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Re-financing your road to freedom (Tim Ferriss lifestyle design)

Regular readers of my blog know that I write in glowing terms about my “lifestyle guru” Tim Ferriss.  I’ve been promising for a long time to write about the principles of his brilliant text, 4 Hour Work Week.   (See e.g. this article last year on speaking your truth) Though I don’t usually write whilst I’m [...]

May 26, 2011 in Financial freedom / Lifestyle design
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How to find your Freedom (practical steps to take today)

In today’s blog, I will share some simple and free resources for reducing risk, increasing income, and gaining freedom.  I will tell you about services we offer to help people fundamentally change their life (including finding a new job and moving countries – the easy way). Yesterday I wrote about how life in a typical [...]

March 2, 2011 in Financial freedom / Lifestyle design
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Speaking your truth: or why it’s sometimes OK to upset others

This article is filed under the “Personal” section and is written in the hope that it will help some of you (critics especially) to understand me a little better. There is method behind my madness… Last year I read the most amazing blog article by my “business guru”, Timothy Ferriss. I’ve been meaning to share [...]

March 8, 2010 in Personal update
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