Level 3 course survey: let’s hear your preferences

Hi friends of RPT

Are you interested in taking the Level 3: Mastering the Miraculous course this year?

We would like your input to help us schedule our Level 3 courses at the best times and locations for our students. If it were up to me alone I’d do all my courses here in heaven (Vanuatu) but I appreciate that that’s the wrong side of the world for most of you! So please let me know what locations are best for you.

We are running 2 surveys, one for North America and one for Europe. We are most likely to run the North American course first (probably August) and the European course next (late September). Dates are slightly flexible and locations very flexible.

We might also run a course later in the year in Asia or Vanuatu. (I’ll run a survey later in the year to gauge interest, but for now the only guaranteed courses are North America and Europe.)

Please only fill in one of these surveys:

  • If you are interested in a course in North America (USA or Canada) this year, please click here to complete a survey; or
  • If you are interested in a course in Western Europe this year, please click here to complete a survey.

Thanks for your participation.


April 11, 2011 in Thoughts For the Day

5 Responses

  1. Well I first want to take Level 1 and 2 whenever I can. Don’t know when that will be, but Asia would be nice!


    Simon Rose Reply:

    where in Asia Aya? We haven’t taught a Level 3 ever in Asia so would be very interested.

    Cornelius and Lian have run some great courses in HK, KL etc and I know there’s growing demand.



    Aya Reply:

    I’m in Korea! I saw there are Level 1&2 coming up in HK soon. But I dont know if I can take it that soon though~~


    Simon Rose Reply:

    The best thing for you would be to help Cornelius or Lian promote a course in Korea. Usually you need to get about 20-30 people to make it work. As promoter you could do the course for free and be paid for your time spent promoting. We are always looking for promoters in new places.

    Please contact Cornelius or myself via our website for more info.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm.


  2. Malaga was a great venue Simon. Easy and cheap to get to from all over Europe and from Russia. Shirley got a great deal on the acommodation which was lovely. Great food locally. All boxes ticked. x


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