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Will your diet harm or heal your grandchildren?

You are what you eat right? And you also are the expression of your genes.  So which one is most important to your health and how do the 2 factors affect each other? Recently I’ve been researching questions like do your genes determine your ideal diet? Does your diet change your genes? Can your eating [...]

October 4, 2010 in Diet / lifestyle and health, Epigenetics
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How much is a healing session worth? (with video)

Welcome to Part 2 of how to be a successful and effective healing practitioner. In part 1 of Being a Healing Practitioner (March 30) we looked at how you should set boundaries to get best results for both your clients and your healing practice. Today I will cover one of the most difficult questions that [...]

May 22, 2010 in Being a Practitioner
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Win a free transformation with Simon! (warning: user participation required.)

Well I have to say a huge thankyou to everyone who responded to yesterday’s post requesting more audience participation. I have to admit I was feeling a bit “alone” here on this end of the keyboard. It’s great to know what you all think. I acknowledge that there are reasons why people just read my [...]

May 1, 2010 in Thoughts For the Day
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