Evette’s first book is available for sale now!

Finding Your Own Voice is available for sale now!

This book is a must-read for people who have experienced abuse or care about someone else who may be stuck processing their childhood experiences. This book brings an empowering message of hope and self-healing to anyone who is stuck.

Healing practitioners will learn powerful new approaches for helping their clients without them needing to relive or recount their painful memories.

Finding Your Own Voice is unique in explaining the nature of abuse trauma and how to heal it. Evette shares her own difficult childhood experiences and explains how she was finally able to release the symptoms of the trauma through the techniques she shares in the book.

Even those who have not experienced abuse will benefit from understanding the nature of trauma.

Many therapists believe they know how to deal with abuse.  However their mistakes (talking about the abuse, reliving past experiences, trying to change beliefs, etc.) indicate that they have much to learn.  The evidence for this simple: many people’s symptoms of abuse do not resolve, even after years’ of therapy.

Abuse trauma goes much, much further and deeper than what traditional counseling can process. In this book, Evette has taken this subject to a new level, not explored by most practitioners.

Evette says:

Never feel alone again, thinking that your past is a deep dark secret. There are many people that have experienced abuse. The reason why we think these things only happen to us is because no one talks about it. I have decided to speak out and speak up. I use my childhood abuse as the foundation of my book. I explain how abuse can control your life and identity, and how it can suppress your gifts, qualities and personal power.

As many readers can attest, simply reading this book is a profound healing journey. If you have suffered abuse, you will find hope, healing and new perspectives from this personal tale. If a friend or loved one is struggling to shake the memories of their past, this book will help them to find their own voice.

This book will help people to understand the actions of abusive people and how to become aware that they themselves might be stuck in a never-ending abusive cycle.

You can download the book’s Table of Contents here.

Evette has now launched her own blog where she writes articles related to healing and understanding abuse and trauma.  Visit it at www.EvetteRose.com.

Finding Your Own Voice is available for sale here for the low price of $33.33 in paper back. [No eBook version at this time.]

Guided meditations

If you purchase the book before the end of April 2012 you will receive two powerful meditations (in mp3 format). In these healing meditations I will guide you through a simple and effective process for clearing physical and emotional pain and discomfort.

Both meditation tracks (average 20 minutes each) help you to apply the books’ teachings in the quickest possible way so that you can get results immediately.  As soon as you have bought the book you can download the meditations and you can be healing even before you book arrives in the post.

To receive these meditation tracks, merely email your purchase receipt to meditations@evetterose.com and the free guided meditations will be emailed to you.

Guided Meditation 1: Release Physical Discomfort, duration is 18 minutes

Guided Meditation 2: Release Emotional Discomfort, duration is 24 minutes

Buy now, before this special healing offer expires. This entire package is only $33.33 this FREE offer ends end of April 2012!

Much Love

Evette Rose



April 6, 2012 in Thoughts For the Day

4 Responses

  1. Someone likes the number 3 :)

    Order placed :)


  2. Hi Share,

    Thank you for your purchase :-) Please remember to email your receipt to the email address on my website to get the meditations. I will be releasing another complimentary meditation next week: Reclaiming your innocence that will be sent to everyone that purchased the book. Just make sure you are subscribed to my website mailing list as well.

    Lots of love


  3. Hi Evette

    With the the number 3 theme I thought “why only 2 meditations?” but then you announced the third meditation! The universe is now in balance :)



  4. Hi Evette,

    I received your book last week and have found it very insightful and am looking forward to reading more. I hope it is able to help as many people as possible.



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