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A new pricing model for healings – crazy or could this work?

In the past on this blog I’ve addressed questions around being a practitioner like how much to charge, the problems with charging too little (or free) and so on.  I was thinking about this again today in the light of some really insightful comments that Shane made on a recent post.  One of Shane’s points [...]

December 19, 2011 in Being a Practitioner, Financial freedom / Lifestyle design
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Being a Practitioner #1 – charging money for sessions

Today we start a new chapter and theme on this blog – being a Practitioner. I’d like to thank everyone who has given feedback on where you’d like us to go with the blog by contacting us or leaving a comment here. This blog is about more than just RPT theory and self-help.  It’s about [...]

March 30, 2010 in Being a Practitioner
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