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“RPT is dead! Long live RPT!”

Dear friends There used to be many of you following this blog. Now I’m unsure if anyone will read this. In 2012 a few things happened in my life that caused me to withdraw from blogging. One of the factors was my separation from my then wife, Evette. This was extremely difficult for me due [...]

January 14, 2017 in About Simon, Thoughts For the Day, Website / IT related

Do you believe in divine intervention?

As promised in recent posts, I want to share some of my spiritual beliefs and start to explain them. The specific question which I asked you a few days ago was: what do you think about the apparent “divine intervention” which saved Evette and I from teaching in Tokyo when the earthquake hit? In the [...]

March 16, 2011 in About Simon, Thoughts For the Day
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The danger of sharing my beliefs

Wow – I didn’t realize how much energy I would stir up with my last blog post about the “invisible forces” that stopped us being in Tokyo when the earthquake hit.  Have you been thinking about what you believe? I promised that in my next (this) article I’d share my own beliefs on the subject.  [...]

March 14, 2011 in About Simon, Thoughts For the Day
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A search for Freedom and a little slice of Heaven

Dear friends I’d like to share with you my thoughts about freedom and how my journey led me to my own personal piece of heaven. Freedom is the most important thing in the world to me. Every time I look inside to find my core values, what motivates me most, it is freedom.  I must [...]

March 1, 2011 in About Simon, Thoughts For the Day
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A bit more about me, Simon

Well I promised this was going to be a personal blog. It’s time to share some more about my story. You may not have guessed this but I’m actually a very private person. I have my public face of course, which you see in class and on videos. But that doesn’t mean I share myself. [...]

February 24, 2011 in About Simon
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