Beware of manifesting your fears – a funny story


I had a really funny experience yesterday that I felt I just had to share.  As well as being funny (you can laugh at my expense), it’s quite informative.  Read about how we manifest our fears (attracting the things we fear most) and how to change that.  Learn from my pain (literally)!

I’ve long believed that people manifest their fears.  People with a fear of rejection unconsciously attract rejection (in fact sometimes it’s obvious that their lack of trust creates the rejection).  People with a fear of failure unconsciously create failure.  But what about more “external fears” – ones we don’t have as much personal control over?   I once had a student with a lifelong fear of a spider getting stuck in her ear, and she woke up one morning in pain and discovered a spider stuck in her ear.  That is not a coincidence.  We really do attract experiences, according to what we focus on, something that is misleadingly called The Law of Attraction.  We think about our fear, giving energy to that idea, and that’s what we attract.

So back to my story:

We are teaching in Kiev. Our apartment has the type of fold-out bed that becomes a couch during the day to create more space.  I haven’t slept on anything like this since I was a little kid and occasionally slept on people’s folding beds.

So, Evette and I were turning our couch into a bed, and I realised I had a fear of getting my hand stuck.  I haven’t been conscious of a fear in years, so it came out of nowhere.  I wouldn’t put my hand where I couldn’t see it, which pretty much meant Evette had to unfold the bed herself.  Clearly I must have a childhood trauma related to getting my hand stuck in a folding bed, but I can’t remember it.  Unfolding this couch “activated” or triggered a 20-25 year old trauma that had been forgotten.

Now this is pretty exciting!  I am an expert on teaching people how to clear fear and trauma.   So what did I do?  Absolutely nothing!  I did what 99.9% of the population would do, and forgot about it within 2 minutes.  After all, the bed was set up and I didn’t need to think about it again.

You can start laughing at me now, because I’m sure many of you have guessed where I’m going with this story.

The next night, I was getting into bed and I dropped flashlight (torch), which rolled down into the insides of the couch bed.  Not wanting to disturb Evette too much, I tried to lift just my part of the mattress (the part which would be the back of the couch) to get my arm inside to reach the torch.  Before I knew it I was stuck!  Not just stuck, but the more I wriggled, the more the bed tried to “right” itself back to the flat position, dragging me deeper into the bed.  My legs were basically off the ground – I had no chance of getting leverage or pulling myself out.  [I hope you are getting a visual image, because it's hilarious just thinking about it.]

In short, I was only saved because Evette was there and was able to pull up the couch.  I dread to think what would have happened if she wasn’t there – at the very least I would have lost a lot of skin trying to yank my arm free.

Why is this a funny story?  Well, because I love laughing at my own silliness!

Here’s me, teaching people about clearing trauma, and about the Law of Attraction.  I know this stuff.  And when I find a new fear for the first time in many years, discovering a hidden trauma, what do I do? Forget it!  And what happens: the trauma/fear comes back to bite me in the arse, or in the arm anyway.

So ladies and gentlemen, have a laugh at my expense.  And then do something for me: the next time you find a fear, no matter how small it is, make a note of it.  Write it down before you forget.  Then as soon as it’s safe, sit down and try to work out if there’s a trauma underneath that fear.  If so, use a technique like RPT to clear that trauma immediately.

How to and how NOT to clear fear

Note that you must be extremely selective in how you clear the fear.  There are lots of techniques like TFT and NLP etc. that are good at “unscrambling” phobias and fears.  This works on the fear but it does not clear the underlying trauma.  You might clear the fear but the old trauma is still activated and can attract more trauma.  (Law of Attraction works on the trauma level, not the fear or symptom itself, so you still have an activated trauma even after most healing techniques are finished.)

It’s only when you identify and clear the trauma that you are free of this pattern forever.

The new RPT method for clearing fear is to acknowledge the underlying trauma – you don’t need to know or remember it – and then identify the survival instinct which is your body’s reaction to that trauma.  The entire process takes 2 to 5 minutes and permanently resolves all related trauma and all symptoms (fear, anxiety, physical pain) related to that trauma.

I recommend that you contact an RPT practitioner today to clear all your fears and traumas.  A quick RPT session will change your life permanently.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to use the comment section to ask questions, share your own experiences with manifesting your fears, or just laugh at me!





November 3, 2011 in Thoughts For the Day

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  1. That is a wonderfully hilarious story Simon! And there is a profoundly deep lesson in it. And it seems to be right on time as always. As I am facing some fears at the moment, which are very real to me, and I totally “forgot” to clear them but concentrating on problem solving instead. It never fails to amaze me how the right clues are coming to us when we really need them and are ready to accept.
    Thank you.


    Simon Rose Reply:

    hey I’m just glad someone learned from my silly lesson! :-) Actually the timing was great as I was in the middle of teaching a Level 2 course so I got to share it in class the next day – a timely reminder for everyone. I always say in class “deal with issues when they arise – and REALLY deal with them (causes not symptoms or beliefs). Good to know I’ll be following my own advice from now on!

    Glad you enjoyed the article.


  2. AAAhahaha :)


  3. Brilliant!

    Good to show that teachers can have a sense of humour and yet can still show they’re human :D


  4. Thanks for giving us such a good laugh! :D

    Not to mention the reminder.. Very informative! Looking forward to the update.


  5. Thanks Simon for the advice.
    I particularly need it right now.
    I know I still have a long way to go to get over my trauma as it is 40 years old.
    But I am working on it.
    Your right about feeling stuck, as that is where I am at the moment.
    Thanks again.


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