Personal update: Happy Easter Break & Love from Vanuatu!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been so deep in ideas and philosophy on this blog lately that I haven’t done a personal update for ages. I did promise the blog would be more fun and more personal this year.

Just letting you all know that I’ve taken a break from blogging over Easter. We have been very busy with social engagements (i.e. going to the beach!), and the fact is I work 7 days a week, between my day jobs and RPT, so it’s great to take a break.

I know people forget that I have a day job since I’m just associated (on this blog) with RPT. Actually the brilliant Valeria Moore (author of Healer Wisdom) is the general manager of RPT. She’s the only full time person working in RPT and it wouldn’t exist without her.  Evette’s full time job is writing, she recently finished writing her book New Stepping Stones about healing abuse. It is being edited.  She’s currently working on a huge encyclopedia of healing, Metaphysical Anatomy. That could take a long time – it’s an unlimited topic. I think in practice it will come out next year and be fully revised every year or two.

I don’t have 1 full time job, it’s more like I keep myself busy 15 hours a day.  Things that I’m passionate about include corporate and strategic consulting, life coaching (using RPT tools), tax structuring, legal risk management, outsourcing, productivity tools, and I love gadgets.  I can help clients restructure their business so they minimize risk, don’t pay more tax than they have to, etc.

One thing that I love is helping people to find their freedom, as I wrote about in a set of articles last month.  For instance it is much easier to quit your job and move to a different country than you think.  I help people navigate through a range of issues – so they know they can still earn money, live well, send kids to school, etc, from just about anywhere in the world.

I used to be a full time healing teacher/practitioner and I felt like my left-brain (legal side) was atrophying. It’s fun now to get a good left-right brain balance.

Back to Vanuatu news – my father and step-mother arrive from Australia on Sunday. These are our first international visitors to see the house and garden, and I look forward to playing tour guide and showing them some sights I haven’t seen yet. I have a list of great snorkeling and diving spots to explore.

Evette and I are really excited to be going to Russia in only 2 weeks time!  As you probably know we are teaching in Moscow and Kiev. We are also visiting Budapest to explore my roots (my mother’s family is Hungarian – my dad’s is Polish).  One of our students in the USA is helping us to connect with some doctors in Budapest who are interested in our work and will hopefully promote some courses there.

We fly back via Singapore and Australia – hopefully a chance for some shopping.  I love buying gadgets (iPad anyone?) and could probably do with some new shirts. As much as I love Vanuatu, there’s one thing we don’t have is shopping.  There are no malls, and just one small strip aimed at cruise shop tourists.  I figure that we actually save a fortune – I mean you don’t really need much here, some shorts and some flip flops is all I wear and t-shirts if the humidity drops a bit. I have a wardrobe full of shirts and trousers and really crazy stuff like shoes and socks, which I can only wear when we are teaching abroad!

I’ll be a bit busy this week with dad here, but I promise I’ll make the time to finish the current set of blog articles on causation. I have lots of research to do – this is one topic I can’t just do off the top of my head.  It will get done.

Well, it’s been great doing a personal update for a change. Don’t hesitate to remind me to update you all when I’ve been stuck in my philosophy mode for too long!

Oh one other thing I thought I might mention because I value your feedback: I was thinking about adding a product review section to this blog. It could be healing tools, supplements, books etc, but it will probably be gadgets because that’s what I love!  If you would be interested in me writing occasional short articles about really cool toys / products I find, let me know.  Also feel free to send ideas for things to check out. We get lots of emails about healing tools, products, courses and we do check out lots of them, and sometimes they are really great.

OK back to the garden!



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  1. Hey Simon,

    Thank you for the nice personal update. All the best to you and your family. I hope the Easter holiday weekend is fun for you and yours.

    - John

    P.S. I would love to find a way to live in an island paradise while still earning enough to survive and enjoy life. Maybe you should create a class on that !


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi John, thanks for the best wishes.

    Any internet business, including yours, can be done from pretty much anywhere. As long as your island has internet you’re set. I highly recommend Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week as the “bible” for what Tim calls business liberation.

    > Maybe you should create a class on that !

    Well in my way I do – it’s called “Reference Point Therapy,” you might have heard of it!? Apart from being a great personal development technique, it’s also a great career. Because RPT is a talking therapy it is usually done by Skype. Someone who is, say, a massage therapist or kinesiologist etc, stuck with a local client base, could suddenly move to an island with internet and see clients all over the world via Skype. It’s a great business model that RPT offers.

    best wishes


  2. Hi
    I’d like gadgets too, so if you’ll write something interesting about – why not.
    About iPad – I still haven’t found where I could use it :)
    I have a book reader, a PocketPC, and 12″ notebook which I use for any kind of work, typing, browsing.. even video-editing.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    The iPad is only worth it if it reduces the number of gadgets you travel with. The reason I haven’t bought one yet is that it would be just one extra gadget – I take a still camera, video camera, my very powerful notebook, Evette’s portable 10″ notebook, Kindle e-reader, at least 3 mobile phones and a box of hard drivers, chargers, power adapters, etc. Now if the iPad could replace at least 3 of those devices (small notebook, Kindle and camera maybe) it would be worth traveling with. However it’s not there yet.

    My favorite 2 gadgets this month are the Kindle e-reader and a new pair of shoes which fix posture, foot problems and lower back pain. I don’t think the world really needs another Kindle review but I can’t wait to write about the shoes. I’m just waiting a month so I can say for sure “this is what it did for my feet.”

    See you in Russia in a few weeks so we can compare gadgets! :-)



    Sue Healy Reply:

    Kindle! I really didn’t like the idea because I love books as things. They feel good, they have their own smell and they aquire a nice lived-in look if they’re any good because they get carted around, shared, dropped in the bath, covered in sun cream etc. I like to lend and borrow books. Can’t really do that with a Kindle. But oh how wonderful the little blighter is. The screen itself is a marvel and is probably part of what converted me. I do feel slightly disloyal though I can’t see me completely abandoning books. The Kindle is a guilty pleasure for now but I just know it’s going to take over. x


  3. Sue this isn’t the product review page so I’ll keep this short. I agree Kindle cannot replace books, but it’s so useful for people who travel. Last trip I had so many kilos of reference books, guide books and airplane fiction. Now it all fits in one tiny device. Plus you CAN now borrow/lend/swap Kindle books and even borrow library books to your Kindle. Cool!

    Plus living in Vanuatu I can’t just go to the bookstore, and even Amazon is a pain (slow delivery). So eBooks are my only real option and they are much nicer to read on the Kindle than iPad or PC screen.



  4. Island life sounds lovely. I’d prefer somewhere more temperate but space, peace, my own timetable and lovely things to look at really appeal. The work is mine to do to get that and I have the tools. You and Evette seem to be in the best place for you. Everyone has at least one of those (a bit like there being more than one soulmate) but something blocks us from it. Maybe fears about dreams becoming reality as they might not live up to expectations? Maybe an infinite number of individual bits of stuff? But how great to find out.
    A spot of focus now, I think.
    In the near future I’d love to contribute to this blog from a sunny porch, surrounded by mountains, water and a warm, welcoming, interesting, cultured and open-minded community. And a good interenet connection. Mmmm x


  5. Best wishes to you and your family as you take this much needed break!

    I always love reading product reviews on most topics.



  6. Hey Simon, I wouldn’t mind reading a review of 4-hour work week, if that fits into your review section idea. I’m about half way through it, and totally loved the beginning, but am now getting quite turned off by the focus on what seems to be a pretty selfish, ego-centric perspective on business.
    For example, he says at one point (regarding the topic of outsourcing) something like: “There is no reason why *everyone* cannot live a life like this” (doing very little work but making plenty of $ by outsourcing the work to (for example) India. I find it highly ironic that his statement is so obviously nonsense. The people he outsources to will not be enjoying a 4 hour work week! Of course, a lot of the book is great – I love his motivational style and the way he encourages people to be bold and fearless… but there is something that I can’t put my finger on that I fundamentally disagree with. Like, a section on how you can pretend to be an expert on something – as if the world doesn’t have enough charlatans and bullshitters in it already?!
    Sorry to sabotage your ‘personal thread’! Have a lovely break, and I’m looking forward to Kiev very much.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Ben, the 4HWW “in joke” is that Ferriss works 100+ hours a week. It’s not a book about how to do nothing, it’s about having a business that works for you and gives you freedom. You don’t need to agree with everything he says.



  7. Best wishes and lots of love and fun to you Simon, Evette and family during your well deserved break. Thank you for the posts and look forward to hearing more on your return


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