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Dear friends

As you probably have noticed, it’s been quite some time since I contributed to this blog. A lot has happened in my life in the last few months and it’s actually taken a lot of thinking and a lot of work to get this blog going again.

I realized that last year I put so much effort into research and development, learning new science, filming videos, hiring animators for our animated videos, that in the end, my blog became much too much hard work. More than that, I felt intimidated by my own creation! Lately I found myself thinking that the good ideas I wanted to share with you weren’t “scientific” enough or brilliant enough to keep up with the pace I set for this blog last year.

Of course that was just an excuse. What was really going on is that Evette and I moved countries to Vanuatu, moved into our new house at the end of January and have been busy learning all the things that go with moving countries, having our own house, and having a little farm with animals (goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and dogs), fruit trees and all the other joys that come with having your own land on a tropical island. So much to learn and explore – and so I admit I have not really been in the “blogging zone”!

Well I’m back! :-)

I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve decided to do something quite different with the blog this year.

This is “my” blog, and so I’m going to start by sharing a bit more about me, my life and my background. In fact that will by my very next post.

I am going to be a little more philosophical this year.  In the past I’ve held back from sharing my own views and beliefs becase I don’t want Reference Point Therapy to be associated with any dogma or spiritual ideology.  However, I think that RPT has grown to the point where it’s much “bigger than the man” so to speak. Some people might appreciate my blog without having any interest in our personal development tools. Others might love the RPT tools and disagree totally with my personal or spiritual beliefs. Either way is fine.

I’ve started working on a great series of articles about monism v. dualism, which ties in a lot of my very favorite topics, personal development, science of evolution, creation theory, the nature of god and the soul, and the RPT theory of coherence.  I see this series of articles being a long running theme for the blog rather than a single set that I publish.

Another reason changing the blog from research theory towards the personal and the philosophical is to encourage more participation from You.  Every time I’ve asked people why they don’t leave comments on the blog I hear the same reply – people don’t feel like they have something to share.  Well I think that by personalizing the blog this year it will be much more friendly and hopefully encourage you to participate a lot more. After all everyone has their own philosophy to share.

I’m still going to be doing research and sharing cutting edge science with you – but I wont be pressuring myself to do that in every blog post. If I learn something that could be useful to you, I’m going to share it.

In my last post (in December) I listed some of the changes you’ll see in 2011.  The most important by far is the new RPT website that Val and I have been working on.  It’s a huge effort and nearing completion. I just have another 50 or so articles to write – seriously it’s like writing a book. There’s so much content I want to share.  It’s an exciting project and I’m sure you will love diving into the new material.

Thanks again for your participation and support. As always a reminder that the price you pay for all information on this blog is to leave a comment, so please leave some thoughts (anonymous is fine) about what you’d like to see on this blog this year.



February 20, 2011 in Personal update
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  1. Nice to see your blog is still alive. Look forward to reading your thoughts about life, the universe and goats :)


  2. Hi there…have been following your RPT work for quite awhile and always knew that this IS the modality for me. Finally had the opportunity in February to take Level I in Vancouver with Val and looking fwd to Level II in April. Hope to increase awareness of RPT in Canada. Look fwd to your musings…goats and chickens included.


  3. I “accidentally” found your site over a week ago and have read and re-read every word I could find on your website as well as your blog. Not to mention watching your videos over and over. Love all that you have to say and offer. Your energy and brilliance amazes and inspires me. Thank you for all you have done to help others. Next week I’ll be experiencing my first RPT session. Can’t wait! I plan to attend the Level 1 training in April. Am so eager for that too!

    I quickly learned that RPT DOES work. I use another energy healing modality and was working with someone. A “belief” was not shifting. It felt stuck and as if it refused to “change”. Since I had watched Valeria’s video twice (found via google) I decided to “try” what she demonstrated. Even with my not being perfect, the person’s “block” shifted instantly. We both sat there dumbfounded!!! The issue was over deserving. The week after we talked, she had a flood of money unexpectedly come to her. She’s on cloud 9 now! Wait till I really learn this “stuff”!! Thanks again to all of you for all you do!


    simonrose Reply:

    thanks Wendy for that wonderful feedback. You have helped motivate/remind me about the extra information I am due to post today! I’m so glad that this material has helped you and your friend.


    Renee Hawkins Reply:

    Great to hear from you Simon. I always look forward to all the postings. And thanks WendyB- I tend to get caught up in trying to be perfect and get everything right. You showed me that the idea of “perfection” is just another trap that prevents us from experiencing the real perfection that is all around us and within us all of the time, no requirements needed to be met- just us willing to show up and open up. Thanks Wendy.


    WendyB Reply:

    Thanks, Renee for your kind words! So glad I could help. Yes, you are so right…”show up and open up.” It’s so exciting that our intentions tend to carry as much weight, if not more, than following a procedure “exactly.” That’s such a beautiful aspect of energy healing. It took me awhile to learn that lesson! But once you “let go” miracles can happen. You are so right that perfection is all around us and within us. We are already perfect. How blessed we all are!


  4. Hey Simon,
    Glad to see that you’re still blogging.
    Interested also to see that you’ve also been through a big life change (moving house versus my baby) that has interrupted your writing.
    I’m looking forward to reading (and probably debating) your philosophical ideas – especially the monism / dualism stuff.
    Love to Vanuatu!


  5. Hi Simon,

    I have enjoyed reading all of your posts, so it is good to hear that they will be back and taking a new twist :D



  6. Hi Simon,

    This blog is a real gem :)
    How about a course in Beirut, Lebanon?



    Simon Rose Reply:

    Oh WOW I would love that. I would love to visit Lebanon. I think bringing any spiritual work to that area would make such a difference. We had a really brilliant Palestinian therapist do our courses in Dubai last year which I found really great for me. You probably know I grew up with Jewish brainwashing, so it was so wonderful to meet and understand people from other cultures who helped me clear a lot of that programming.

    If you – or anyone – wishes to promote a course in your area simply contact us here.



  7. Bridget Kirwan

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for sharing yourself and your journey. It’s really inspired me to keep following my desires and inspirations and remind me of what and how I would like to live and create, and what is possible. Thank you.
    I also love how wherever you journey to teach your courses there’s a huge shift in collective consciousness (changing the Earth there as well) in that area and is felt and seen rippling out. As you teach – We are the change we are waiting for. We are the One’s that are grounded here, and the energies to acknowledge and change are through us, and is shifting massive old energies and paradigms for the One. Very beautiful. Thanks for everything that you are doing.

    Much love


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