Does psychic development traumatize your brain? (part 3/3)

[Technical note. This article was written and set for publication on May 26 2012. For technical reasons it was not posted. I stopped blogging after significant life changes (divorce) in June 2012. I apologise that it took me 5 years to correct this glitch and post this article. I have not edited it in any way. This reflects views I had five years ago. See the next most recent blog article for a better explanation and of what's been going on and what's about to happen with RPT.]

For the last month, over several articles, I’ve been exploring the relationship between trauma and psychic abilities.  I’ve been arguing strongly that trauma is the cause of hearing voices (angels, guides, etc) or indeed believing that the source of spirituality is outside of yourself.

Today we will expand on this discussion, including an important look at what happens on psychic development courses.

The image by the way is my attempt at humor. For many years I taught psychic-stuff in Theta and was told by various people (including my father-in-law) that I was doing the devil’s work.  In fact Evette still gets this from her dad. So let me play with it and let my friend in red signify what I’m talking about, the dangers of my former pastime.

But first, a recap. This article is meant to be read as part 3 of a series, so if you haven’t done so, please have a quick read of part 1 and part 2.  Starting with the scientific finding of correlation between one psychic ability and one brain disease, I decided to open a discussion on the broader relationship between psychic abilities and trauma. This discussion is controversial and there’s no way I can do it without upsetting somebody. That’s OK, because as I’ve written about before, if you are afraid of upsetting some people, you will never succeed or speak your truth.

Here’s my observation in brief: about 95% of the psychics I know (many of whom are my friends) had really traumatic childhoods. [The other 5% have inherited trauma.] Many had abusive parents.  In other cases, psychic abilities, or sometimes kundalini awakenings, happen as a result of physical trauma such as a car accidents.  At the risk of upsetting a bunch of friends, most psychics I know are a little, um, odd.  That’s ok, odd is good. But I’m trying to call a spade a spade here.

Today’s article is NOT about people who were born psychic. Actually they are really easy to help. Clear their trauma, and their externalized voices (some would say imaginary conversations) become internalized knowledge and wisdom.  Today is about people who have a psychic activation.

A psychic activation can happen naturally (as in, without outside help).   It is usually associated with some life changing experience. A common example is that after a car accident or near-death experience, people have new skills.  When you think about it, it’s funny that we don’t all see the connection between trauma and psychic skills. The answer is because most people (not everyone) see the skills as a positive thing, like spiritual progress.  It’s hard to make the conscious connection between trauma and a positive experience. It’s easier to keep the two separate, and that’s what everyone psychic does.

Going back to the theme of part 2, an amazing thing happens when you clear the trauma (car accident trauma in this case).  They lose the psychic gift but gain something more powerful – inner  knowing.  I wrote about this in part 2 and I don’t want to repeat myself.  I just want to add that I was helping a friend this week who complained that her intuition (whether it was psychic or inner knowing) comes and goes. It’s not always there when she needs it (like when a client is waiting). My answer was that she’s still resisting seeing it as part of who she is, part of her identity.  Only if you believe that your abilities are some sort of spiritual gift, separate to your biological makeup, can it go away.

True knowingness isn’t “spiritual” (in the sense meaning “arising from the soul or outside the body).  Like all Peak States or higher consciousness, it arises from the biology. That means it’s inseparable from who you are and can only be blocked by trauma. [I realize a discussion of the connection between spirituality, biology and Peak States is a huge topic - and I will get back to this again soon.]

In summary – if you or someone you know is psychic, then dare to ask the question “how much greater would I be if I cleared the trauma from my biology?”  The answer to that question is incredible!

Now I come to the real crunch of today’s article.

What about that psychic development courses?

Many of our readers have studied some form of psychic development course. I mean psychic in the tradition sense, like speaking to angels, guides or “Creator.”

This raises some very important questions for us to consider, such as:

  • Can psychic development courses make you psychic?
  • If so, is it making you synesthetic?
  • is it creating trauma in order that you have the “right” trauma to see and hear psychically?
  • And if so, is it doing brain damage to you?

I think the answer to these four questions is “yes, sometimes.”

But the biggest problem I see on psychic courses is that it’s trying to normalize a trauma state. What that means is that the students are gently led to believe that it is normal to be psychic, to see and hear things from outside of themselves.

Example: on a recent RPT course in Moscow I had a student who happened to be a TH teacher. (The name of the modality isn’t really relevant it could be any spiritual/psychic work.) She was a great healer and tried her best, but she felt like a hypocrite in her teaching because she couldn’t actually “see” or “hear” anything.  She was convinced that there was something wrong with her.  Thankfully a friend took her to RPT.  The biggest breakthrough she had – one that had her crying more tears than I’ve seen in a long while – was the realization that there was nothing wrong with her.  She didn’t have the trauma required to be psychic.  But with just a couple of quick RPT exercises she was connected to her knowingness and doing wonderful intuitive work.

Helping this woman gave me joy and also great sadness.  It made me feel the pain of hundreds or thousands of people like her around the world, trying so desperately hard to be psychic like their teacher/guru, and unable to do it because they lacked something. It turns out the only thing they lacked was trauma. And a friend to show them the easier road.

Now we get to the next category that I am concerned about – what about people who do some sort of healing or psychic course and come away believing that they have in fact become psychic?

The good news is that most psychic / healing courses are harmless.  For example I cannot see that crystal healing/ prayer healing (etc.) does any harm or creates any trauma other than to your purse…  I don’t really believe that it works (beyond a placebo) but at least it adheres to the “do no harm” principles.

But there are some spiritual practices that create trauma. This trauma is subtle and takes many forms. It is easier to describe the symptoms than to prove the cause. The most obvious symptom is a disconnection from reality. Many people experiencing “psychic activations” (etc. ) become extremely sensitized to their environment. Some of them cannot handle other people’s energy and need to disconnect. I have met many people (hundreds) who have lost years of their lives to what I can only call insanity. Of course they don’t see it as insane at the time, because their teachers have told them that it is a step in a process of spiritual purity or ascension.

Blog reader Mats put it quite well in a comment on the previous article when he wrote:

I began to feel exhausted by just having to deal with another “dimension” and understanding how this dimension works. I felt that more and more power was taken away from me because whatever I wanted to do in my life, I had to first consult with angels/ancestors/guides/gods/laws/spirits and whatnot just to know if the decision was right for me. I had to because I had the ability to do it, if you see what I mean. I started getting a mild form of paranoia thinking that everything that happened in life was a sign from someone more powerful than me.

His experience is is not uncommon, even though everyone’s story is unique. I have heard many hundreds of variations of the story about the growing disconnection caused by psychic activation. There are psychological classifications and awareness of the problem (a good example is Kundalini Syndrome).

How is this even possible? How can a psychic activation cause harm?  I don’t really have all the answers.  Before any of my readers point out the obvious, the correlation is clearer than causation. However I can offer some theories about the causation.

The first theory is that re-normalizing (as I spoke about above) is a kind of trauma. Being gently lead to beleive that there is somethign wrong with you and that you have to search for somethign missing is a trauma. For many people this alone may be enough to cause them to start seeing and hearing things.

I think a stronger argument is that it is healing rituals (such as initiations, attunements or activations) that create the trauma.  There is a lot of research about the relationship between spiritual rituals and trauma or even abuse. It is unfortuantely outside of my exertise and well beyond the scope of this article.

What I do know for sure is that some healing techniques can create a kind of mental disconnect. The best example is “belief work” (using prayer or spiritual energy to change a person’s beliefs, without first trying to identify the underlying trauma). I wrote about this a lot in 2009. It seems that changing beliefs in this way creates a disconect between the person’s frontal-cortex (where they hold core beliefs) and their Reptilian brain (where they store survival instincts and trauma responses). By severing this connection, people can experience a range of strange symptoms. One is believing they hear the voice of “Creator”  (it’s their own voice of course). But others become slowly separated from family and friends, and a small proportion end up needing psychiatric care. (I know this because of the number of people I have helped who were in exactly this situation. All of them healed 100% by undoing the belief work and then clearing the real underlying trauma.)

So in short, I’ve seen how healing courses CAN make people psychic and DO sometimes create real harm.  This is correlation, but I believe it’s also causation.

Peak States and the role of trauma in psychic work

One of the key insights I got from my brief study of Peak States was that “clairaudience” (such as hearing God/angels talking to you) is caused by internal disassociation, not spiritual awakening. When you clear the trauma that separates your brain from your spiritual connection (called the Spirit Mind or Buddha Brain), the two become one.

In short it is IMPOSSIBLE to be clairaudient unless you have been traumatized. People without trauma have very powerful spiritual insights, but they cannot “hear” them.

I cannot tell you how many good people I have met that were devastated that after spending thousands of dollars on psychic/healing courses they still could not “hear” anything. Imagine their relief when I pointed out that this means that that they were LESS damaged, not more, and that everything they needed was already inside of them.

I think this synesthesia research is saying more or less the same thing that Peak States said about clairvoyance, and what I discovered about Theta. In short, you need to have trauma, genetic defects and/or brain damage in order to see auras, hear voices, or to feel other people’s pain as your own.

This has got to be controversial

I’m not fooling myself about how controversial this is. I have been attacked more than enough for what I exposed about Theta three years ago. The last thing I’m going to do now is take aim at the entire billion-dollar New Age / Psychic Development industry. shudder. On the other hand, like all good bloggers, my commitment is to the truth.

I post this information here for you to think about. What does it mean to pursue psychic development studies? What does it say about you if you have psychic (/extra-sensory perception) skills?

What can RPT do? What can I do safely?

As you know, RPT is founded on the principle of safety first. This has a double meaning – our techniques are safe, and our techniques are predicated on the idea that the strongest human instinct is the desire for security/safety. Trauma, disease etc are symptoms of what we do to achieve that security (this is the basis of our Triune brain method).

There are two aspects of RPT I’d like to mention here. Firstly, in RPT we do not do psychic development work. We don’t need to.

Although RPT is an intuitive technique, we believe that all the information we need can be accessed without “psychic” methods. For instance we use a powerful technique called “Pretending to Be” which enables us to access everything we need to know about a client without the drawbacks and limitations of psychic readings. It’s both safer and more accurate.

Secondly, RPT was initially founded on the need to heal the trauma caused by dangerous psychic healing techniques. Of course it’s only a small part of what we now do, but it’s important. I’ve worked with hundreds of people with a mix of both “psychic skills” and mental trauma. I have a 95% success rate of helping these people clear their trauma and integrate these skills into the wholeness of their being.

What happens when you stop being “psychic”?

I’m speaking from personal experience here because I have practiced the Theta version of clairaudience (hearing a voice that was supposed to be god but was of course a part of me). What happened when Evette and I developed the early RPT methods to clear trauma was that I lost this inner voice. I have not “heard” anything intuitively in last three years. But I have not lost anything!

What happens when you clear trauma is that integrate the body’s minds into coherence. The intuitive minds (the Spirit Mind, the Third Eye, Throat and Solar Plexus) become merged with the body’s consciousness. Suddenly you just know what you need to know. There is no “outside source” because even the idea of an “outside” becomes laughable. You just Are.

If you are interested in enhancing and integrating your senses in a safe way, you can read more about our research on coherence here.

Your thoughts and feedback

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this article.

Do you agree that psychic development courses could be causing acquired synesthesia?

If healing your trauma meant losing your psychic abilities, would you still want to heal trauma?

I’d love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes;


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