How free is your country really?

How Free Are You?

Over the last 2 days I’ve discussed my historical observations about the biology of terror (click here for article one and here for two).

Today I’d like you to take it a step further and think creatively.  It is not my intention to sound like a radical or conspiracy theorist. I am merely an “outside the box” thinker and I ask you to engage in some free thinking with me.  The subject is “how free am I?”

I’m going to share my own thoughts about the status of freedom in so-called “Western democracies.” I’m also going to introduce you a new idea -the relationship between technology and persecution. Yes, your shiny new iPad is part of the problem!

If you live in a country like USA, England or Australia in this post 9/11 era, you might be amazed to know that in many ways your government is more controlling and oppressive than the Fascists and Communists.

What’s changed is that technology enables the government to asset their power in much more subtle ways than Soviet gulags.  And technology has also enabled us to distract ourselves from the invasions to our liberties.

When I say that “technology” enables oppression; I’m not just talking about your sparkling new electronic devices.    Your shiny new smartphone is part of the problem because it’s a distraction from what’s really going on.  Every person obsessing about new technology and Apple’s latest today (seems to be everyone I meet), is someone not reflecting on what’s really going on.  (Of course there are exceptions like Evette and I who love both toys and freedom!)

I think the most important technologies propping up the Western system have been food production.  It’s very easy to be complacent when you have a full belly (the most basic survival instincts are satiated).  It’s also much easier to start a revolution of starving peasants than say over-weight over-taxed privacy-deprived Westerners.

The amazing improvements in agriculture, especially chemical agriculture (pesticides, fertilizers etc) have enabled the masses to be cheaply fed.  At any other time in history the deprivation of liberties has created famine.  Not any more.  That’s not to say the food on our supermarket shelves is healthy – far from it – but people aren’t hungry.

So technology makes us complacent.

Our basic needs (food, sex, shelter) are met, we feel safe.  This allows governments to get smart.  It’s still about power but there’s no need to for the government to get their hands dirty (unless you’re a TSA agent of course).

Power and persecution today takes the form of constant electronic surveillance.  It means the government knows where you are at all times (if you carry a mobile/cell phone at least). Concentration of media ownership means that it is impossible for independent viewpoints to be published in mainstream media.  And worst of all, the political donation system means that there is a very unhealthy relationship between large corporations (especially pharmaceutical) and our politicians.

We can all be grateful that there’s nothing like forced-labor camps in the West.  But then again the proportion of Americans held by the justice system (1 in 32 Americans back in 2006, probably more today) is just as high if not higher than the incarceration and forced labor rate in Communist Europe. (America’s incarceration rate is much higher than Russia’s.)  Source for statistics: Wikipedia.

Most of you reading this are not involved in the criminal justice system.  But what about your basic liberties?   If you live in the EU, USA or Australia, complete records of your phone and email and internet usage are kept by government authorities (Source).  This alone doesn’t bother me (I have nothing to hide). What bothers me is that autonomous government agencies can access this data without judicial control.  Our constitutional rights have been eroded by technology which made the original protections obsolete.

The reality is that most of you live in countries that control your lives in a thousand little ways that slip under the radar.  Like how leading European chocolate “Kinder surprise” is illegal in the USA (it contains small toys) or how leading English spread Marmite is now illegal in Denmark (it contains vitamin B12 which most people are deficient in).   I could go on for pages and pages (I haven’t even mentioned electoral fraud, control of government by multinationals like pharmaceutical companies, and other big issues).

Regulation of alternative health

My industry – personal development / alternative health – is increasingly the focus of government intervention.  A lot of that intervention is a good thing – there are too many quacks and frauds.  However it is too hard for governments to know when to stop; and that’s why you get new laws against vitamin supplements and so on.

Everything I write, everything I teach, has to be passed through a filter of government laws.  “Will this get me into trouble?”  For instance I cannot write on this blog about healing cancer because that is illegal in many countries.  Cancer is singled out among all diseases and made illegal to treat if you are not a doctor (see e.g. UK’s Cancer Act).  It’s not that cancer is harder to treat than other diseases- not at all. It’s in fact easier to treat with alternative therapies than with expensive chemotherapy, and that’s why drug companies push for new laws.

We live in a society in which our access to the healing techniques which can save our lives is prohibited.  Access to vitamins is increasingly restricted in Europe (with threats to do this in the USA and Australia).   The foods that we eat are increasingly deficient in nutrients and yet the nutrients we need are being prevented.  If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be suggesting that someone in power wanted us to get sick so we had to spend all our money on expensive pharmaceuticals.  Good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist then!

Thinking for yourselves

Sorry to rant.

It is not my intention to be anti-government. Rather, I am asking the question “how free are you really?”  If you realize that you aren’t really free then you should do something about it.

All I ask is that you stop and ask the question “how free am I really?”

As it happens I am one of the freest people in the world (as a resident of Vanuatu with multiple passports).  I’m in a position where I am safe enough to encourage you to ask the same question.

What can I do?

I do not support civil disobedience.  There’s no point.  I am not a revolutionary. I obey all the laws in my country. I pay my taxes and you should do the same.

(And yes I’m also saying that for legal reasons and because I don’t want to be denied entry to the USA on my next trip.)

The fact is that I’m speaking to a tiny minority of people.  You and I have no right, nor need, to change the way the majority live. In fact it’s that kind of arrogance (thinking we know better) that caused atrocities like communism in the first place.

So don’t get better, get different. Leave. Change your life. Create freedom.

The “sheeple” (sheep-people) don’t mind that their civil rights are constantly being eroded.  In fact they will tell you that you are crazy for even being concerned about it.  These sheeple exist all around the world, and they remind me of my 3 grandparents that said “Never mind what the Nazi’s did to us yesterday, they will never start wholesale slaughter of our people.”  Sheeple exist because it’s safer for them to do nothing. Please don’t argue with them.  Don’t be a radical.

Just acknowledge your own different survival skills, and take the steps you need to create freedom.

I think the only option for people who are aware of how their freedom has been eliminated is to take matters into your own hands and make a stand for freedom by moving to a country where you can feel free.  Do this peacefully and lawfully.

If you are a US citizen there will still be tax requirements to comply with for non-residents.   You should comply with all these laws.  If you are a citizen of any other nation your tax obligations largely stop when you leave home (this is not tax advice – contact me or your accountant for more specific info).

Remember, freedom is your responsibility, not your governments.  If you want to be truly free – politically, financially, spiritually and emotionally – then keep reading this blog because I’ll be sharing the journey with you, every step of the way.

Until then – don’t forget that your comments and questions here are your exchange, your “payment” for enjoying the blog. Hit the “Like” button and make your contribution.

Your’s in True Freedom


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9 Responses

  1. I love what you say about not being a radical, Simon. Being against something, resisting it, simply gives it energy and helps it to persist even if it is forced to change form. Better simply to un-acknowledge what you do not prefer, remove your energy from it (literally in your and Evette’s case :) ) and focus rather on what you are for. Feed that with your energy, help it manifest and stick.
    A nice reminder. Thank you x


  2. Good to be aware of ! Thanks Simon


  3. Great articles. I have read all of that in a very big pleasure and waiting for the next one. Thank you very much Simon.


  4. Hi, Simon. At least I found some time to read all the set of your new articles. It was really exciting. And this reading bring me to thoughts about freedom per se.
    Each of us seeks for freedom and all of our survival instincts are also our way to freedom. People mostly couldn’t feel free when they are in danger to their survival. So 4F is a kind of way to … But it really not the same thing.
    Survival is the way to freedom ’cause a freedom without survival is a nonsense.
    All survival instincts, all 4F show us on problems of living with others (not only people). In urge for feed other could fight you (and you should fight or flight) or you will fight others for the same reason inducing their instincts to work. The same concerns to reproduction. Your desire to reproduce yourself could be not supported by other and it again will bring us to fight or flight conditions.
    So it looks like it’s almost impossible to get totally free while living with someone else. But it’s not true. For also (it may sound like another nonsense) you need in others to be free.
    In other words we couldn’t get totally free based on our gut instincts. They are the way to give us “freedom from” and not “freedom to”.
    On my opinion our gut instincts became involved when our situation gets out of control and when we loose our own responsibility for what goes on.
    When you fully responsible (for all the universe) then you really control it and you have no urge for use of survival instincts. And when you have such a control that you could allow any new unknown situation to happen without any fear to loose your control – then you have real freedom.
    So your question “How free you really are?” has my answer:
    Freedom = Responsibility+Knowledge+Control.
    If you “know” what to do, if you “responsible” for your life and thus if you in “control” of your life – then you’ll be free.
    The main point in this triangle is responsibility for it gives the keys to two others. But it’s not a substitute. You should really have all three of them to be free.
    So measure in 10 out of 10.
    1. (Part Be) Are you responsible for your life and for everything that happens in it?
    2. (Part Do) Do you know your mission? What and how to Do, (Be, Have)?
    3. (Part Have) Are you having control of your life and of any issues that happens in it?

    The problem with our governments is that they stuck in urge for “havingness” – they want to have and to control anything (have power) but they really couldn’t for quite don’t know how and they totally not ready to take responsibility for what they do. So almost any of their activity brings more issues then results.

    The problem of sheeple – is that they in best case know (what to do), but they have neither control (power) nor responsibility to do it. So they never move far then only talks about their issues.

    Self development starts from responsibility. That’s the main goal of most of techniques like RPT. When you get your responsibility – then you could apply your knowledge and get real control of anything. And one of the main problems of people that devoted to their self development is that they often stuck in “gaining responsibility” and forget about gaining knowledge and in it’s application in real life to control it.


  5. One way is to have no properties? When you got nothing, you’re not interesting to the financial and political machines. However, you are potentially in danger in your submission to the will of God, and therefore not desirable. The conclusion is a balance.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hi Svetlana and welcome.
    My comment would be that not having any assets is not my idea of freedom. I know it’s a certain “guru” ideal, but it is not right for me. Also there’s plenty of ways the government can get you without having property! The nature of criminal law is that every one of us is breaking at least one law right now – they are just too complex.
    As to the god issue – I do not believe that god has a will separate to my own. But that’s a personal belief where we just differ.
    Best wishes


  6. So where are these countries? Can you provide a list?


    Simon Rose Reply:

    Sorry mate, I’m not sure which list you mean as I couldn’t see which bit you are referencing. Do you mean a list of free countries, or the opposite?

    Either way I don’t have a list, but I could try. I also reccomend the website for a lot of discussion on this topic.



  7. Oliver J R Cooper

    Hello Simon, this a well written post; thought provoking, deep and gentle in its approach.




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