About Us

Welcome to Reference Point Therapy – the world’s fastest, and fastest growing, healing tool.

To the best of our knowledge RPT is unique.  We’ve stripped away the bells and whistles, smoke and mirrors, to create simple, efficient, commonsense techniques that really work.  If your heart or your head has ever told you “there has to be a simpler way”, then Welcome.

RPT was founded in March 2009 by Evette and Simon Rose.  Valeria Moore was appointed the General Manger of RPT in August 2009.  Simon and Evette donated RPT to their charity, World Harmony Foundation, in October 2009.

About RPT

You will learn a lot about RPT on this blog and our main website, www.ReferencePointTherapy.com (or www.RPTherapy.com for short).  The main website is the home of RPT.  There you can find out about who we are, and about the courses and consultations we offer.    This blog is where we write regular articles and where you can directly interact with the founders of RPT to ask questions.

Simon and Evette work the equivalent of several full time jobs, seeing clients, teaching courses and developing the RPT material.  It is very difficult for them to respond to emails individually.  Val Moore and our “office angel” Monica manage most of the day-to-day enquiries.   This blog is the best way to interact directly with Simon and Evette as they do post here and reply to comments regularly.

Background info:

  • This blog is written by Simon Rose, co-founder of RPT (unless otherwise specified)
  • This blog is written and formatted in Australian English.  If you speak American, please consider international differences before complaining about my spelling! J
  • RPT is owned by the World Harmony Foundation;
  • The opinions expressed in articles on this blog are the personal opinions of the author (or the reader in the case of reader comments).  Responsibility (or liability) for any comments rests with the author or commenter and not with RPT.  RPT is not the owner of this website;
  • The content of this blog and the RPT website is protected by copyright owned by the author.   We are complimented to have people use the material but ask that you check with us, and always link back to our website; and
  • It is important that you do not copy paragraphs of our text to another website (even in the context of legitimate quotation with references) because this has a serious adverse effect on Google rankings.  Blogs exist (in Google’s eyes) for the purpose of providing original commentary which does not appear elsewhere on the internet.