to work out the inherent meaning in why things happen. What is the message from god/angels/ancestors/my unconscious? Why did this happen? What do I have to learn?

The answer is life is, there is no meaning except the meaning you create.

There is no inherent meaning in anything. Don’t ask me “why did this happen to me?” because that immediately makes you a victim of something called Life. Literally stop asking this meaningless question, and instead ask “what can I make this mean.”

If you try to decipher the meaning of why shit happens to some people, you will never create anything for yourself.  On the other hand if you can accept the Taoist perspective that shit just IS, you can create meaning.  Life just throws shit at you and it’s entirely up to you what you make of it.

That’s where I got to in the end (keeping this story very short).  I *decided* that my experience was going to be meaningful to me, and that I would get the most out of it.  It was my choice. And I did succeed in creating a meaningful experience which has shaped my path over the last 10 years.

Meeting the other me

We all make choices but it’s very rare that we get to see what would have happened if we’d travelled the other road.  (Like that movie Sliding Doors.)

I had a truly unique experience where I got to see the other “me” from the parallel universe in which I had not made this choice.   I participated in an academic study of survivors of the same tumor. I went to a focus group of sad, screwed up people, who were bitter and depressed. I was the only one saying how much better life has been since the surgery.  It was so interesting to actually get to meet the other me, the “what if” and to see the consequences of my choices.  I know what would have happened to me if I’d allowed myself to be a victim of what happened, stuck in “why me.” I’ve literally met that other me, and I know how I would have ended up.

So all I can tell people is it doesn’t matter what shit gets thrown at you, whether its cancer or homelessness or bankruptcy.  What does matter is how you choose to let it affect you. I’m more than living proof of “mind over matter.”

I consider myself very fortunate that I was able to create so much meaning from what happened to me, and end up helping so many people. Of course when I say “fortunate” I don’t mean lucky, because luck had nothing to do with it.

Well this has been a snapshot into my life, and my philosophy. Plenty more to come.



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  1. First off, you rock. Because I love the message ‘you make your own meaning’.

    Secondly, there seems to be a contradiction between there being no inherent meaning in life’s lessons, and the vibrational causes of our problems.

    With RPT we find the vibration / tone / cause of the problem, and by powerfully acknowledging it, heal people. That suggests to me that there IS inherent meaning in life’s lessons. Of course, I agree that it’s a choice to find that meaning… but isn’t it there all the time in life’s lessons?



    simonrose Reply:

    Ben, welcome back to our resident yogi intellectual.

    I don’t see the contradiction you see.

    On the one hand we have the laws of physics and on the other hand we have the human intellectual wank of “WHY WHY WHY?”. In a world with no humans, gravity would still work just fine, vibrations would exist, only the search for meaning would disappear.

    I see the basis of RPT as you described being the Law of Vibration (everything has a vibration) and Law of Attraction (like vibration attracts like vibration).

    What I *don’t* believe in is the way people interpret the Law of Cause and Effect.

    Whereas the Laws of Vibration and Attraction are real and measurable in human terms, the Law of Cause and Effect is not. That’s why it has taken on a religious meaning like Karma, Sin, Heaven/Hell St Peter’s judgment, etc etc. These things are mere human constructs, pitiful attempts to create meaning in a meaningless world.

    (Meaningless world doesn’t mean that there isn’t Attraction and Vibration. As i said, Life Happens. Shit Happens. Great stuff Happens. It just doesn’t always have a prior REASON.)

    The simple fact is that we have no real human measure for why things happen. There is no proof of Cause and Effect in this spiritual sense. It’s much more likely that stuff just happens (vibrations attracting like vibrations) and we make up the meaning for it as we go.



  2. Simon,

    Thanks for sharing a snapshot of your life. I am eager to hear more from you, especially how you got to the point you are at in your life now.

    What you wrote below is something we all need to remember…

    “So all I can tell people is it doesn’t matter what shit gets thrown at you, whether its cancer or homelessness or bankruptcy. What does matter is how you choose to let it affect you. I’m more than living proof of “mind over matter.”

    Question…I keep reading about the Law of Attraction which basically states that we create our reality. Are you saying that we really don’t do this and that life is more random and more out of our control?


    Thanks, Simon!


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Wendy
    thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify. as my reply to Ben should indicate, there’s a world of difference between Law of Attraction (which is real and measurable) and Law of Cause and Effect (which is spiritual, can’t be proven and isn’t measurable).

    The effect of that is pretty much the exact opposite of what you said . We DO create our reality and nothing is really random nor out of control. We get to CHOOSE how our life turns out. Isn’t that really what Law of Attraction is all about.

    The only real victims in this Game we call Life are those who are stuck looking for Meaning. Why did this happen to me? If people think that there’s an inherent meaning or message from god/angels/ancestors/etc then they will never move forward.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients and friends refuse to make changes, to let go of trauma, to seize the day, because the don’t feel it’s what they are “meant to do.” They are afraid that things happen for a reason, and (e.g.) if they healed their cancer now they would miss the real lesson or significance.

    People are DYING because they believe that things happen for a reason.

    Things don’t happen for a REASON. They happen for an attraction. Change the vibration, you change the attraction.

    This is the core of RPT, our Triune brain method. This is why we always get out of the brain (Which searches for meaning) and into the gut (which works on vibration).

    This is why our new manifestation technique works with the gut instincts, not the brain. Anyone searching for meaning will live a random and chaotic life, but anyone manifesting from instinct is using the Law of Attraction very powerfully.

    hope this answers your question. Apologies for any ambiguity in my ramblings.



    WendyB Reply:

    Thanks for clarifying your position on this. Once I found out about the Law of Attraction, I finally felt as if I finally had control of my life. I was raised to believe that God was in charge of everything and we were simply pawns in his idea of what was best for us. Thankfully I busted away from that mindset. Like you, I know so many people who have no intention of healing because of reasons that “only God” understands. Breaks my heart. Only two more days till my RPT session. I am so eager to see how RPT works in a full session!! I know it will be amazing!
    Thanks again,


  3. Simon
    Great Blog! I do not adhere to the ‘New Age’ belief that everything is a lesson. Most people will tell you that their ‘lessons’ were difficult and hard. I believe that everything is an experience and it is the spin we put on the experience that makes it work in a positive or negative way. Here we are again saying the same thing in a different way!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.


    Sue Healy Reply:

    Exactly Melissa!!! There’s a world of difference between an experience and a lesson. The latter implies someone is teaching us that lesson, maybe even as a punishment. I don’t buy that. Experience, on the other hand, is a choice, an adventure, it’s whatever we want and we are in the driving seat whether we know it or not. Namaste, literally x


  4. Purdita Webster

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us. Love your blog ! As always, I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Take care

    Purdita W


  5. Simon – so according to you what was it about your life, perspective etc. that gave you the courage to take the path of creation as opposed to the path of victimhood? If this is the point of life – creating meaning, changing your vibration to attract what you desire etc. – then why is it not practiced commonly? why is it so ‘unintuitive’ ?! …then what does intuition mean anyways? Is it just a series of patterns, lessons, expectations from accumulation of past experience that provides a ‘prediction’?!


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Anonymous

    (When I said people could post anonymously if they wanted I assumed they’d make up a name….)

    You asked a few good questions. I don’t know that I have the answers – not easy ones at least.

    I think I was lucky – but even so it’s been a journey of 10+ years. I never woke up one day knowing what I now do. I didn’t have an Eckhart Tolle experience of instant change to enlightenment (or whatever Tolle calls it). I did what many others do, meaning lots of courses, see lots of practitioners, and slowly find my own truth.

    I think I was really lucky to have started my healing/personal development journey BEFORE I found out about the brain tumor. That’s probably what saved me. I had already been seeing a counselor to deal with family/relationship stuff, and I had done the Landmark Forum course (source of “life is empty and meaningless…”). Then when I found out about the tumor I had some tools already to make a powerful choice. In other words, to be kind of crude, the trauma and shit in my life gave me the tools to use when the shit really did hit the fan. (I have my parents to thank and bless for that!) If life had been perfect up till age 27, then I would not have had the tools to deal with the crash, and I would have ended up like all the other acoustic neuroma survivors: broken.

    Does that answer help? I don’t think I’m “special” – certainly not more than anyone else. I am lucky – but I made my own luck.

    Your second question about “what is intuition” is huge. It is fundamental and it is way beyond the scope of this comment. I will be writing a few long articles on this subject. But here is a teaser.

    There are different types of intuition. The common and the rare. The common is what people call clairvoyance, clairaudiance, etc. The rare is what comes from within, some call it clairsentience and claircognizance.

    The short answer to your question is that pure intuition is inner knowingness. It comes from within, it is, a bit like you said, the sum total of all your learnings and experiences.

    There really is no “outside”, nothing separate to your self. Sometimes people think they hear a voice from outside (clairaudience) or see beings (clairvoyance). But since there is no “outside” they are really projecting aspects of themselves outside of themselves. I have met healers who are convinced that “God talks to them” but in truth they are projecting a part of their persona and calling it God. This would be fine, but when they ask other people to connect to that idea of spirit, they are connecting people to their own ego-identity. This happens in all cults and many healing modalities. This demonstrates the danger of intuition – people are listening to themselves but calling it something else.

    This problem can be easily fixed by clearing the underlying trauma. Of course people resist this because they feel that their “god” is being attacked. I have first hand experience of this – trying to help a teacher and a healing modality that was based on this trauma, and being soundly attacked for it!

    This is just a little bit of info – I have a lot on this topic about intuition and the connection between clairaudience and psychosis. Just making sure that people are ready for the info!



    Anonymous Reply:

    Hey Simon,

    Thank you for responding so promptly. About the ‘anonymous’ thing..well I figured if I didn’t want to share my identity, I might as well be honest about it as opposed to take on another persona..hehe…but it must be odd for you to respond to ‘anonymous’. Sorry.

    So a few reflections on your comment…

    One thing that I am realizing more and more is the incredible impact that parents (or adults who children grow up with) have on children. You clearly acknowledge this with your comment as well:
    “I have my parents to bless and thank for that”. I’ve been learning about attachment theories and ideas about cognitive schemas – so in a way you learn your ‘social/emotional’ identity when you are young based on how your environment responds to you (rejects you, loves you..etc.) and you start to recreate that over and over again in your later life experiences – either expecting that from others (who respond as you predict) or interpreting external stimulus to fit those schemas you have of yourself. So this in a way is part of the ‘creation’ you speak of – but so much of what you create is a consequence of what you’ve been ‘taught’ you are. So I think this is where awareness comes in…i’m not sure whether it is very easy to change these schemas/biases you have but somehow i believe becoming aware of them helps. (Not sure how RPT fits into this.) But my point is – clearly if a child is told a million times from birth that he/she is worthless – then doesn’t that become his intuition?! Should that child or the now adult ‘follow’ those intuitions?! and intuitions change, i’ve noticed in myself, based on your experience – so isn’t it better advice to ask someone to gain more experience?! I am so happy that you were able to find so much meaning in your experiences..and like you said your parents, your quest for solutions for your prior problems..but i also think your intelligence/education/cultural beliefs in the power of the individual also played a role (i could be wrong.)

    The thing with this understanding of intuition is – that if it is based on collective experience – and i clearly cannot have all possible experiences – then my intuition is by definition limited to the life i have lived – so what i don’t understand is how people come to put so much ‘faith’ into intuition? trust it as guiding truth? maybe this confusion arises from taking such an intellectual look at it..

    Anyways – of course I don’t expect you to provide me with ‘the answers’ – but I do value your experience, insight, knowledge, and sincerity – and since there is this golden opportunity to dialogue with you, i continue to post.

    Thank you Simon – hope you are enjoying the lovely Vanuatu


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Anon
    I agree with all your points.

    Yes, intuition is limited, but it’s OK that it’s limited.

    (And as a side note, the clearer we become, towards what some might call enlightenment or peak states, the less limited our intuition is).

    The only danger I perceive is where people don’t acknowledge the limit of their own intuition. For example there’s a healer in Australia convinced she talks to “god.” She has told clients “God tells me to tell you that you need to leave your husband.”

    At one point I told this healer something that challenged her beliefs and she emailed me “God tells me not to talk to you any more.”

    I swear it’s true, I could not make up anything that sad and funny at the same time.

    Whilst that’s extreme, it’s a good example of failing to know the limits of your own intuition and projecting your own limitations into your intuition. We are all doing what she does, but less dramatically.

    My intuition is of course shaped by my cultural heritage (grandchild of holocaust survivors), my education (science and law), my career (investment banking and law), my relationship experiences (v. happily married), etc etc. All these things contribute to my view of the world, whether we call that view analytic (“left brained”) or intuitive (whole minded).

    Again, there is nothing wrong with any of this, it needs to be embraced not denied. We need more intuitive who say “this is MY intuition, MY guidance”. And we need a lot less of “God wants you to know…”

    Just my 2 c of course.


    ps yep LOVING Vanuatu. In fact I’m just writing a post about it.

    kryon Reply:

    Hi Anonymous, and Simon

    Interesting discussion about Intuition.
    When I first officially learned about intuition many years ago, I believed it is somehow a absolute perfect answer that always guides us to the Right thing. Books or People always tell you “Trust your Intuition”.
    And actually it create lots of confusion: “why my intuition is not working!?”

    But anyway, as I have more and more experience with intuition, I am aware that our intuition is based on our vibrational state (i.e. our belief system and emotional state). Or to say, it is based on the Law of Attraction. I have seen many people who learn about intuition have intuition that totally fit their own desire.

    I think that is why it is good to ask your Intuition always when you center yourself, or meditation , yoga etc …whatever that bring you back to feel the peace within. At this point, our intuition will better make a guidance that align with this peaceful frequency. So, in this way, we are directing ourselves back to our center step by step.


  6. Hi Simon

    At first I found myself disagreeing with some of the things you said (I thought you were saying shit happens randomly) but I think you’ve clarified that in your replies. To me, the phrase “cause and effect” is neutral (it doesn’t identify what the cause is) and synonymous with law of attraction but I get that others interpret “cause and effect” in the sense of something external being the cause and the “shit” being the effect ie. something outside myself has done this *to* me. That’s a disempowering belief as it gives rise to victim mentality and is pretty much the root cause of all the world’s problems ie. *they* did this to *me* so I have to do something back to them to show them how wrong they are (and the cycle just keeps repeating).

    To me, life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. The things that come into your experience are a reflection of what’s going on inside. I guess you could call them lessons in the sense that they reflect back to you what’s going on inside but it’s unemotional and without agenda. If you look into a mirror, it just reflects back the light coming in its direction. The mirror doesn’t think “I’ll add a few pounds to the image I project so I can teach this guy a lesson that he needs to go on a diet”. The mirror just faithfully and unemotionally projects back what’s in front of it. No agenda, no “lessons” – it just is. But ultimately it’ still a reflection and not something separate from you.

    To “anonymous”, it’s only unintuitive because we’re trained from birth to think otherwise. I don’t recall the exact age but, in developmental psychology, it’s recognised that children are born without a full understanding of being a separate entity from their environment. Obviously they look at things and touch things but they don’t develop the full concept of separation until later. The ability identify oneself as separate from your environment is normal and necessary for survival but we go further and train children to be fearful of the external world. It’s a double-edged sword – we do need to be aware of potential dangers to survive but it’s a fine line between that and developing a belief that the world is “out there” and will do bad things “to you” if you’re not careful. Once that core belief is set, it takes a bit to go back and then things like law of attraction seem unintuitive.

    I’ve proven to myself over and over again that my mood and thinking have a dramatic effect on the circumstances and events that come into my experience (although it would be very difficult to prove that to somebody else as you can’t “measure” vibration scientifically). It’s amazing how the external world just reorganises itself around me when I’ve got a consistently good vibration going on. All sorts of coincidences start to show up and in ways I couldn’t have predicted or orchestrated even if I tried. Of course, the opposite is also true. When I’ve had a consistently negative vibration going on, the world reorganises itself around me but not in a way that’s pleasing.

    Finally, I agree that there’s no inherent meaning to life. There are no preset goals, lessons to learn or exams to pass. It’s just an adventure for no purpose other than the joy of being, creating and experiencing. Life just is and it’s never going to be otherwise.


    simonrose Reply:

    thanks Shane for putting so much thought into that.

    We may have to agree to disagree on randomness. I think life LOOKS random. Sometimes things just happen, like life throwing a curveball at you.

    I don’t believe that this makes us victims for a second (though the potential is there for some to interpret it that way).

    I think it’s just the Game of Life. If everything was fully predictable, where would be the fun. I say Life is about “Stuff happens” like a ball from an expert pitcher/bowler and we are the batter, anticipating and reacting in the highest and best way.

    I’ll grant you that it isn’t actually random, it just looks like that to us not-yet-fully-enlightened beings!

    Since we share a certain mathematical, engineering flair, let me say that life is chaotic – in the mathematic sense. I use words like “random” because people know what I mean and because to the observer, chaos IS random.

    Mathematically though Life is purest chaos – a deterministic (non-stochastic) series of events which are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Since we don’t know the complete set of initial conditions, the outcomes are unpredictable, and hence pseudo-random.

    I call it as good as random and you call it Law of Attraction. Since it can’t be predicted I’d say it’s as good as 6 one way and a half-dozen the other!

    thanks for sharing your wisdom

    ps Would you believe that in my “past life” in the 1990s I published a journal article on pseudo-randomness in real life projects – had to google myself to remember what it was:


    Shane Marsh Reply:

    Hi Simon

    If we agreed on everything there wouldn’t be much to discuss except for the occasional “me too” reply :) In fact that’s one of the things I like about you. Even though some aspects of your work cross the boundaries into the “new age” arena (although what constitutes “new age” is probably a discussion in and of itself) you still maintain a healthy skepticism and require repeatably observable proof before you accept something as real.

    Just to explain the rationale for what I wrote, I first came across the concept of LOA in 1989 (before it was even called LOA). Like many I fell into the “I want to win the lottery” trap and again, like many, was disappointed when that didn’t work out. Up until the past few years, I’ve been on and off the LOA bandwagon because there were enough results to keep me curious but not enough consistency to totally buy into it. Relatively recently I came to the conclusion that LOA is either true or it isn’t – there’s no halfway house. To truly be a “law” it must always apply in all situations and not just some of the time. Otherwise it can’t be a law and must be selective observation or wishful thinking.

    So how can it be said to be true if it’s inconsistent and unpredictable? Dilemma! Three things then became obvious to me.

    1. Using LOA deliberately is a skill! In golf, we accept a hole in one as real and yet achieving one seems to be utterly unpredictable. In fact, most golfers would be lucky to ever get a hole in one in their entire life. However, the more skillful the golfer, the greater the chance of getting one. And even if a golfer doesn’t get an actual hole in one, the more skillful golfers get closer to one than the less skillful golfers.

    2. There are so many variables that it’s virtually impossible to predict results with absolute accuracy but that’s not because the LOA model is flaky, it’s because it’s impossible to know all the variables with absolute precision. We think so many thoughts every day, keeping track of them all would drive us mad.

    3. It’s virtually impossible to maintain a 100% consistent vibration. Just the mere observation of something unwanted is going to, at the very least, generate an emotional response which then has an immediate effect on your vibration. The end result is then a mixed vibration which, according to the LOA model, will then result in a mixed experience a.k.a. curve balls. Observation of the curve ball then produces an emotional response which then results in a mixed vibration and so on. It’s an endless cycle and the best we can do is to shape our vibration in the general direction of positive by being careful of what we observe and think. However, to try to buck the current of life and desire 100% control of our vibration and experience is just a path to frustration (which then produces an emotional response, a mixed vibration etc.)

    However, like chaos theory, there’s a sort of predictability within the seeming randomness which is perfectly acceptable so long as you don’t use absolute precision as your benchmark. Quantum theory is similar – it’s impossible to know with absolute precision a particle’s position and momentum. Only probabilities can be predicted but that doesn’t stop quantum theory from being one of the most important and successful scientific theories in history.

    As soon as I stopped using absolute precision as my benchmark it took a weight off my shoulders and then the probability patterns began to reveal themselves . The way I think of LOA now is that you attract things that are of a similar nature to your predominant vibration (aka mood, attitude and feelings). It’s then not so much a case of “attracting” precise things into your experience but more a case of “rendezvousing” with people, events and circumstances that are of a similar nature to your predominant vibration. It’s certainly possible to attract precise things but, in general, attempting absolute precision actually slows things down as you tend to then look for the results. Then you see that the results haven’t manifested which then produces an emotional response which then produces a mixed vibration etc. It’s easier to be precise with things that you don’t have much emotional attachment to. Things that have emotional charge are a lot more difficult as it’s more difficult to maintain a consistent vibration. That’s where RPT and similar tools are handy in dissolving chronic thought patterns and reducing the emotional charge around a particular subject.

    I think many people fool themselves into thinking that their vibration is more positive than it really is because they “try” to be positive through gritted teeth. However, LOA responds to actual mood and not positive words or false positivity.

    The more I’ve analyzed this, the more logic I’ve found in the way LOA works. That doesn’t, in and of itself, mean it’s true but it makes it a bit more solid for me. Unfortunately since “The Secret” LOA has become fashionable and a lot of people that really don’t know what they’re talking about have jumped on the bandwagon and spewed out a lot of generic “me too” crap that, at best, confuses people and, at worst, misleads people.

    Whilst the general concept is simple, it’s one of those things that requires a lot of experimenting and fine tuning to see anything close to consistent results. Up until then it’s difficult to see the repeatable and predictable patterns and can easily be explained away by randomness or coincidence.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. It’s just my current belief system (which isn’t static but continues to evolve). There’s a lot more I could add but I’ve probably said enough. Maybe I’ll start my own blog one day so I can flesh out my thoughts in more detail. The intricacies of this subject could fill a book or two :)


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