Does evil exist? (or “The Science of Duality”?)

Does evil actually exist?

Can we really truly say that a person, or thing, or idea is “Evil?”

Please take 10 seconds to think about that. Are paedophiles evil? Was Hitler / Stalin / Mao / Pol Pot evil? What about ideas? Can a concept like communism / fascism be called evil?

One thing that’s immediately clear is that the meaning of the word evil is relative. Perhaps Hitler called Stalin evil, and vice versa.

A new psychology book (published June 2011) argues that evil doesn’t exist. Rather it is a symptom of a deeper problem, ultimately caused by trauma.

Today I’m going to explain this psychological theory about evil in more detail. But first I want to make some more general comments about good and evil, and about the relationship between symptoms and trauma.

This will help you to understand how RPT works and how you can easily and safely heal yourself.

The nature of Duality

The distinction between good and evil is an example of duality. Duality basically means splitting things into two. Usually, at least in philosophical conversations, the two parts are opposites: hot and cold; present or absent; or the classic: good and evil. This idea of duality is firmly enmeshed in human culture and thinking. I’ll spare you the history lesson, but I do recommend a quick Wikipedia read on Dualism and Good and Evil.

To me, the million dollar question is whether duality is a cause or a symptom of life’s problems?

A year or two ago I would have argued that duality was a cause. I even lectured that it was a core instinct or fundamental “tone” in the universe.

I’ve changed my mind. Mainly because the last year’s research has given me a much more complete understanding of instincts and the causes of human problems. I am much clearer now on what is or isn’t a cause of our problems. It turns out that most things we see and experience are just symptoms of much deeper instincts.

I would now say that all of duality – the human need to split things into pairs like good and evil – is just a symptom. There are deeper underlying problems that cause (a) the behaviour we call evil and (b) the need to classify things as good or evil.

In other words “evil” and “duality” are both invented concepts or labels – they don’t actually exist except as ideas in our human brain. Now just beause evil isn’t real doesn’t mean you can’t experience evil. Evil might be a good adjective for some types of behavior for instance. It just doesn’t exist as a force in the universe. For instance whilst I think that communism and fascism could be described as evil ideas, I don’t think that Stalin and Hitler were evil people. Very seriously damaged and dangerous people – yes. But “evil” is not a helpful way to describe them.

So what is evil if it doesn’t really exist?

Back to the book I mentioned. Simon Baron-Cohen, a professor of developmental psychopathology at Cambridge University¸ has just published The Science of Evil (USA), also known as Zero Degrees of Empathy (UK).

[If you recognize the name, Simon is a cousin of Sacha Baron-Cohen, famous for his characters Borat, Ali G, and Brüno. Interesting family in which to study psychology!]

Baron-Cohen grew up in a family of Jewish Holocaust survivors. For his family there was no question that evil exist, and no question about who was evil (the Nazis, or perhaps even the German people).

This explanation wasn’t good enough for Baron-Cohen.

He has developed a new theory that helps people to understand the phenomenon of evil behaviour, without having to believe in evil itself.

Why people do evil things?

According to Baron-Cohen, psychopathic behaviour such as that termed “evil” is a function of lack of empathy

Empathy is a whole spectrum of behaviour, hard to pin down. In really broad terms we might say that a person with empathy can share feelings with another person. People without empathy can be defined as a psychopath or sociopath (there is no real consensus on the difference between those 2 terms).

Baron-Cohen wants us to stop judging behaviour like “he did it because he was evil” and instead explain people’s behaviour according to individual differences in empathy.

This has several advantages. Firstly empathy is measurable in the scientific framework of psychology. You can measure how much empathy a person has and what factors influence this. It is relative, and it is measurable; whereas evil is absolute.

Another real benefit to talking about empathy disorders rather than evil is that you avoid the religious connotations of evil. Evil has no precise meaning, so our understanding of it is cultural. Christian evil can be quite different to Moslem evil or the concept of evil in say small pacific islands with isolated communities. In my country the islanders use the word “tabu” (taboo) to describe a whole range of evils and customary obligations which I would never think of. Avoiding evil (or tabu) and talking about one’s ability for empathy avoids all this cultural subjectivity.

So the next time you want to describe someone as evil, stop for a minute and ask yourself “what is that person’s capacity for empathy?” Does that person even have the biological ability to understand other people’s feelings?

I think this distinction has extraordinary implications for how to treat “evil” in society. It is much easier to use the religious line (even unconsciously and even by atheists) and to describe someone as evil. That removes the need to stop and think about what they have done and why they did it. If we drop “evil” and seriously examine people’s psychopathology, we have a much deeper understanding of people’s behaviour and how to help (or punish) them.

Removing duality from our lives

So evil doesn’t really exist, it’s just a symptom of psychopathology. But where does that leave the entire notion of good and evil?

Remember good and evil is like black and white – absolute. It’s “binary thinking.”

The thing is; the real world doesn’t work that way. Things are not black and white, just as things aren’t really good and evil. There’s always a spectrum.

What I love about Baron-Cohen’s work on empathy is that he gives us the spectrum. Evil has no spectrum but empathy does. We can measure and compare people’s ability for empathy. And the moment you can measure and compare something – it ceases to be duality.

In other words – and I hope you are still with me because this is important – duality is the symptom not the cause of our problems.

Duality (good/bad; right/wrong) is the easy label, the quick fix. It’s what we say when we haven’t dug deep enough to find the true cause.

And so, contrary to a statement I made nearly 2 years ago in a recorded demo, I do not believe the duality exists. I don’t think duality is a cause of our problems. And duality is not some universal tone or instinct that has to be healed.

So how DO we heal it?

If duality isn’t real, how do we heal the symptoms of duality (like evil) or the very need to create duality?

I’m glad you asked that question – this is where RPT comes into the picture. If you are reading my blog you probably already have a little knowledge about our main area of research – tools for instantly clearing trauma. That is my main focus – even though I like to blog about other subjects to keep things interesting.

All my research over the last few years has convinced me that trauma is the ultimate cause of our problems (and our strengths). In fact I can be more precise; it’s the way in which we respond to trauma that is the ultimate cause of who we are.

The way that RPT creates an instant healing result is to identify the way in which we responded to past trauma, because this determines how the trauma is attached to our sense of identity. It is usually not necessary to know or to heal the trauma itself – after all it’s just a story. What matters is the way in which we responded to the trauma. Unlocking that association is the secret to instant change in your life, your health, your relationships and so on.

Back to evil and duality: we now know that evil and duality are symptoms of psychopathology. And what causes someone to become a psychopath / sociopath? The answer is trauma. This can be active trauma such as sexual abuse, or sometimes a “passive trauma” like lack of love, attention or connectedness. If you clear the trauma the symptoms of the duality can disappear.

Of course in RPT we rarely deal with the extremes of the spectrum like psychopathology. 99% of our work is for ordinary people like you, who might occasionally feel stuck or just want more from their lives. Ordinary people get stuck in dualistic thinking – using labels like “good and evil” to explain or justify things. Where RPT can help ordinary people is in letting go of this thinking, in clearing the underlying trauma that locks us into this limitation in our consciousness.

[Note – I’m not suggesting that psychopaths can be easily treated with RPT. Yes we can clear their trauma, but a psychopath doesn’t want to change.]


This article was inspired by an interview with Baron-Cohen in NewScientist magazine, 9 April 2011 (Australian edition).

Your comments/ questions

What are your thoughts? Do good and evil really exist? Are people evil or just damaged? Should the world evil be released from our cultural vocabularly?

I look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Interesting article. What you said resonates with me. Whilst I believe duality exists in nature (up/down, hot/cold etc.) and is fundamental to the physical universe, duality applied to morals and behaviour is more a matter of individual perception. Just take a look at the differences in the age of consent or rape laws around the world and you realise how arbitrary notions of correct moral behaviour are. Of course it’s a sliding scale – there are some truly heinous things that most humans would agree on as right or wrong but as you move up the scale the arbitrarian nature of morals begins to become more obvious. Having said that, there’s nothing inherent about nature that dictates what’s right or wrong. What humans consider to be murder and “wrong” is another species’ act of survival with no consequences.

    I feel intuitively that there’s truth to this but it’s also a bit disturbing at the same time. On a positive, it opens up the possibility of treating such things. On a negative, it brings up issues like free will and the inevitable legal ramifications ie. if a person performs acts that most people would consider to be “evil” but those acts are just a response to programming from past trauma then it opens up the potential for the medicalisation of criminal acts. To use a phrase I read in a court case, if the defendant’s “power of volition has been dethrowned” as a result of a recongnisable psychiatric illness then it really changes criminal and sentencing law. No longer can anyone be held responsible for criminal acts – they’re just the inevitable and foreseeable consequences of a medical issue.

    I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad – it just makes me think about an alternative way of dealing with crime and I haven’t fully digested it yet. It could be a good thing in that, instead of throwing criminals into prisons to rot and be “punished”, we send them to institutions where they can be treated and properly rehabilitated (instead of the “Claytons” rehabilitation that currently goes on in prisons). It’s certainly got potential and hopefully someone will do a trial one day to see how effective it is. It has a precedent if you believe the stories about Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len’s work with using ho’oponopono in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane but I suspect it would take a lot of work and studies to become a broadly acceptable way of dealing with crime in society.

    I’m going to add that book to my next Amazon order (and I’ll be sure to click your link :) )


    Shane Marsh Reply:

    I forgot to add, it also brings up the potential justification for “Minority Report” style “pre-crime” measures.


  2. hmm, I still think you have some secret psychic skill that tells you within minutes of me updating a blog…. that’s easier to beleive than you checking in every hour every single day even when I don’t write for a few week! Well nice to know you are keen!

    About the punishment thing first – I happen to believe that imprisonment is completely useless as punishment. It’s only done to make the “great unwashed” feel better. That said… until such time as there is a proven treatment for psychopaths, I do think they should be locked up for the protection of society. Treatment doesn’t work.

    Have a read of this wonderful blog about a book on psycopaths.

    It’s quite amazing what it says about how and why most of our political, military and business leaders are psycopaths. More relevantly though, read the bit about the experiment in using LSD to treat psycopaths and how the “healed” psycopaths released from jail had an even higher rate of recidivism than untreated psycopaths. That’s why I think that a confortable room with 3 square meals and very high walls “at her Magesty’s pleasure” is the only answer. I don’t take deprivation of liberty lightly, but my research into psychopathy has given me some strong views. Again, see the above blog link for more info.

    With that out of the way, I’m much more interested to open a debate about this:

    > Whilst I believe duality exists in nature (up/down, hot/cold etc.)
    > and is fundamental to the physical universe

    I used to beleive this. Now I don’t.

    These are NOT examples of duality in nature. They are examples of dualism in human thought, probably hardwired into our brains.

    Hot and cold do not exist. There’s no such thing and your inner scientist remembers this. Hot and cold are relative terms invented by humans as labels. My “hot” shower might be your cold. The heat of my fireplace is cold next to the sun. It’s a totally human subjective experience, not something that exists in nature.

    I certainly don’t agree that duality is fundamental to the physical universe unless you are talking about the special case of partical wave duality – and even that cannot be separated from the role of the human as the observer affected the observed particle.

    Even up/down is a human, or at least earthly, construct. You can be on the moon looking “up” at the earth, whilst I’m on the earth looking “up” at you. We make eye contact via our telescopes. Who’s looking up? Neither of us, these are arbitrary notions.

    I’m not suggesting duality is make believe. It’s merely an evolved deceipt – a simplification for the purpose of human survival. In terms of evolutionary psychology: our brains developed certain mechanisms for keeping us alive in response to predation, hunting needs and other survival threats. One of these mechanisms is the illusion of up/down, or 3D vizualisation in an 11 (ish) dimensional world. Another is the illusion of duality. It’s not real any more than it’s real to say the universe has 3 physical dimensions. It’s just a lie we tell our children to make the story simpler.

    /my late night ramblings…


  3. > hmm, I still think you have some secret psychic skill that tells you within minutes of me updating a blog

    Now I just have to work on applying that to winning the lottery :)

    > Hot and cold do not exist. There’s no such thing and your inner scientist remembers this…Even up/down is a human, or at least earthly, construct

    Hmmm…OK I’ll give you that. Duality is about opposites whereas hot/cold, up/down are more more about the spectrum of conditions that we then label in terms of how we perceive the spectrum. I suppose even seemingly obvious things like alive/dead depend on our definition of what “alive” means.

    I guess what I was getting at is that the physical universe has certain characteristics that are fundamental and could be described as opposites. Ultimately that’s true if you ignore the spectrum of conditions and just focus on the opposite ends of the spectrum but that’s not the same thing as duality. When I started writing this reply I was trying to come up with examples of true duality in nature but I found it increasingly difficult! Initially I thought of things like parallel/perpendicular, on/off, polarised/not polarised” but then I realised that those aren’t actually examples of duality. They’re just labels for the opposite ends of a spectrum! I guess it’s true to say that if an electric current is “off” then it’s not “on” but then there are degrees of “on-ness” so it’s still not an example of true duality. Even binary arithmetic that appears to be dualistic is really just a human concept as it ignores numbers greater than 1 and fractions.

    Okay, apart from certain aspects of the way nature behaves at a quantum level, I think I’ll have to acknowledge that duality, within the precise meaning of that word, doesn’t exist in nature and is just a human construct.

    In terms of using dualistic arguments to categorise human behaviour, it’s both dangerous and necessary. Humans have survived and flourished by cooperating with each other so some sort of determination is necessary in order to have a civilised society where we know where we stand in relation to each other. But the big questions are:
    - where do you draw the line?
    - who gets to decide where the line is drawn?
    - what happens if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion of where the line is drawn?

    This kind of ties on with your articles about government control and personal freedom. How much freedom do we trade away in exchange for order and protection so that we can then safely exercise what freedom we do have. I guess this is how civilisation evolves – by trying out a certain way of looking at things as a group but then constantly questioning and refining our paradigms to see if we can come up with even more effective models for how our societies can operate.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    quick reply as it’s late. What you are describing are discontinuities of the mind.

    My “guru” Richard Dawkins has written some brilliant pieces on what he calls the “Tyranny of the Discontinuous Mind.”

    I googled and found this link which seems to have the relevant Dawkins text. The bit about the lawyer in the audience (2nd page) is classic.

    The key here is that Richard – the uber-evolutionist – is explaining how discontinuities don’t really exist except in our evolved human brain. The real world is a continum. This applies to biology as much as quantum physics (though I admit there’s a lot I don’t know about both topics, especially the latter).

    best wishes


  4. Hi Simon,
    Duality to me,is the nature of the third dimension,at its most extreme.I don’t know if this can be measured,scientifically,along side polarity in other dimensions (i say this as monsanto many years ago was looking into parallel processors,but thats another story).
    Depending on ones point of view,Oneness within the duality is an unacheivable paradox or can be easily acheived.It can be transcended by looking at it as you’ve stated in the above article, but , to use an analogy,if i’m in a rubber dinghy & go from calm waters into rapids,theres no way around it,my dinghy is going to be thrown around & ( to take the analogy further),if i’m in a group of dinghies,we all get jostled around.Or if we all go out in the rain without umberellas we all get wet.Or if we go out into the strong wind,we feel it strength.
    So,getting back to where i started, my take is that it is the”climate” of this dimension is duality,but it comes back to how this has effected us & in turn how we reflect the effects back into our reality,individually & collectively.

    Well those are my thoughts on the subject.

    Take care


  5. George Duisman

    Very nice Simon!
    This sort of thinking can help us all think more clearly. How about this definition?

    Evil: The complete and total lack of empathy for anyone or anything.

    Thus, it would be like absolute zero temperature, probably not completely obtainable but approachable.
    Re prisons; As I see it, our prison system is VERY far away from being functional for our society. If proper known healing technology was used to help inmates, our prison population should be reduced by a good 99% and we would all be better off.


    Ben Ralston Reply:

    The point about prisons is very interesting. The prison system is mostly based on punishment, and the whole aspect of re-integration into society is pretty much ignored – partly because there are so many people incarcerated, but mostly because those on the outside (especially politicians) don’t care. ‘Lock em up and throw away the key’ being the motto. But what if empathy were taught in school (alongside, or better yet, in place of Algebra!)? Surely this is the way to reduce crime, improve quality of life, and create more peaceful and loving societies…


  6. Simon, I do agree with you. Perception is everything and as far as we know we’re the only fully (?) conscious perceivers around, at least in our immediate vicinity, so we’re free to apply our need to make sense of things to the outside universe. Even those Newtonian laws are probably made up to help us feel safe. Indeed one of them, I forget which, was observed not to apply in some places in the universe earlier this year. That makes it not a universal law and if one can be shown to be inconstant then I imagine the others can too.
    I was going to reply with something about the hermetic law of polarity but that’s already covered really. And we know what laws are for. Yes, to be broken. That might, strictly speaking, be rules rather than laws but I reckon the same applies.
    Increasingly I find myself ok with not knowing. It’s still interesting to research and discuss and wonder, especially wonder, but those activities are part of what makes us human. We don’t really know much when you get down to it but that doesn’t stop us from trying or pretending. Our guts rule even though we think we’ve got very clever heads.
    This much I think I know, except I don’t. Neither does Mr Dawkins, arbiter of truth.
    But that’s ok.


  7. Hi!

    Just a few thoughts based on Alfred Korzybsky’s fundamental work “Science and Sanity”.

    Problem with dual thinking in a high degree depends from our language and the way we use it. It became more rigid problem after Aristotle, for duality were implemented in his logic. And Aristotelian logic is a dominating now in our culture and language. His logic was not so bad from 2000 years ago level of knowledge, but it completely obsolete for now.
    We live in multi-dimensional and multi-order universe. The only correct way to describe our reality is relative and not predicative as we still used to do in our languages. The language is a map and it never identical to reality. Words are not the objects which they represent.

    “This is a table” – incorrect statement for it create wrong identification between word and object that it points to.
    “I perceive a table” is a correct one.

    “He is an evil” – incorrect.
    “I perceive him as an evil” – correct.

    Can you see(feel) the difference? When I speak about my perceptions – then my reality became soft and it’s easy to change. It flexible and mobile as real world.

    “As words are not the objects which they represent, structure, and structure alone, becomes the only link which connects our verbal processes with the empirical data. To achieve adjustment and sanity and the conditions which follow from them, we must study structural characteristics of this world first, and, then only, build languages of similar structure, instead of habitually ascribing to the world the primitive structure of our language. All our doctrines, institutions. , depend on verbal arguments. If these arguments are conducted in a language of wrong and unnatural structure, our doctrines and institutions must reflect that linguistic structure and so become unnatural, and inevitably lead to disasters.” (A.Korzybsky)

    There’s no duality in our universe. Anything that we describe as dual is not dual, but is a scale which includes this two “dual” positions.
    Hitler could be perceived as evil relatively to some average man. But the same “average man” could be perceived as evil in relation to Jesus or Buddha.

    So any speeches using dual terms are acceptable only when the one who speaks realize restrictions of used dual model.

    Dualistic Aristotelian logics, just the same as Newtonian physics are enough good and usable for resolving of some tasks, but it incorrect in total and it couldn’t be applied to any task if we wanted to get adequate results. If we don’t realize it – then we get into troubles.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Dmitry. I’ve not read Korzybsky but I’m familiar with that line of argument from De Bono and others.

    I agree completely with your post. I do feel though that I should bring the topic back to what the blog was about so that people aren’t put off by us philosophers having our heads in the clouds, or up our *#$@ as the case may be.

    I am quite interested in having more converations like “does uality exist?”. But I also like to ground it in the practical application.

    Getting back to the subject of today’s post, did you have any thoughts about the relationship between empathy and psycopathy? Or between the symptom of duality and underlying trauma we can clear?

    I look forward to our next philosophical discussion. I was going to say debate, but I don’t think we’ve disagreed on anything yet! :-)

    best wishes


  8. Someone said that to understand is to love. I think that’s true in the widest human sense. I also think that statement describes empathy. Once you understand a person, once you have put yourself in their place, it is hard to dismiss them, to condemn them or to coldly categorise them as anything, including evil.
    I wonder if a psychopath cannot do that or is simply disinterested in doing it. They must have some insight into the workings of people and be able to use that insight or they couldn’t walk among us largely unnoticed. I lead myself to wonder if psycopathy is the lack of any empathic imperative.
    At the other end of the scale is what I’ll call the anti-psychopath. Some of us couldn’t not empathise if our lives depended on it. Actually, that’s an exaggeration, but effort is required to not empathise. It’s a reflex, we’re in the other person’s skin just by looking at them or reading their words. There’s a benefit attached, of course. We must feel better doing that, it must be how we earn our safety somehow.
    Maybe for the psychopath to empathise there has to be a conscious effort made with a personal benefit attached.
    That benefit has nothing to do with the subject, neither does it for the anti-psychopath. We’re all motivated by our own needs, based on wanting to feel safe, feel ok, know where we are in the world. Some methods for getting that have beneficial side-effects for others and some really don’t.
    The spectrum probably comes full circle. Where they meet must be an interesting place to live.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Interesting idea about the anti-psycopath, who would be just as damaged in a different way. I’ve met a few, I just never thought about them in this way.

    A useful perspective might be that old saying about the difference between empathy and compassion: empathy draws the other person out of their “stuff”; compassion draws you into it.

    The anti-psychopath is so compassionate they cannot function. I guess I’ve come across people, especially in the New Age field, who are so sensitive that they cannot watch TV for instance or sometimes they cannot bear to be around other people at all, because they feel what everyone is feeling; takimg on everyone’s suffering. That’s your anti-psycopath.

    On the plus side they are extremely unlikely to be violent or manipulative. On the other hand they are hardly functioning.



  9. Great topic. Growing up I was taught that people were either good or evil. The belief was that evil people were posessed by the devil. Now that I no longer believe in the devil (don’t tell my family!!) I tend to see people more as having a pain-filled soul, having a chemical imbalance (perhaps the two go together?) being deeply wounded from this life and reality is too painful to face . Or as beings here to help us learn something important. Or they are here to learn somthing important that will help them grow.

    I agree with the earlier post about helping people in the prison system rather than locking them up and expecting them to change their behavior on their own. That is, if they are willing. Assuming someone will change on their own without knowledge and the proper tools is like waiting for an apple to change into an orange on its own. Not going to happen. Obviously some people will never change because the benefit of staying the way they are is too great. Does that make them evil? I don’t think so but I am at a stage in life that I can have a bit of empathy for them rather than hatred.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Wendy,
    I’m glad you’ve been able to break that childhood programming abotu seeing people as good and evil.

    About the prison system – the issue is our desire to punish those who have wronged us. It’s nice that you can say that you have empathy rather than hatred. But did you imagine a situation where someone hurt your loved ones, perhaps your children? How strong would be the desire to see them hurt and suffering, or at least locked up for life? The prison system exists to help the victim feel that justice is done, so they don’t take things into their own hands. The fact that it is completely innefective just doesn’t come into it. And let me be clear – if my family were hurt, I’m not that sure that I’d be different to anyone else.

    So – for the prison system to change our consciousnesss around revenge and justice needs to change.



    WendyB Reply:

    Just to clarify…I am ALL for locking up people who do wrong and bring harm to others. Many deserve to stay there till they die. I like to think that justice can be served without my hating the person. I’ve carried so much hatred in my body all my life and now that I’ve released it through RPT I don’t want it back. For any reason.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Yes I agree that we (meaning society in general) need examine our motivation for locking people up and to take the revenge/punishment/hate part out of it. Protecting the public is the only really valid criteria for locking people up and throwing away the key. Whenever rehabilitiation and education is an option, I will always favor it. But of course it often is not an option. My other big concern is that in the USA at least people are locked up because politicians get re-elected based on how many people they lock up or execute. Crazy. I highly reccomend the excellent book Freakonomics for those interested in the realities of law and order.

    Anyway back on topic Wendy, I’m so glad that you were able to release all the trauma using RPT, such great feedback. Thanks.


  10. What an exciting subject Simon!
    Is duality real? Two years ago for me it was very real, through self exploration and rpt I now see it to be all as one. Question is would I have believed that it wasn’t real two years ago. No. I believe we need to feel it as being real to then find the understanding that it is not, so I believe it is part of our human process, so we may see things differently. Now if I was tell teach my children what I now know, physiologically are they going to be able to comprehend this? At times no, they cannot. So we allow our children to learn from us, we pass our unconscious trauma and human drama to them whether we consciously want to or not. Suggesting that they need to build an amount of ego to be able to feel it and then unravel it for them selves, for the purpose of human experience. Being that we are in a feeling reality we teach are children through action and speech what empathy and compassion are, to a point they can understand it, yet if we have no real concept of these things ourselves then it is difficult to teach them other wise especially if we are unconsciously playing out our own past drama when we don’t have an understanding to it. This make raisings children, not only time consuming but mentally draining at the same time. If empathy is the understanding of feelings and emotions then this would imply that teaching children all aspects of emotion would give them a great deal of foundation to understand compassion towards others and themselves. If we are to raise our children with the intent not to traumatise them to much can we stop them understanding some of these emotions then raising the lack of empathy. These are questions that I often ask myself when interacting with my children.
    At the end of the day I have found that there are still humans that believe in the concept of duality so in the dimension of there perception it is real, and as a group world consciousness then it still stands as being part of that reality, if we truly believe it to be real then it is real in our perception so, then being part of the human experience.
    My perception on evil is that it is a word derived to label unacceptable unconscious behaviour within societies expectations, which is a wide spectrum, I’ve heard people call children pure evil yet for me to look at them they look no different to the child next to them so hence just a word to describe a state of ego, subconscious behaviour, introduced to keep us believing that we are unworthy of being whole, connected and loved not by god but by ourselves.
    There is so much more on and around this subject that interests me but I will leave it there, I hope it’s not to scattered lol.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Tamara, thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.


    Tamara Reply:

    Thank you Simon, On this subject of psychopaths, my question really is how do we stop psychopaths from being created, I know our prison systems are not doing the best job possible, but where does it end? Can we use RPT to stop this unconscious behaviour in humanity so that the so called evil of the world gets less with each generation. I understand that if people are not ready to heal then it becomes there own choice, and when these traumas are put in as children I don’t believe people do it intentionally. Do psychopaths come from a long line of psychopaths or is it under many different environmental factors? I believe in self healing but also in provention aswell. I would like to give you an example of a small boy I used to baby sit, he was continually violet to other children and I would watch the pleasure he would get from inflicking this pain, I would continually explain to him that what he was doing wasn’t the way that we behaved, now he’s father left him at 18 months and was quite a violent man, his mother was also dealing with anger issues and drug abuse, when trying to show this boy affection, or even to pick him up for a cuddle he would resist with such anger and force, I could often see psychopathic tendencies. Over this last summer this little boy had the opportunity to spend some time with a man that showed him effection and spoke to him on how men behave and I could see that something within him changed. His eyes began to brighten and his behaviour towards others changed, to the point i could give him a kiss and a cuddle at the end of the day and he seemed to enjoy it. I remember thinking that this childs who future had changed over one summer because his environment had changed. Is this possible or are psychopaths just part of human nature?


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hi Tamara
    I am not an expert on psychopaths and all the causes of the condition. I believe that a common cause is childhood trauma. It could be linked to abuse. Yes we can heal abuse trauma.

    > Can we use RPT to stop this unconscious behaviour in humanity

    I am all in favour of grand “heal the world” ideas, but we build up to that one person at a time. So yes, if you are willing to work on enough people, you will change humanity.

    Forget psychopaths (a topic I don’t know enough about) and talk about sexual abuse – something that I have a lot of experience with as a therapist. Sexual abuse runs in families – people who have been abused are much more likely to abuse their children. What we can do with tools like RPT is to break the chain. Merely talking about it to a psychologist doesn’t necessarily clear the instinct that creates the abuse. RPT can break the pattern.

    This doesn’t mean that we can eliminate sexual abuse, but I do believe we can break the chain of violence.


    Evette Rose Reply:

    Hi Tamara, thank you for your post. The only way to lift the consciousness of future psychopaths (not born as yet) is to keep working on ourselves and hope that people who would like to be parents also work on themselves before bringing a child into this world. Unfortunately the psychopaths that are born through people (the parents) might not necessarily have something ‘wrong’ with the mental state or their own childhood. The psychopathic traits can stem from a long history of family abuse generations ago. Also, psychopaths are born psychopaths i have never heard or seen ‘n case where a child turned into a psychopath. I have seen psychopaths being born from perfectly normal and stable families where there was no emotional, physical or substance abuse. In my opinion (it’s not necessarily a fact) there is a genetic defect in psychopaths in their ability to relate, respond and interact with compassion. They tend to lack compassion and have no conscious at all. Taking someone life is like killing a fly or ant to us (this is the best way that I can describe it). They have no concept to understand the value of another’s life. Nor do they have the same value as people who do have a conscious. The jail system has actually put extensive work into helping these people. Even I contacted a few jail systems to offer my support for psychopaths and to see if RPT can create a shift in them. I always thought of psychopaths of being the end result of a few generations anger, hatred, resentment that it ended up in an individual that almost caused a short circuit fusing out the ability to feel, interact and respond in normal human society. It was almost like a brain overload. This is just sharing not a fact.

    To get back to the boy you mentioned. He merely showed signs of a depressed, scared and very confused child. He had no psychopathic traits what so ever. His associations and understanding for love was completely different to yours. In his experience love, attention and affection was shown to him in a horrible, abusive and violent manner. He does not understand at his age that his parents behavior was unstable or unhealthy. The little boy just accepts that type of behavior from his parents because he relies on them for his own survival. He learned to fear adults and not love adults. Adults only caused him to feel confused, angry and scared. Every time you tried to show him sincere love, he had no idea what you were trying to do. Your actions did not register in his subconscious mind; he did not recognize your loving intentions. When a child does not understand something and they are confronted with an unfamiliar action other than what they have learned from their home they either freeze and become submissive or they will become aggressive physically or verbally. He also harmed other children; it was his way of expressing the things and actions that were inflicted onto him. His facial expression was probably the same as his father / mother facial expression after they physically or verbally abused him. Remember for a child at that age they only know what they have observed and personally experienced in their short lifetime. Interaction with people would mean aggression, violence, fighting and being stubborn. Its survival mechanisms. That child just became incredibly apathetic (absence or suppression of someone’s passion, emotion, excitement, lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting or distressing, fearful) towards his environment, which is expected given his history and his parents behavior. People who are apathetic and psychopathic are two different cases. People who suffer from apathy can at least ‘snap’ out of it by getting professional help. Where as psychopaths have long hall ahead of recovery, if such recovery is even possible.

    Hope this helps.

    Blessings, Evette Rose
    co-founder, RPT

  11. Therese Marie Duesund

    You wrote: [Note – I’m not suggesting that psychopaths can be easily treated with RPT. Yes we can clear their trauma, but a psychopath doesn’t want to change.]

    My comment: I often see that a psychopath feel trapped in their trauma, and if they would start feeling empathy they would become victims. So I belive that for psychopaths you can not only clear the trauma but teach them to feel empathy without becomming a victim.
    Then they might want to change their paths.
    You need a victim to be a psychopath and vice versa. In a sence that would be a duality feeding eachother until trauma is cleared.

    I really enjoyed the article and I can relate to what you are telling us.
    Thank you.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hi Therese thanks for commenting.

    > You need a victim to be a psychopath

    Do you mean the psychopath need to be a victim (which I think), or you need someone else (“you need to HAVE a victim”). Grammatically it sounds like you mean the latter, but I don’t quite understand that. I am pretty sure the former makes more sense.

    Anyway that’s just grammar. The key point is:

    > So I believe that for psychopaths … teach them to feel empathy without becoming a victim.

    Can you teach them this? Maybe with the right tools. But are they willing to learn the lesson?

    If you have experience in this I would like to learn from you. Please share. Because my experience, that of my teachers and fellow therapists, is that the secondary gain is too great. The psychopath “knows” that in their reality, they are the superior being. Empathy is a weakness. Why would a psychopath want to learn how to feel empathy? That would be like superman volunteering to give up his super powers (not really – but from the psychopath’s perspective).

    Those who have studied RPT know that we split the healing into 2 quite separate components. A + B = successful healing.
    A = clear the original trauma that caused the problem in the first place
    B = clear the secondary gain

    A is almost always easy, especially with a tool like RPT which is instant healing for trauma.

    B is sometimes tricky, and indeed impossible for someone who honestly thinks that their condition makes them a better or stronger person.

    This is just my experience, I’m of course happy to learn what you know.




  12. I’ve been going thru just this same thing– trying to heal the inner child and balancing the yin/yang.
    First of all I don’t believe in evil; I think there is good in all people but when they aren’t making good decisions because of ego, innner children screaming at them to help them, etc, then their yin and yang are out of balance.
    Yes, I’ve suffered all kinds of childhood trauma and it wasn’t til recently that i discovered what they were. Said childhood trauma can create so much chemical change in the brain that it can actually cause things like epilepsy. Anger has affected my liver as well as my physical , 3D life.
    I soooooo want to heal these traumas so that i can become the person that I was intended to be.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Merry and wecome to the blog.
    Yes you are absolutely right – childhood trauma causes chemical changes which can cause epilepsy, or many other neurological or psychological conditions. And the good news is healing the cause (trauma) with RPT can make a huge difference in treating the symptoms. It’s really a question of whether you want to get better (clearing secondary gain). It sounds like you do really want this so you have come to the right place.


    Merry Block Reply:

    you bet i want to heal these issues/childhood traumas!! My epilepsy has been under control since 1982, but the anger issues related to/from the past that i have just become aware of is what needs healed ASAP. My inner child has been screaming at me for years and it wasn’t til recently that i was able to hear and understand her. I DO want to get better. I will get better. We will both get better and be healed and learn to love each other.
    Thank you Simon!!


    WendyB Reply:


    Are you working with anyone to help you clear your anger?

  13. Well…interesting thinking. I see the world, duality exist, at list in our third dimension. So if I can feel something, I can only say “ok, you exist”. I think that in duality there have to be both sides as good or bad, light and dark…that’s why it’s called duality. The thing is that we were taught when we were children that some things, feelings and so on are appriciated and acceptable and some are not. And at that point we felt the pain, ’cause we were not accepted as we were by people we loved. So we started to act like they wanted us to act, so that they would love us..and there we “lost” our connection and our origin and true being.
    In my experiance the best thing to do is to accept both sides as equall and then the tension releases. When you realize that this are just feelings that exist in duality and you accept them like parts of human lives, the pain dissapears. When you stop fighting them, accusing them etc…they stop to have influance on your life in that way that you feel pain. My clients say it’s working:) There is more…but it’s late and I’m sleepy:) Still think like we talked in London…life is meant to be simple:)
    Have a great time and a lot of good work. Hug


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Nena, great to hear from you and welcome to the blog.
    Wow, there are LOTS of things I’d like to explore about your post. Firstly – I agree with your comments about the causes of pain and how to help people. I guess this discussion is more theoretical – it’s not really “does duality exist” but rather “is duality a cause or a symptom.” In the past I said it was a cause; now I’m saying it’s a symptom.

    Does that even matter? Well since you and I agree that life is meant to be simple, it follows that healing should be simple. Right? And the simplest healing is the one that goes straight to the cause. In the past I was searching for simplicity but in truth I was still making things complicated. It’s only very recently that I would say I’ve allowed healing work to be as simple as it can be. Even what you described “to accept both sides as equal…” sounds really complicated to me. Not complicated in your head, but for the client. What if there was just a single survival instict, buried deep in the animal brain, that holds everything – duality, trauma, suffering, disease – in place? That’s the direction I see for simple healings. That’s pretty much what we taught last month in Moscow although I think there’s still some work to do in simplifying how we teach it to beginners.

    I’d love to hear more from you when you aren’t sleepy!



    Nena Reply:

    Good morning:)
    I must agree with you on some points. Altough I still have to do some thinkng. It’s not my cup of tea, but sometimes thinking is good. Then I’ll write some more about it. We probably do similar things but in different way:) My english is not so good so I have to think about how to explain this.

    You’re one of my favourite teachers ’cause you allways make me move forward. Thanks


    Simon Rose Reply:

    thanks Nena!

  14. George Duisman

    Tamara said: “…Can we use RPT to stop this unconscious behaviour in humanity so that the so called evil of the world gets less with each generation…”

    Evette Rose said: “…The only way to lift the consciousness of future psychopaths (not born as yet) is to keep working on ourselves and hope that people who would like to be parents also work on themselves before bringing a child into this world…
    …Where as psychopaths have long hall ahead of recovery, if such recovery is even possible.”

    This looks to me as waaaay too pessimistic. The breadth of consciousness growth i.e. the number of people learning about energy psychology, ideas like the movie “The Secret” etc. looks to me like it’s doubling about every year. And the power and speed of tips of the cutting edge of the techniques (like RPT) also seem to be doubling every year. If you compare this to the speed and power of computers doubling about every two years, the consciousness changes we will see in the next decade will be astounding! Ten doublings equals multiplying by a factor of 1000. Twenty doublings equals one million times. As I see it, humanities emotional / hidden trauma problems will be completely gone in less than a generation almost no matter what.

    Examples of consciousness growth tools

    I’ve pieced together a technique that astounds me as to how quick and effective it is. A while back I told an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner friend of mine about the technique. I then offered to demonstrate it to her. She agreed and less than 10 minutes into the process, we had located an old key core money trauma (SUDS of 9) that she had no idea was there and we had reduced it to a three intensity. She then could see that it was going to zero in the next minute or so and she was astounded and exclaimed “It can’t be this easy!!!” This is somewhat quicker than how it normally works, but not at all the quickest that I’ve done. These sorts of breakthroughs are happening for many people working in this field. I understand that the speed and power of RPT has more than doubled in the last couple of years. Isn’t that right?

    The intelligence of the whole of humanity.

    This may seem off topic, but hang in there a bit. Many years ago I saw a helmet device that could measure intelligence. The helmet was put on the subjects head and a light was flashed in front of them. The speed at which the brain responded to the flash was highly correlated with IQ scores. This indicates that the speed at which a brain processes and transmits information is highly correlated to intelligence.
    Now think about the whole of humanity as a giant brain. World wide, humanity actually functions much like this. We share ideas processes and communications and empower each other. A thousand years ago we transmitted and processed information VERY slowly world wide. Today that transmitting and processing is growing exponentially! This strongly implies that the functional intelligence of humanity is growing exponentially! It’s sky-rocketing upward! This will help to create paradise here on Earth. This is the revolution of revolutions!

    All of the above ignores the upcoming changes (probably in the next two months or so) that promise to REALLY take the breaks off and let go of the anchors that are holding humanity back.

    P.S. Evette: If you use the phrase of “The only way to…” often, you might consider changing that, as it will hold back some of your creativity and insights. One simple small step would be to say “The only way that I see right now is…”


    Evette Rose Reply:

    Hi George, thank you for your post.

    I don’t think that I am pessimistic. I am clear about the fact that psychopaths will not disappear in our life time. Evil and polluted people do exist. If they didn’t then why did the world succumb to this? Biology plays a big role. However I feel that something must have happened that changed the biology. It could be trauma, but then if we are all pure at heart then what caused the trauma in the first place? Something must have happened. Why are there so many stories in the bible and in historical stories about people being murdered and pregnant woman being raped. No one with a pure soul would do that hundreds of years ago?

    Yes amazing modalities exist and they are getting better and better. But how do you change someone that chooses to be evil, vile and feed of hatred? No matter how high the consciousness is, that person / soul still has the right to choose who and what they want to be. No one can be robbed of making a choice nor can their free will be influenced by others that have a different perspective even though the other party might actually be right. Its lovely and very philosophical to think that this world is going to shift shape into something amazing and yes it will. I do believe 100% in that, but not as quick as you might like it to. Your optimism is driven by what you are seeing hundreds of years in the future. it took the world many many years to drop on her knees in pain due the level of violence, resentment and hatred. It is going to take a while to balance that out. The collective consciousness in prisons are so strong that its almost equal to the people that are good at heart. That balance in the world has to either way. I do agree that its going to turn into our favour, but its going to take time. That is why I am talking about the now. I am talking about things and situations that I will see my life time. Not in the far future.

    Ps I am working on the “The only way to” :-D


  15. George Duisman

    Hi Evette:
    Thanks for your response.

    >”I don’t think that I am pessimistic. I am clear about the fact that psychopaths will not disappear in our life time.”

    Hmmm,You and I seem to have some very different info. Have you heard of Dr. Hew Len Ihaleakalá? He is reported to have healed the whole ward for criminally insane in Hawaii (except for one) with his Ho’oponopono from 1983 to 1987.

    I listened to one of his workshops with Joe Vitalie and concluded that Dr. Hew Len’s application of Ho’oponopono was actually quite a bit less powerful than the surrogate EFT that I was experimenting with at that time. The power of what Dr. Len was doing, in my opinion was that he was doing it for most of the day, everyday. I believe that I could show people how to do the same sort of thing faster than Dr. Len did. And it would not take four years.

    Have you ever experienced pure un-formed love? I have and it was a real big blow away! About four years ago I had learned the basic of EFT and was doing a demonstration for four women, three were friends of mine. At the end of the demo I asked them to try an experiment with me and tap for my stuffy nose. They agreed and by the end of the first round of tapping I was all choked up and in tears! I did not know what had happened, but I knew it was REALLY profound. It was possibly the most profound experience of my life. Later when I asked a very experienced EFT practitioner about this he said, yes, your experience is quite common with a group tapping for you. When we have someone with a serious disease we often ask the audience to surrogate tap for them. “When you have all that moving love come to you it is profound indeed!”

    In our manifestation group conference calls this sort of thing has happened several times. We uncover a big issue in someone and we all tap for that person. One time I remember pretty well, I had asked “C” what intensity he had on his issue we had just uncovered. We tapped for him and I then asked what the intensity was now. He could not talk! I heard choking sounds! He was blown away by the love he just received.

    Can you imagine people doing a fun game of sending love to those in need of love? When this sort of thinking gets contagious, or when it becomes fashionable to love everyone, then we will move planet earth rapidly to a paradise. This does not look all that hard to me and it can happen in less than a decade, no, it WILL happen in less than a decade.


  16. Fascinating read. I have seen the lack of empathy in people before. It seems like it is more than a lack of empathy for some people. I could not care about someone but also choose not to mess or hurt them.
    Seems like something more needs to trigger them to actually start going out of their way to hurt people. Lack of empathy does not by itself make someone choose to be violent.

    But I am not a doctor or a counselor.
    This post does give me some pondering.
    I appreciate posts that make me think.


  17. George Duisman

    Hi again Evette:
    When someone says that something is impossible, especially when that something is quite desirable, I will often take that as a challenge. Your statement of;
    “I am clear about the fact that psychopaths will not disappear in our life time.”

    hit me that way. So I thought about the ultimate psychopath healing process and came up with this.

    The Ultimate Way to Heal Psychopaths?

    Love is the most powerful healing force. Imagine that humanity has caught on to the wonderfulness of full consciousness and wants it. Almost everyone in the world has learned and used simple and powerful ways to send love and healing to themselves and others as part of the process of humanity’s healing and moving everyone toward full consciousness. In doing that, we’ve healed all of the psychopaths in the world except one, the last remaining psychopath! He was one of those extremely intelligent psychopaths that secretly ruled the world until the later part of 2011.
    There is a new sentence given for him and it is for him to receive love and healing from billions of people all at the same time. He’s brought into a studio and lightly restrained so that he can’t run away from the cameras. The psychopath is doing all that he can to look horrible and unlovable. Then the “go” signal is given and billions of people start sending love and healing to him.
    He fights it off for an amazing 70 seconds, then some of the love and healing gets through and then more and more. You see him start crying, sobbing, shaking and laughing all at the same time. He then calms down as the love and healing does it’s work. After a while he opens his eyes and you see incredible joy and astonishment on his face at the same time! He’s healed and billions of people applaud world wide.

    I doubt that this sort of extreme would be needed, but I think it shows that there are some powerful possibilities.

    P.S. How long is “our life time”? With all the progress that is happening and will happen, I expect to be able to live in peak health for thousands of years.


    Evette Rose Reply:

    George, it is possible to respectfully disagree and I think that this is one of those moments. Blessings Evette


  18. Really thought provoking… all the posts have given me lots to think about, thank you


  19. Good dialogue, we do need to figure this out.


  20. Nice post. I’ll borrow someone elses wisdom here. In Grant’s McFetridge’s book he described evil as being caused by the pain of separation from God. Quite heavy. But it basically means you were biologically damaged (trauma) very early in the formation of your consciousness. (In other words you didn’t stand a chance :-( They actually have a process called Brain Light which restores the original radiating light of the 14 brains, removing the propensity for evil / anger. And they teach perception by which you can actually measure the degree of lightness or darkness of each brain. Now imagine that kind of process introduced in prisons and hospitals (post birth.) Got a new homework assignment for you Simon – how about applying RPT to peak states? I.e. removing obstacles to each state, and then … pop, you’re in it. I’ll sign up ;-)

    One more thing on evil – you can feel it as pure visceral feeling. Doesn’t have to be about words. But do keep up the thought provoking words.


  21. hi Paul

    The problem is, I can’t agree with Grant about “separation from God” because of my fundamentally different beliefs about “god,” “creator,” and “gaia” – terms he uses liberally.

    As per the article, I don’t believe that evil exists. I also object to words like god /creator. [* see footnote about "god"] So Grant is saying that something which is an illusion is caused by separation from something that doesn’t exist? How’s that for an existential problem?

    Let’s focus on the common ground which is a general agreement that the symptom of “evilness” can be traced back to trauma. Let’s get on with the job of helping people to clear the trauma, whether it is via Grant’s method or ours (or whatever works).

    Evette and I love your idea about teaching this type of work (anything that works) in prisons and hospitals. Evette looked into this with the prison system, though she hit a brick wall due to not having a PhD in psychology. Clearly we need to find the right people to work with us on that project. (Volunteers – anyone?)

    > Got a new homework assignment for you Simon – how about applying RPT to peak states?

    I know that you could apply RPT to this, and on our Level 2 & 3 courses we do something related, in that we unite the brains / minds (up to 12). But the intention is not to achieve any specific peak state. I’m aware of this happening as a happy side effect but it’s the not the goal of our work.

    I am not interested in applying RPT to peak states because that’s Grant’s life’s work. I have my own mission. Clearing trauma and healing disease is something I’m quite passionate about. It also sits better with my own (Taoist) spiritual beliefs.

    If both subjects inspire you (RPT for simplicity and speed of change; PS for achieving peak states) then there’s nothing to stop you studying both. Quite a few people have already done so, and they choose the best of both tools for their healing toolkit.

    Kind regards

    [* footnote: I have learned that I can't make the god comments without clarification. Last time I said I was a "spiritual atheist" several RPT students were traumatized!

    So for those new to my personal philosophy, I believe in consciousness. I work with it every day. The foundation of RPT is that consciousness exists - we heal through conscious awareness. It unites us, that's why we can heal each other. But there's no "upstairs help" needed to get instant results.

    I believe that some people call this consciousness "god." It's just a word, but one that's been hijacked over the years by teachers that realized there was money and power in telling people how to access this consciousness.

    Since religeon and healing modalities tend to hijack the G word for self-serving ends, and totally confuse the fundamental difference between "god" and "creator", I prefer to avoid using labels all together.

    Consciousness exists. The rest is just personal ideology, what is known as the concept of a "personal god." As the great writer P J O'Rourke once said, most of the wars on earth are about "whether my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend." Sadly, the same has happened with healing modalities. Should you heal with Gaia (peak states), Creator (Theta) or God's unconditional love (Reiki)? How about none of the above (RPT)?

    I do respect people's spiritual views but I think it is totally wrong to found a healing technique based on your personal ideology. I have not met a healing / spiritual teacher (me included) that could tell the difference between consciousness and their personal "stuff." That's why I founded RPT, something that priests and atheists can be equally comfortable with.

    Phew, end of rant. There's a lot in this god topic, I'm sure I'll write more articles about it.]


    jeff Reply:

    you are an idiot…evil exists. killing is evil murder is evil you dumb fuck. you are evil for your lying tongue


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Jeff, you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    There is no place for language like that here. You are welcome to disagree, but please show some respect for the thousands of other readers on this blog, who do not need to be exposed to your feral behavior and poor upbringing.

    I am assuming from your language that you are a high school kid. Normally I just delete abusive comments but I’ll go easy on you because I want to help you. I learned a really valuable lesson when I was a teenager and I want to share it with you – it changed my life. The lesson was “you catch more flies with honey.”

    What that means is basically this – if you disagree with someone, if you feel attacked, even if you want to hurt someone, swearing and making an ass of yourself is the worst thing to do. You will never get what you want by swearing because people just switch off. They stop listening to you. Basically you are shooting yourself in the foot. On the other hand, if you think you have something valid to say, take a deep breath, work out where the other person is coming from, connect with them, and you will probably win them over to your point of view.

    This takes education and maturity to master (I’m not suggesting I’ve mastered it yet), but I promise you that from day 1 you will get better results. Just by stopping swearing, more people will listen to you.

    Good luck



    John Reply:

    Come now, Simon. After all, what could be ‘wrong’ with his language? Aren’t you just being ‘dualistic’ by characterizing his language as ‘abusive’ and hurtful? Physican, heal thyself with your ridiculous and dangerous medicine and let Jeff speak, fully and openly in this temple of the enlightenment and understanding. Perhaps it will be therapeutic, and enable Jeff to heal, by reexperiencing the trauma which drives him in a direction on the continuum which is distant from you and the other enlightened relativists.

    Evette Rose Reply:


    I acknowledge what you said. I suspect that you misread what Simon was trying to say though. Sometimes what we say does not come out the way we intended. I think Simon’s intension with his reply to Jeff was that there is a moral way of communicating yourself and what you believe in. You can say whatever you want, however because of our ability feel compassion. Because of that ability we tend to say things in a way that would take the other persons feelings into consideration. Jeff did not do that. The only thing that Simon actually asked for was for Jeff to be calmer and more polite about how he felt about Simon’s views.

    Abusing other people will definitely not help you heal, you only create more pain for yourself those on the receiving end and it does not solve the problem. Your philosophical idea of this blog being a ‘temple’ is great, but that is not what we are aiming for, you seem to have misinterpreted what we do. Simon is not dualist about everything; he was merely sharing his view on one topic. You can not hold people to one opinion that they shared.

    We all have freedom of speech; however don’t you think that there is a universal moral in most of us that should allow us to express ourselves in an appropriate manner?

    I have also never met anyone that is enlightened and if they were then where are they? It’s like talking about Big Foot. We all know what big foot looks like because of a collective consciousness that has decided it is xyz, but who is to say for certain?

    It’s always easier to attack others when you are sitting safely in your seat at home behind a computer screen. Will you say what you just said out loud in a hall full of people where chances are that the majority will point out the flaws in what you said and how you interpreted this whole situation just so that you can be heard?

    I will make this point again – there is a moral way of communicating yourself and what you believe in. You can say whatever you want, however because of our ability feel compassion; it allows us to say things in a way that would take the other persons feelings into consideration.

    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hi John, welcome to the blog.

    I value all feedback and I’m grateful for your time in joining us. I am however pretty confused by what you are trying to say. OK totally confused. If you were to be believed than (a) no one could express a feeling without it being dualistic and (b) apparently I have been stopping Jeff from the opportunity of expressing himself. Both these thrusts are incorrect (sorry if that sounds dualistic, just take it as my opinion of fact).

    > After all, what could be ‘wrong’ with his language? Aren’t you just being ‘dualistic’ by characterizing his language as ‘abusive’ and hurtful?

    I think you touched on an interesting issue of duality, one that confuses lots of people. Some people have the idea that not liking something is duality. What a terrible life those people must lead, afraid to express an opinion for fear of being dualistic. I have met people like that, thinking they are doing the “spiritual thing.” They just make themselves sick.

    A quick definition – dualistic thinking is splitting things into A or B, like good or bad. It’s the act of splitting or separation that makes something dualistic. If you say “I like eggs for breakfast but I don’t like to eat ham” is that dualistic? Of course not! And if you say “I find swear words abusive or offensive” is that dualistic? Not at all.

    When I characterize language as “abusive” or “hurtful” I am expressing a feeling. I am entitled to feelings, it doesn’t make me dualistic.

    If your argument was extrapolated, then no one would be entitled to feel anything because every feeling would be dualistic. That’s obviously ridiculous. Clearly, people can feel and express their feelings without being dualistic, provided they aren’t trying to be divisive.

    After all I was just setting a loving boundary. You do set boundaries right? Just to be clear, you CAN set boundaries without being dualistic. That means you are stating, “this behavior is not acceptable to me, I still love you, but I don’t tolerate that behavior in my house / on my blog.” That’s not dualistic, it’s common sense.

    Back to your comment and the ones that preceded it, it IS dualistic to divide the world into abusive people and non-abusive people, or “abusers” and “victims.” That would be dualistic (and wrong because abusers are also victims). It is NOT dualistic to express a feeling that someone’s behavior is abusive. It’s a feeling, it’s not dividing things into A or B, therefore it is not creating duality.

    I hope this simple distinction clears up the confusion.

    > Physician, heal thyself …

    Thankyou for thinking of my wellbeing. I heal myself every time things come up that trigger me and I am a better man for it.

    > … with your ridiculous and dangerous medicine

    Writing about my research is hardly ridiculous (though that’s subjective), it’s certainly not dangerous (that’s objective, no one has ever been hurt), and most of all it is NOT medicine.

    Were you trying to attack me here? I’m not sure as your mark fell so very wide of the target that I’m not clear what you are trying to say.

    I would be interested why you thought that anything I’ve ever said, least of all the contents of this page which were based on a New Scientist article, are ridiculous. Or dangerous. Or medicine.

    It reminds me of Jeff’s second comment in which he said that my article (a summary of a New Scientist article about a prominent psychiatrist and his studies into neuroscience) was “not scientific.” We have a saying here for people like that: “haters will be haters” (because logic does not work on these people).

    > and let Jeff speak, fully and openly in this temple of the enlightenment and understanding.

    John, I don’t mean to sound rude, but you are falling further and further off target. The point is that I *DID* let Jeff speak. That’s the whole point.
    I didn’t edit his email (I did a minor censor of swear words but didn’t change anything).

    What’s your point? You can accuse me of lots of things, but not of censorship.
    Also, to be clear, this is not a temple of enlightenment, it’s my blog about my own healing journey. Big difference man.

    > Perhaps it will be therapeutic, and enable Jeff to heal, by re-experiencing the trauma which drives him in a direction on the continuum which is distant from you and the other enlightened relativists.

    This sounds lovely, but as I said above, I have never censored Jeff. Therefore I can speak from the evidence that allowing him to speak, and replying to him with love, did NOT drive him in a therapeutic direction. I just got a series of increasingly abusive and empty replies. I kept asking him (off the blog as it was private) to share his feelings and explain why he was upset, but nada. I like your idea/theory but it didn’t work.

    Frankly John of Jacksonville, I really don’t get where you are coming from. I was gentle and sympathetic to Jeff. I consider that I reached a healing hand out to him to resolve the confusion and bitterness that lead to his comment. Why on earth would you attack my treatment of him, which was not dualistic and was not censored?

    I wish you all the best and hope to get a clarification from you some day.


  22. you wont post my comment cause you think it is evil. you lying hypocrite money monger. sucking off peoples ignorance . fuck you


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Jeff – all comments are moderated and, it takes more than 1 minute (the time difference between your 2 posts) for me to do that. It seems you are suffering from some sort of paranoia? I don’t usually play silly games with abusers like yourself, but you intrigue me. What part of sharing the latest scientific research from a respected book and science magazine counts as (a) lying; (b) hypocritical; (c) money mongering; or (d) sucking off people’s ignorance? Answer: none of them. Sounds like you were having a very bad day.


    Jeff Reply:

    Paranoia? No I just don’t like when people with baseless or should I say undocumented study call their “idea” science. This is not science. It’s your idea based On your feelings.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Jeff, I acknowledge the significant improvement in your language and behavior. Well done. Now I can take you seriously enough to reply. my reply is: did you read the article?

    Had you read the article, you would have seen that it was a review of a scientific textbook by Professor Baron-Cohen, and inspired by an interview I read with Baron-Cohen in New Scientist magazine. This is pretty obvious, given the image of the text book (with convenient Amazon link) and the acknowledgment section thanking New Scientist. I think it’s impossible for anyone with a high school education to have read the article and not understood why it was called “the Science of Evil” (the name comes from the New Scientist article and is not my own attempt at sounding all scientific).

    Seriously? Unless you have multiple post-doctorate degrees in quantum physics and neuro-science and regard psychiatric journals and New Scientist mag as pseudo-science drivel, where on earth do you get off claiming “this is not science”?

    I do in fact publish my ideas and feelings on this blog (it is after all my blog), but you really have to credit me that I am always clear when it is my personal reflections. I only use words like science when, in fact, I am citing scientific sources.

    By the way readers, I replied to Jeff’s question about “is murder evil?” in a separate article yesterday. The link is:


  23. Hi Simon!
    I would like you to write an article whether life exist or not and afterlife explanation included please.

    BTW you’re the healthiest practitioner I’ve ever seen!! Keep Being!! :)


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Orr
    “whether life exists” – you mean life after death?
    I honestly have no idea. I really wish I knew, wouldn’t it make life easier? What are your thoughts?

    As to the healthy comment – well thank you. The “secret of my success” is to work on my own issues regularly. I know there are a lot of unhealthy practitioners, it’s probably because they are quite good at giving, but poor at receiving. Also moving to a tropical island was pretty good for my health! :-)



    Orr Reply:

    Hi Simon,
    In short there is life after death;
    actually there is no such thing as death since there is no such thing as life. “we are one consciousnesses experiencing itself subjectively”.
    **the bottom line of this reply: Energy exists forever always transforming its form.**
    To be honest, I’m not even sure the world was created, not talking about it being forever, I mean I’m not sure it exists NOW. You cannot really describe god/the universe.

    I truly believe that we were created by aliens as we know ourselves now[homo sapiens]. There is no difference between we and them, except for them to realize it :-)

    Our brain is tuned to specific frequency therefore we experience what’s called the reality. We can retune it using drugs/whatever else. This reality is the default frequency. So how can we know what is real/true/right? many frequencies available.

    So you have a screen a projector and a diamond. Where goes the diamond when the projector dies?[it dies unless you’re a saint!


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Orr, I like how you described it and I’m sure many people will agree.

    My concern though is that we are talking about something unknowable. It’s totally fine to say “My truth is…” but it’s really not OK to say “The truth is…”

    I don’t share my thoughts on this issue too much because they are only my truth, and clearly not the truth, because the truth is unknowable.

    I have this strong suspicion that when we die, we figure it all out and in that moment we are like “Oh… that’s not what I expected at all.” I mean really that has to be true because the human brain is so puny compared to the infinity of creation, it’s almost an insult to creation to think that somehow we know “The Truth” about things like creation and life/death.

    So you’ll see there are subjects I say a LOT about and subjects I am reluctant to touch. The difference is, where I say a lot it’s about how to live a happier, healthier life right now. Where I’m more silent is the spiritual topics where it’s really a matter of opinion (there are lots of conflicting spiritual views). But with stuff like RPT I know for a fact that what I write about works – it helps people right now. It’s black and white. I feel on safer ground there!

    Like I said in an earlier reply, I’m a pragmatist, not a guru or spiritual teacher. I find it odd that I get asked so many spiritual questions. I really like the questions, I just don’t think I’m qualified to answer them for anyone else.

    Just my thoughts,

    many blessings to you all,

  24. Hi Simon, thanks for the comment I really like it. I get your point about the NOW-Present issue. :)

    I have a question – how can I MEASURE my coherence? What tool can help me check whether i’m coherent now completely or not?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!!


  25. There was a very interesting Horizon documentary on BBC this week on this exact topic. called “Are You Good or Evil?” It describes psychological research done with babies to find their good/evil preferences and chemical research done to identify the “moral molecule”, plus other fascinating stuff. It turns out you can identify a potential psycopath from a brain scan. Whether that person fulfils that potential is down to other factors. Worth investing 58 minutes. Sue


  26. Hi,

    I just came across this thread as I was trying to find some material to help a client with understanding how things like abuse can occur.

    I haven’t had the time to read every comment so I apologise if this is a repetition! :)

    In terms of duality I do really agree with many of the posts. We need to create a map to understand reality and the map will vary depending on our perception e.g. up and down seem opposite to us on earth but in space up and down are simply to do with the attractive power of mass.

    I read a really interesting book by Rupert Sheldrake which said that even the universal laws we think of as constants may actually be evolving – or in a broader perspective the universe may be growing and changing so our map to represent it (physics etc.) will have to constantly evolve as well.

    One thought did strike me about duality though – the fact that most of the major ‘spiritual schools’ always refer back to it as the cause of the phenomenal universe. In Qabalah and Taoism there is the idea that to create experience out of nothing or 0 you have to split it to create a +1 (male – phallus) and a -1 (female – womb) and that these two opposites are in constant union (very sexual!) to create all the shades of grey in between. So you get the pillar of severity and mercy, and yin and yang. It’s also interesting to note that ‘evil’ in the qabalah is not seen as moral, simply an expression of the pillar of severity where as ‘good’ is simply an expression of the pillar of mercy.

    Is this just a map or something which really touches something else? The only absolute duality I could think of in nature is male and female. There are no real shades of grey between a physical male and a physical female – I know there are species which are asexual etc but in general sexual duality is the norm…..Am I missing something here?

    This then lead me to thinking about how most ‘spiritual schools’ are concerned with enlightenment as union – love. We are divided into a perception of duality in order to be able to experience, but this duality has also caused us to forget our essential wholeness. Hence the devil card in tarot is also Diabolo – double – but also the most physical and earthy card.

    Most spiritual schools see union with God (source etc) as enlightenment- so this would be like uniting the male (+1) and the female (-1) to experience nothing again! I also wonder if this union is the real key to healing and enlightenment. So maybe it is the fact that we have forgotten our essential unity rather than division itself which causes us to become sick.


  27. Hitler wasn’t evil? You personally tell a Holocaust survivor who
    lost their loved ones, starved, tortured, who personally are
    traumatized for life that he was just a poor little traumatized
    man. Poor little Hitler. You personally tell a little boy who
    watched his mother and father get beheaded that evil doesn’t
    exist. I guess I disagree with you.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Hey Peter
    Did you read the article? Or do you just enjoy outrage.
    I’m not clear if you’re a kid who doesn’t know better, or an adult who should, so it’s hard to know how to respond. I like to be kind to my commenters, but your comment just doesn’t make sense. Where did I “personally tell a Holocaust survivor…”? Did you make that bit up?
    My family ARE Holocaust survivors, for what that’s worth (because I still don’t get your point).

    Hitler’s actions were evil, I don’t think there’s a sane person in the world who denies that. But it’s childish to call the man evil. People can’t be evil, but they can certainly DO evil. To call a person evil is so childishly simplistic that it ignores the complexity of their actions. It actually does a disservice to everyone, since this silly name calling reduces the responsibility to find a deeper meaning and explanation for their evil actions. “Why do people do evil deeds?” is a WAY more interesting question, worthy of our examination.

    If you care to go deeper, Neale Donald Walsch wrote about “why Hitler went to Heaven” in his famous Conversations With God books. You may benefit from it, it could help pull you out of dualistic thinking.

    Best wishes in your thinking journey



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