How to find your Freedom (practical steps to take today)

In today’s blog, I will share some simple and free resources for reducing risk, increasing income, and gaining freedom.  I will tell you about services we offer to help people fundamentally change their life (including finding a new job and moving countries – the easy way).

Yesterday I wrote about how life in a typical Western country involves a constant sacrifice of freedom.  Today is about what I did to find freedom, and what you can do to create freedom in your life.

I decided that I was sick of living a life where the government could imprison me for doing my job – healing people and talking publicly about it. I was sick of paying 50% of my income in tax to be spent on military projects, bailouts and other ideas I don’t support.  I’m sick of parking tickets, speeding tickets, seat-belt tickets, pollution, corruption and everything else that goes on in life in a Western city.

And so I moved to paradise.

We live in Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific (near Fiji – a lot like Fiji but politically stable).  I’m not exactly sure what the northern hemisphere equivalent would be, but it would be a small Caribbean island, perhaps St Kitts.

Suddenly I have clean air. I can afford my own land with room for an organic garden and animals. I live on an island with 1 paved road (it doesn’t go to my house unfortunately!), and get this: NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS!  There’s no speed limit that I know of but that doesn’t matter because you can’t go very fast anyway.  There are no parking inspectors. You never hear a police siren. There’s almost zero murder/rape/assault. The weather is always warm. It rains at night and the days are sunny. It’s cooler in winter, but never cold. There are zero poisonous animals – you can walk barefoot through the rain forest.  In short, I live in paradise.

The people of Vanuatu have been rated as the happiest on earth – clearly they know something about freedom that the rest of the world does not. It’s not money that makes you happy (in case anyone still thought that), or gadgets or social status. It’s freedom.

Now I acknowledge that this is a poor country. The people can’t afford big houses and most don’t have the luxuries that you l have (like a computer). Things are going to change here as people (like me) invest in the health care system and in taking care of the community.  But one thing that I hope wont change is the sense of freedom.

You see more rules and more police (etc) doesn’t make for a richer or happier society. It’s not the number of laws you have that made your country rich. If anything it’s the opposite – the laws have held you nation back from where it could have been. The best thing a government can ever do is get out of people’s way (as long as they aren’t hurting each other).

What can you do?

I don’t mean to brag about how great Vanuatu is and how lucky Evette and I are to be here. I mean this to be practical to you.

My point is that you are not stuck where you are. If freedom is as important to you as it is to me, do something. Although it isn’t always easy, you CAN move and change.  In countries like USA, Canada and Australia, different States have different laws (and different tax rates), so a simple move interstate can change your circumstances.  A bigger move abroad will radically change your life and can bring profound freedom.

The beauty of the internet and especially Skype is that you can still talk to your friends and family every day, from anywhere in the world. With Skype video chat you can still “see” people and interact brilliantly. In short, there’s very little that can’t now do from paradise.

I know 99.9% of you will have a million excuses why you could never do that. Fine, I’m not trying to persuade anyone. I’m just letting you know what’s out there. If you truly believe that freedom is what matters most to you, there is still freedom to be had in this world.  I can help you get there, all you need is the desire.

I promise you: freedom in paradise is a LOT easier than you think!

If you dream of having an online business so you can live and work anywhere in the world, then the freedom-seeker’s bible is Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week. If you do nothing else, subscribe to his free blog. His book is only about $12 and is worth every thousands of dollars in inspiration, ideas and motivation. This book changed my life.

A second hugely valuable resource is Simon Black’s Sovereign Man. “Sovereign risk” is essentially the risk that the government will control you and take what you have. Paying tax and military conscription are common sovereign risks (as is going to jail for not wanting to).  Sovereign Man Community is dedicated to helping people minimize that risk by getting a second passport, opening foreign bank accounts and structuring their business to legally minimize tax.  The daily blog is free, and there’s a separate subscription site (about $300/yr) to a community where you can get more detailed information and access to a forum of experts to answer all your questions.  I have learned a lot on the forum and also help a lot of people there.

[Edit 4 March: The following links crossed my desk today just days after writing this article.  In today's Sovereign Man blog they are promoting this relevant resource - Independent Living's Ultimate Self Reliance Mega-Manual.  I have not read it, but it looks relevant to at least some of you in this journey to freedom. You might get the $49 worth of value.  As I said I haven't read it but posting a relevant link:]

RPT can help you

If you want help with this path – letting go of attachments, finding a new life elsewhere, earning a passive income or working as a life coach / healer via the internet from paradise, then RPT can help.  Our RPT teachers are trained to work on these issues and some of us have specific experience on moving countries and seeking a better life abroad. For instance Lian and Cornelius moved from Malaysia to Australia; Ben from England to Slovenia; Shirl from England to Spain; and Evette left the violence of South Africa to move to Australia, and then left the safety but tightly controlled Australian environment for the freedom of Vanuatu.  We all know what it’s like to search for freedom (or love or stability or safety) and to build a new life.

Coaching and consulting services

You know I teach RPT, but you may not know that that’s not my day job. Actually many of you know that I’m a former lawyer and investment banker, and I do still use those skills.  I help a lot of people to develop their own businesses, to earn passive or flexible incomes (not based on living in one spot), and to restructure their financial affairs.

I offer personal coaching sessions on all issues relating to finding freedom, including legal tax structuring (e.g. setting up a new business offshore or moving to a tax haven), obtaining second passports, setting up an internet business, online marketing, how to earn a passive income, and more. You can book a session with me or any of our RPT teachers here.

Become a therapist and work from anywhere!

One of the best ways to earn a great income whilst living in your dream paradise is to work as an RPT consultant or therapist.  We do all our sessions via Skype so you can be based anywhere. With some easy to learn internet marketing, you could established abroad and living your dream life in as little as a few weeks.  All you need to do is complete the Level 1 RPT and Level 2 RPT practitioner training course.  We can provide you with the information you need for getting starting and marketing your business abroad.

So if the idea of Freedom is exciting you, know that you can do something about it today!



Your comments sought

Your comments are the currency with which you can “pay” for anything you learn and enjoy here. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Your feedback helps to shift the future direction of this blog. Do you want to know more about finding freedom? Would you like more information about sovereign risk? Or do you want me to get back to the serious business of instant healings? Let me know. Anonymous comments are fine.

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March 2, 2011 in Financial freedom / Lifestyle design
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26 Responses

  1. Hi Simon,

    It’s a thrill for me to hear that you are living your life of freedom because that gives me hope that I really can reach my dream too. I live in the US and love my country but no, I’m not really free in the sense that I dream of. However, I am taking steps every day to reach my dream. It’s just taking more time than I think it should because I want everything NOW! :-)

    I am currently an energy practitioner plugging along helping those who are open but am also looking for how to help people the fastest and most affordable way. It’s insane what I’ve paid to reach a level of healing. I believe that everyone’s dreams should include an abundance in wealth and health. And I’m on a mission to let them know they can have this dream, even in America where sickness abounds, people lose their homes to medical bills, overpriced prescriptions and unemployment is through the roof.

    I had my first RPT session yesterday for a physical issue and I have to say, it was awesome. Bear with me here for a second….I saw a psychic last Nov and she told me I was doing what I was supposed to be doing (in the energy healing line) but that I would start to change everything quickly and learn how to “go in to the root of the problem and cause all the issues around it to fall.” The analogy I created in my mind was tumbling a house of cards by removing the foundation. Well, I have to say that RPT does that!

    Right now I’m in the process of helping Valeria bring a class to Utah in April. I have to say that I am beyond excited to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

    I know that becoming the energy practioner I was born to be and helping the people I’m suppose to help will be a huge step towards my dreams. Next step is getting out of Utah and moving somewhere warm!

    I like hearing about life as well as being an energy practition and all facets of building a business.

    Thanks for your time!


    simonrose Reply:

    I certainly want to write more about the practicalities of building a healing business. If you have any specific questions please ask.

    Thanks for the great feedback, I know you will love the course with Val, she is awesome.



  2. Purdita Webster

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you very much for posting this article and sharing all of this with us – a really inspiring one to say the least. I was actually just thinking about going in to really practicing RPT a couple of days ago, and earning a side-income from that to begin with and seeing how it all goes, and then this particular topic pops up – what a coincidence!. However, the only issue here is, I procrastinate (A LOT), wanting everything to be perfect before pushing forward (or thats just probably another excuse to hinder myself from actually jumping into it fully). Anyway, reading what you have been through and your experiences has really helped to send the message out that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, so thank you for the inspiration and reminder. I will most definitely look into Tim Ferriss’ book as recommended by you.

    I personally would love to know more about exactly how i.e. ways in finding freedom (where does one begin? What do we need to look for when doing RPT on ourselves to having this freedom?) and of course “the serious business of instant healings”.

    Looking forward to your next post! :-)

    Purdita W


    simonrose Reply:

    Hi Purdita
    Procrastination is an issue we all deal with. I go through phases of it. I don’t belive that it’s something that you can “heal” per se. Rather you need a clear goal, motivation and structure. Whenever I am procrastinating I have no clear goal motivating me. But when the goal is clear you couldn’t come between me and my objective.

    You asked about finding freedom – it’s a broad topic and the more specific you can be the more specific my answer can be.

    In relation to self-healing about freedom, using RPT (or any technique the reader knows), I think the important first question would be about fear or secondary gain. For instnace what is the worst thing that could happen if I found freedom? That would help identify the fear. Then you use your technique to clear that fear. So I recommend looking inside to find what freedom would mean for you and what you are afraid of.

    For many people it would be about attachment, fear of losing family, etc.



  3. Pfff….
    Sleep is a rare and highly sought after thing around here these days… I was about to go to bed and get what little my baby will allow us, and thought ‘oh I’ll just read Simon’s new post first’. Big mistake.
    What you’ve written above has got me very excited :)


    Dmitry Yeschenko Reply:

    +1 Ben!
    I’ve got to the same trap with my baby :)
    Thanks to Simon it was really great posts.
    I even read an article about Vanuatu in Wikipedia afterwards.

    Really big city energy is quite overwhelming… especially if there are more then 20 million inhabitants in your city. (Moscow)
    I even remember situation when I was 19 and we organize a tent camp for children on river island 40 km aside Kiev. And when after a few weeks used to go to Kiev for some reason it was unforgettable feeling. There was a kind of invisible line may be 5 km around the city. When I cross it I felt real pressure in every cell of my body. And also there was really great release when I crossed that line while going back.

    City is really a kind of invicible “golden cell” for our freedom. We simply sell it in exchange for visible luxuries. So let’s go free!
    Best Regards.


    simonrose Reply:

    Dmitry, you are absolutely right. I didn’t think of that. A lot of the freedom I feel here is to do with nature, not just political. I love the clean air.
    I am just 5 minutes’ drive from the “city” (pop about 30,000 I think) and the air there is terrible. But I live on top of a hill and it is perfect. I only leave my house once a week! That’s the freedom I have, to live on my land, connect with my fruit trees, vegetables, animals. I can’t tell you how amazing it is.

    The funny thing is that whilst I dreamed of this freedom for years, I felt that it would never happen because I was stuck in a career that could only exist in a big city. I think it’s only because of the internet that it’s now possible to earn a living and live with this freedom.

    Tim Ferriss says it best (in 4 Hour Work Week) when he says “Earn dollars, spend peso.” Meaning you earn an income (e.g. from offering healing sessions) in a rich country (with no freedom), and you spend local currency to live an amazing lifestyle in a poor country with great freedom. You get 100 times the quality of life, and you can live for 1/10th the income you need in the city.

    I said to my wife today “we are very lucky” and she corrected me – luck has had nothing to do with it.



  4. Been thinking about Sovereign Risk alot since reading about it here for the first time last night.
    Here in Slovenia it is the law that all children have to have vaccinations. Injecting a 3 month old baby with a cocktail of heavy metals (mercury), anti-biotics, and to be honest I don’t know what else… and I am supposed to not have a choice, when it comes to my own son! Of course, I do have choice, and it isn’t going to happen. But many people simply do as they’re told, thinking that if the doctor / law says they have to, then it must be ok.
    Just a thought…


    Renee Hawkins Reply:

    I feel for you Ben. Here in Australia you do have a choice whether to vaccinate or not. I have chosen not to for my two children.But for me,to chose not to still comes at a price.My baby nearly died three times when she contracted whooping cough at 5 months old. I am constantly seen as a parent with little regard for my child’s health, even in the amazingly open community that I live in. Although I am very confused about what I would do if I were to have another child, I am still grateful to have a choice at all- for now- not surprisingly, the government is trying to change that. Love (and peaceful sleep;) to you and your family.


    Ben Ralston Reply:

    Hi Renee – I know a very interesting person whose whole family (he, wife, and 3 kids) all contracted whooping cough. He and his wife had the vaccinations for it when they were kids… but they still got it. I’m no expert on vaccinations (far from it!), but I’m fairly sure that, just like the flu jab, you’re not really immune.
    My hat is doffed to you for having the courage to live as you do… I’m trying the same with my baby, and I know that if he gets sick it’s going to test our convictions a lot.
    Love, Ben


    simonrose Reply:

    hi Ben, it’s true the vaccinations provide no guarantee, only limited protection – at a cost.

    Evette follows the work of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Now don’t quote me verbatim but I believe he found that high doses of vitamin A and C at the onset of viral infection were far more effective treatment than anything you could get from pharmaceuticals.

    (For new readers to this site – I am not anti-pharmaceuticals by any means, and my life has been saved by surgery. I just believe in an open discussion of the risks, benefits and alternatives – something your doctors may not even know about.)


  5. Hi Simon. I remember years ago when I first met you we were both in love with Tim Ferris and what he had brought to us with his book. I am constantly telling everyone to read it and have even brought the updated version so that I don’t miss out on anything new.
    10 years ago this year, I left Sydney aged 22, to live a life out in the lush forests of Byron Bay. Mountain air, no neighbors, rocky unsealed roads that no-one wants to drive up (great for me), banana, lychee, pawpaw, mango trees everywhere out my front door. One downer- lots of poisonous snakes, etc- oh how I would love to run bare foot without fearing being bitten;)
    I cannot recommended enough for people to do it. I had no money when I left, and funnily enough I still don’t- but that has made not a smidgen of difference. If freedom and feeling free is a priority in your life- dump all excuses right now! Not to bragg, but to encourage everyone- I have a house cleaner, window cleaner, live in a million dollar home , and I earn less than $500 week with my partner and two kids. I swap RPT and massage sessions for my cleaning and I rent instead of buying. There are ways, so many ways to start today. Jump now, and I promise you will land safely (perhaps a few bumps and bruises alone the way- but hey- we all dig scars;)Love and Light…..and Freedom.


    Shellie Reply:


    That is so inspiring! It really can be done. I feel SO READY to change my lifestyle to a gentler one. I don’t need money, just joy and freedom. I’m ready. Found these posts, great start!


    Renee Hawkins Reply:

    Love and Light to you and your amazing journey xxxxxxx


  6. I love “4 Hour Work Week” and I’ve devoured it more than once. I constantly recommend it. Yet here I am, still in a job, still living in a place I don’t particularly want to be, tired of financial issues rearing their head and feeling decidedly twitchy. I need to move on/out/up. Yet …… I’m also happy doing what I love and that book, plus others, has taught me that I’m already free. The outside world takes a little while to catch up, that’s all. There’s a big jump coming though. I can feel it in my bones.
    Thanks to Ben for being instrumental in freeing up that realization.
    You’re on fire Simon and I love it. There has been so much food for thought in this recent flurry of entries both from you and the lovely people leaving such great comments.
    I’m going to tweet with a fab quote from you if that’s ok “Things don’t happen for a reason,;they happen for an attraction.” Fantastic.
    Sue x
    ps Also fantastic is the 4 Hour Body


  7. Hi Simon, really encouraging blog………..I have begun my journey by leaving a government post of 18yrs to enable me to enjoy the freedom of choice in the workplace. I love to travel and would love to work ‘anywhere in the world’. I have sent for the freedom-seeker’s bible – 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and I have subscribed to his free blog, thank you.

    Looking forward to more posts

    Love and Blessings


  8. Simon,
    Loved your story and the freedom from societies ills that you have obtained. I have decided to do RPT whole heartedly after a year of sorting things out. My dream would be to do as you have done, and be free of government control and taxes. I have a background in business; but I am stymied on the subject of insurance. Sure it is a crock of poo to have to have it, but it is a litigating society. Problem is no one has it for this line of work, and if they do too expensive. So I have chosed to use a waiver and have clients sign it before working with them. I am hoping with all the new energies coming into the world that this will soon change. Any ideas on this?
    Love and light,


  9. Love these posts! I’ve thought for a long time that there are only 2 states: Fear and freedom from fear. And I so enjoy hearong folks speak to that movement toward freedom.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    thanks Charlie
    I don’t know how many “states” there are. I’d say that we all have different motivators, like love, security, freedom, sex, etc. My strongest driver is freedom. I know that other people are different. Maybe (as you seem to be suggesting) if we dig down deep enough they are all the same thing.


  10. 20-something years ago, a few friends at work were talking about our dreams. I said my dream was to move to the countryside one day. They said, “Why not now?”

    I was stumped then. I didn’t think of that.

    Looking back, I can only say it was because I wanted to ‘taste’ the world. I’ve lived in 6 cities from Sydney to LA with several Asian cities in between in the last 18 years. Of the 18 years, only 2 were spent in my home country.

    Lately I’ve been having the same thoughts about moving to paradise too. I live in Beijing now. They sure have some good schools and we know some really decent people but there’s not much going for this place as far as a sustainable lifestyle is concerned.

    I’ve been to so many places but I’ve never been to the South Pacific Islands. Now you’ve piqued my curiosity about Vanuatu. Maybe we’ll visit.


  11. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for letting me know there’s a possibilty to live in a paradise. My husband always said he hates Hong Kong and wanna move to the South Pacific. Being a city girl for my entire life till now, I couldn’t envision there’s a possibility and that a nice place like this really does exist.

    Thanks for letting us know there’s a possibility to make our dream come true:)



    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Jamie
    well I have to say that Vanuatu is about as different to HK as you can get. We actually have fresh air that you can breathe for a start. But we have no real shopping malls, no proper roads even. If you are too much of a “city girl” you might not like it. Best to come with your husband for a vacation and see if you fall in love with the place like we did. If you do I’ll help introduce you to people who can help with moving here, finding a house, getting visas etc.



    Jamie Ku Reply:

    Thanks Simon:) We actually did plan to visit Fiji during my vacation in early August. I’ll talk to my husband and see if he wanna come to Vanuatu and take a look! :)


  12. Thanks Simon

    For being so willing to help others find freedom and joy.

    It’s really appreciated and so very encouraging.

    G’day to Evette! have enjoyed her insightful posts elsewhere on the web tonight =)



  13. Oliver J R Cooper

    This is an important area.

    thanks for writing it Simon :D


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