Personal update: Greetings from Moscow

Greetings from Moscow!

Evette and I landed safe and sound here on Monday after a long but uneventful 3 day trip from Vanuatu.  The 30 hour stretch from Brisbane to Moscow via Heathrow was the longest single plane trip I’ve ever done. It was fine though and jetlag hasn’t been a major issue this time. I have not needed to use Ben Ralston’s instant cure for jetlag (10 minutes of yoga whilst standing on your head!).

Our promoter Dmitry and his assistant Olga gave us a nice tour of the Kremlin and central Moscow yesterday.  I can report that St Basil’s (that’s the image to the left) is very pretty, but nothing like that photo in the middle of the day.  Probably at night it really comes out.

I do have an interesting little travel anecdote to share. Somehow I forgot to lock my suitcase.  This is really unlike me – 15 years of regular travel have made me extremely security conscious. I picked up my bag at Moscow, after it had traveled through 4 big airports (Brisbane, Singapore, London and Moscow) and 3 different planes. I immediately noticed that the zip was open about 15 cm.  I had a little panic – “someone has broken into my bag.”

However the good news is that nothing was touched.  All the vaguely valuable things (nothing really important in checked baggage) are there. Whilst it’s possible someone opened the combination lock, it’s much more likely that I just forgot.

Moral of the story: if you aren’t resonating with theft/abuse you don’t attract it.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop locking my bag / house / car because by doing so I’m also resonating with safety consciousness (I am not locking things in fear and paranoia, just safety and security).

Well that was my little story I thought I’d share.   I’ll update you all more later in the week after the courses have started. The Moscow course will be our largest ever done by translator (50+ students), so it will be something of a personal challenge – but we have lots of support. Dmitry has done a great job of promoting it, let’s just hope that our translators do an equally good job of passing on the messages.

I’m really looking forward to seeing quite a few of our RPT teachers here and in Kiev.  I know we have Nicholas here in Moscow, Ben in Kiev and a number of Level 3 gradates too including Bernadette in Moscow and Oya in Kiev.  It will be fun to reconnect.



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May 11, 2011 in Personal update
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  1. Hey Simon,
    I’m glad you made it without jet-lag!
    Just to clarify: the head-stand is yoga enough! No need to ‘do yoga’ in headstand!! (Although – for anyone taking this seriously! – deep breathing in the pose is key). And 2-3 minutes before leaving, and upon arrival, is enough. 10 minutes in one go requires serious training!


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